The Lazy Line Painter actually an awesome Jquery plugin especially for the path animation on preparing and presenting SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics ) file as in an action over a webpage. Beside the simple Jquery script this plugin work using the Raphaël Library.

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First of all, we’ve to create creative illustrations, secondly ensure that it won’t contain closed paths, crop Art-board nice & tight, and export your data as .SVG format because we need the .SVG file drop that file into ‘Lazy Line Convertor‘. Moreover follow these simple steps:

1. First, export your line art from Illustrating tool in .SVG format, and ensure that there are nither fills, nor closed paths. Line needs a start and end

2. Drop your .SVG file into the  ‘SVG to Lazy Conterter’, and Copy the .JS code

3. Import jQueryRaphaël & Lazylinepainter. Paste Lazyline code with’in DOM ready function & publish

SVG to Lazy Line Converter

See it on Github directory for more info Github Lazy Line Painter