Google Pixel 2 Stock Wallpapers (Nougat 7.1 Android)

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Google Pixel 2 Stock wallpapers are available online and now you can download and use them on your Android smartphone. To make it look like you own Google Pixel 2 then download the latest Google Pixel 2 Android smartphone wallpapers. After you are done reading this article you will be able to download latest Android Google Pixel 2 stock wallpapers. We work hard to give the complete stock wallpapers of Android smartphones and previously I published Oppo R11s stock wallpapers and I guess you might wanna download.

Google Pixel 2 Stock Wallpapers

So, are you excited to download the Android Google Pixel 2 stock wallpapers, I’m sure you are then follow the steps below and start downloading stock wallpapers.

Pixel wallpapers 2017

Pixel wallpapers 2017 is one of the best Android app that is giving you the opportunity to download Google Pixel 2 wallpapers. You will be able to download Google Pixel 2 wallpapers using pixel wallpapers 2017 Android app on your smartphone.


  • Extracted from Google Pixel system dump
  • Added libgdx.so in the apk from the official nightly.
  • Added libgeswallpapers-jni.so in the Live earth wallpapers apk
  • Fixed Your world, Solar System to work on Android M (Android Marshmallow)
  • Re-signed by me to make them installable as normal app
  • Fixed Live data wallpapers

Download Google Pixel 2 wallpapers

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