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Best TikTok Alternatives You Should Know

Engage with the audience internationally and stay on top of trends with the best TikTok Alternatives. TikTok has more than 1 billion monthly active users, it has been going great guns, especially after the corona outbreak. TikTok is a home to the most popular short videos, unique lip-syncing content, idiosyncratic editing effects, trending comedy, and music clips. However, TikTok has always remained the centre of many controversies and drama. 

The Indian Government completely banned the app to protect the data of 1.3 billion users from data stealing servers outside India [1]. The US government has also threatened to ban TikTok in the near future due to privacy issues. So many people are searching for TikTok alternatives to use. 

5 TikTok Alternatives You Should Know in 2022

What if TikTok gets banned in your country too? Don’t worry, we have got you covered with the list of best TikTok alternatives you should know. Now don’t miss out on your favorite funny videos and music clips and try out the best apps like TikTok to share videos with your followers.

1. Dubsmash

With a user-friendly and easy to use interface, Dubmash is one of the most popular alternatives to TikTok available on the Google Play Store. Create engaging lip-syncing videos and be seen and get noticed world-wide. 

With the introduction of TikTok and musical.ly, many people left Dubsmash and moved to the new content creating platforms. Dubmash has two feed sections to follow and keep track of the channels you love, which makes it quite similar to TikTok and Snapchat. 

Along with that Dubmash has 100M+ downloads owing to the unique lip-syncing videos, and engaging content. Download Dubsmash today and become a part of a large community.

Download Dubsmash for Android

2. Likee

Record and edit your videos with Likee, the best TikTok Alternative app with 500M+ Downloads on the Google Play Store. Become superstar from being mere a content creator with unique dialogue materials, and magical filters and effects. 

Discover the most popular content creators, unlimited fun, and rich collection of short clips with Likee. Millions of people worldwide are using Likee to create content and share their taste in music, and gaining popularity day by day. 

With all new incredible tools you can slow down or speed up your videos, crop, trim or merge all the videos in a single clip. Isn’t it exciting? So, go download the latest version of Likee on the Google Play Store for free!

Download Likee for Android

3. Funimate

The most popular in town is this top trending TikTok alternative apps, Funimate. With all new cheesy features, it has got 10M+ downloads on the Google Play Store. Create video loops, slow-mos, combine multiple videos into a single clip and much more for free. 

Add the most hit songs in the music library to your transition videos and share them with your friends on social media. Also, get access to the advanced features by making in-app purchases. With Funimate, make funny collabs with your friends, add sound effects, stickers, and text layouts on your videos. Try out over 100 amazing filter effects and make your videos go viral on the latest trending challenges. 

Download Funimate for Android

4. Clash: Shoot Videos Send Drops

Are you a vlogger and love watching funny videos? Then here we have got you covered with the best TikTok alternative apps that you should try. Discover multifarious funny videos, amazing content, and top-trending hits on the Clash app for free. 

With the best video editing features you can crop, trim, add filters, effects to all your vlogging videos. Show your creativity, be a part of top-trending challenges, and create loops over and over again. 

Be a part of different communities on Clash app and browse your desired content. Turn your ordinary funny videos into viral clips with one of these alternatives to TikTok and make millions of followers worldwide. 

Download Clash for Android

5. Snapchat

With the success of TikTok, Snapchat became the leading light in the past few months, pulling crowds to its new exciting filters. People loved this secure TikTok alternative app, and admired its user-friendly and customizable interface. 

Up till now, Snapchat has 1B+ downloads on the Google Play Store with more than 20M+ positive reviews. Stay connected without any personal details being shared, send snaps, share your location, watch snap stories of your friends, and enjoy unlimited filters for free!

Capture beautiful high-end pictures with great camera enhancement. Add text overlays, stickers, enchanting effects to your videos, save them to the camera roll and share to your social media networks. 

Download Snapchat for Android

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