Top 10 Android Apps to Recover WiFi Default Passwords in 2014

If you have lost your WiFi network password and want to recover your WiFi device password then you will need to read this article. Because in this article we have gathered the best Android apps to recover WiFi default passwords in 2014. If you are Android user and have lost your WiFi network password then you probably need this article and the top 10 Android apps below. On the request of many Android users we have gathered and put our hard work to provide 100% working Android apps to ours users.

Android Apps to Recover Default Wifi passwords
Android Apps to Recover Default Wifi passwords

In this way, to provide 100% working links we have just added .apk files as direct download link because if we add Google play store app link then you will probably get problem in future because it is up to the app developer whether he put or delete the app from Google play store and the downloadable link that was provided in this article maybe become useless mean not found page where you will find nothing except for a blank page.

Note: If you don’t know how to download and install .apk Android apps in Android device, you will need to read this.

Android Apps to Recover WiFi Default Passwords

WiFi Password Recover

WiFi Password Recover is a free Android app that helps you to crack the WiFi network to recover your WiFi default password and WiFi Password Recover Android app have nothing to do with hacking WiFi with Android. The main purpose of this Android app is to recover the default passwords of any WiFi network that you have in your home. Before you go install WiFi Password Recover Android app in your device you will need microSD card to install a 66MB Dictionary, which is smaller and more efficient than anything else available on the market. If you have microSD card inserted in your Android device then file should be downloaded by default to your SD card, though you can select the folder where the file is on the preferences menu.

Download WiFi Password recover .apk

WiFi password

WiFi password is one of the best Android application that helps you to recover your WiFi network’s default passwords. Please, don’t use this Android app for hacking or cracking WiFi purpose. This app is only intended to protect the network and WIFI, Wifi not cut somewhere else, steal or get Wi-Fi Internet.

Download WiFi Password .apk

WiFi Password Recovery Backup

WiFi Password Recovery Backup Android app brings you a new concept about listing down all the passwords that you have entered in your Android device to connect to WiFi network each time alphabetically. But the thing is you will have to root your Android device to properly take advantage of this WiFi Password recovery backup Android app. Read about Android rooting why you should root your device. This application lists alphabetically all WiFi passwords stored on your device, backs up the list in a file to the memory card and restore it when you want with one-click. This application will show SSID and password on fullscreen (to easy viewing and sharing with others). This app generates QR code for complete password list, even it can send you by SMS or via email.

Download WiFi Password Recovery Backup .apk

Wifi password recovery

Wifi password recovery Android app recover your wifi password just use this app, if your modem has the default password you can use this app to recover the passwords. Never lose your wifi password again. Wifi password recovery app only works for default password in some modems. This is not for hacking wifi free networks, neither for free wifi, its for recovery purposes.

Download Wifi password recovery .apk

WiFi Recovery

WiFi Recovery Android app helps you to store WiFi passwords in a secure place in your Android device each time you connect with new WiFi network. This application can help you access your WiFi anytime even you just forget your WiFi network password because you will have a stored password in a secure place already in your Android device. Now, no matter if your password was complex enough or not all you need to do is to access the stored passwords list to retrieve and use it back and enjoy.

Note: Root privileges and SD Card are needed. (What is Android rooting?)

Download WiFi Recovery .apk

WiFi Password Recovery

WiFi Password Recovery is totally a free Android app that will show you the list of passwords of WiFi networks to which you have connected before. Do you need to connect your new android device to your home network, but forgot your password? Want to share a 32-symbolic wifi password of random characters with your friend? Download this WiFi Password Recovery Android and do this in two taps.

Note: Root is required. (What is Android rooting?)

Download WiFi Password Recovery .apk

Wifi Password Recovery-Backup

Wifi Password Recovery-Backup is a great Android application that allows users to see all WiFi passwords stored in device and backup into storage and copy wifi passwords with a click.

Note: This application requires your device to be rooted. (What is Android rooting?)

Download Wifi Password Recovery-Backup .apk

Recover Wifi Password

Revover Wifi Password is a great Android application that helps you to recover your wifi passwords. Are you locked out of your own network because your computer decided to forget the password? If you need to retrieve your wireless password, you have a couple of different options, or you can reset your router and start from scratch.

Download Recover Wifi Password .apk

WiFi Key Recovery (needs root)

WiFi Key Recovery (needs root) Android app help you get your home WiFi network password back on single tap away. But a few things you must have to rememeber that your Android device must be rooted to use this application.  You need to have connected to the network in the past. This app cannot “hack” into an unknown/new network.

Download WiFi Key Recovery (needs root) .apk


Fastweb.Alice.WiFi.Recovery Android app calculates the default password for the WiFi modems provided by Fastweb and Telecom. Not Works with all models and if the password is changed. And ‘understood as a possible application to recover lost password, and not to enter in the network of the neighbor.

Download Fastweb.Alice.WiFi.Recovery .apk

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