Daily WordPress Plugins Roundup – 27 August, 2013

New FREE WordPress Plugins

  1. Add HRK Currency in WooCommerce – This plugin when activated adds Croatian HRK in WooCommerce. Also it puts currency symbol to the right side of price.
  2. AWeber Form by ContactUs.com – The Aweber Form Plugin by ContactUs.com creates newsletter signup forms for Aweber users to grow their email newsletter list.
  3. Change All Users Slug – Change all your user’s slug in “/firstname-lastname/” (lowercase) format.
  4. Complete Google SEO Scan – Complete scan for Google search engine optimization for web pages of your website!
  5. Embed Image Links – Queue posts and pages for later publishing with the press of a button.
  6. Google+ Badge Widget like FB Like Box
  7. Hypothesis – An open platform for the collaborative evaluation of knowledge.
  8. JSONPress – Allows you to request WordPress site via JSON/JSONP output.
  9. Post Voting System – Provides links to upvote or downvote each of your posts for logged in registered users.
  10. Pro Related Post Widget – Pro Related Post Widget plugin.dynamically show related post according to post.
  11. Regione Provincia Comune – La classica e richiestissima cascata regione-provincia-comune per la prima volta come plugin completo. Anche per Contact Form 7!
  12. Redirection Reporting – Allows for daily reporting for redirected requests.
  13. Share on Diaspora – This plugin adds a “Share on D*” button at the bottom of your posts.
  14. Simple Copy Post Button – Copies/Duplicates Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types with just one click.
  15. Stimulate Correct Headings – This plugin stimulates WordPress editors to use correct headings for accessibility and seo.
  16. Stop Comment Form Spam – Removes the website url field and comment form allowed tags which attract automated comment spam.
  17. Slippy Slider – Responsive Touch Navigation Slider – jQuery content slider with touch-based navigation and responsive layout.
  18. TTT Device – Description: Simple way to detect the client device at php level.

New PREMIUM WordPress Plugins

1. WordPress Wobble Gallery – Easy to use. Works on any page. No shortcode or admin settings, just plain and simple html. Use Existing WordPress Galleries. Create Your Own Custom Wobble Galleries.

Wordpress Wobble Gallery
WordPress Wobble Gallery

2. bgStretcher WordPress Bg Image Resizer & Slideshow – bgStretcher (Background Stretcher) is a WordPress plugin for stretching one or more images proportionally across an entire page or element.

bgStretcher WordPress Bg Image Resizer & Slideshow
bgStretcher WordPress Bg Image Resizer & Slideshow

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