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Happy New Year 2014 Gift: Limitless Chrome App

The new year is ALMOST here. It seems as if just yesterday did I celebrate 2013, but the fact remains same that it’s over and there’s obviously no way you could get it back, modify it, or undo it.


You certainly can get the year ahead better. So.. considering this as your next try, here’s a Google Chrome app that I got introduced to quite recently. I highly liked it, hence promoting it as a gift to Softstribe’s readers.

It’s Limitless by Balaji Viswanathan.

Limitless Chrome extension screenshot

1. What you’re really upto:

Limitless informs you of;

i) time you waste
ii) time you get social
iii) time you learn
iv) and, time you spent here and there. Exactly.

Have a look here:

Limitless Chrome extension screenshot1

2. Kills intrinsic + extrinsic distractions

It’s designed to arm you against those dirty bugs. To make it further easier, or say to kill your intrinsic and extrinsic distractions, it’s got a Scratchpad and eco-friendly photographs (more on them later). Our environment, sitting style (legs crossed, screen-inclined, etc.) affect how we perform at work.

3. Scratchpad: Intrinsic distractions’ killer

To clear your intrinsic distractions, it has got a something effective called ‘Scratchpad’. Whenever you feel like confused, just start a new tab, hit Scratchpad, and self-talk to get things straightforward. This feature may be used in various ways, like you just got an idea, you can store it there with ‘click, click!’. Or, got to plan something? There.

Limitless Chrome extension screenshot2

4. Detailed analysis

It stores all your information like what portion of your time was spent doing a particular activity, in what percentage, locally. Here’s what it looks like;

5. Inspiring photographs: Extrinsic distractions’ killer

Once you have it installed, whenever you’ll start a new tab you’ll find a gorgeous photograph there accordingly time, weather, etc. These photographs are highly effective in changing one’s mood, attitude towards work and silently killing extrinsic distractions.

Here are few of screenshots:

Hey. Go, get it.

By the way, the team behind the scenes of Softstribe wishes you a very new adventurous year!

Happy new year!

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