How to Force Visitors to Stop using adblockers in WordPress

Adblockers online ruins most revenue of Bloggers online world-wide because the adblockers block all the advertisement scripts and display blank space on the pages wherever the ad scripts are installed. According to the report, ad blocking cost publishers nearly $22 billion world-wide during 2015.

So, if you are using WordPress for your websites and want to force your visitors to stop using adblockers in WordPress then you should read the rest of article.

In this article, I’ll guide you how to force your visitors to stop using adblockers in WordPress very easily and you don’t need to know any web programming languages in order to follow this tutorial.

How to adding an Ad Blocking Alert in WordPress

If you don’t want to lose money and start increasing your money on your Google AdSense publisher or any other ad network publisher accounts by using ad blocking alert WordPress plugin.

This plugin helps you to detect if your visitors are using any ad blocking extensions or software in their PCs and the ad blocking alert plugin will popup a message asking the visitors to disable the adblocker or add the website to whitelist in their ad blocking extension before they can visit the site.

You can customize the popup message via WordPress’s plugin settings page or even you can show an image. Here is how to install ad blocking alert plugin and get it working:

Ad Blocking Alert Plugin

As you may see that the ad blocking alert plugin settings have provided you full control on popup message by giving you a really free way to edit via WYSIWYG editor and you can also preview the popup on the page to see the changes before going live 🙂

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