Download Odin for Windows PC for flashing Android Devices

Android is one of giant smartphone operating system that help us every day. Android is free open source OS and anybody can develop their own applications for Android platform. In this age of science the technology companies are developing smartphone devices and integrating Android to be those devices OS . Day by day the Android OS users are increasing rapidly. Android have great support for features. People root their Android devices to get as much features as possible to enjoy with unlimited Android Read more [...]

How to Install Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary from .ISO File in PC

Previously 6 months ago I published an article about Free Download Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and the download file was in .iso format and I was totally unaware of my audience that many people don't know about such file format and even don't know how to install it. And I got my article wasted. People commented on my article and I just replied them that I'll soon be able to publish an article about how to install .iso file format in PC especially in Windows as many people out there Read more [...]

App of the day: Make Secure Phone Calls with RedPhone Android App

We all know that Android have made our lives so easy by providing amazing functional apps that help us in our daily life. With ZERO balance in mobile phone we can make free calls by simply connect our Android device with WiFi and we can simply call each other at no cost. But there are a couple of reasons that you don't try the messenger Android apps because you want your calls to be secured and no body can interfere with your conversation even the government.So, you are likely to secure Read more [...]

Top 5 Best Scientific Calculator Android Apps

We know that calculator help us to calculate mathematical terms and give us the final desirable result. But what about scientific calculator? A scientific calculator is a type of electronic calculator, usually but not always handheld, designed to calculate problems in science, engineering, and mathematics. Where people use to install Android apps to solve problems in their Android device just like that the scientific calculator help us to solve the problems in science, engineering, and mathematics. Read more [...]

App of the day: IOS 8 Lock Screen for Android

Bored of having same screen lockers, voice screen locker, and pattern lockers? Wanna try something new? Sure thing. Don't worry, because today's app is about locking screen of your Android device with the modern UI design of iPhone. Yeah, after the best Android launchers you might want to try something new.This is what you must try, yeah I mean it. If you have Android smartphone/tablet and want to customize the lock screen, just the way Apple iPhone 6 then this article can help you. If Read more [...]

Backup Company Launches “Backblaze” Android App, too

We know Dropbox is one of the best online backup storage service providers (20+ Best Cloud Data Storage Android Apps 2014) all over the world. Now, recently the online backup company Backblaze launches Android app too. It is the second big step taken by the company. Just like Dropbox, now you can use backblaze on PC to store data and you can easily access that data on your Android smartphone by simply logging into Android app that must be installed in your smartphone/tablet. Backblaze for Android Backblaze Read more [...]

Unauthorized Android Apps Can Hack Gmail But Amazon hacking is Tough

Recently, we had posted an article that warns Android users not to install unauthorized apps in their smartphones or tablet because unauthorized Android apps can hack Gmail accounts with a success rate of 92% (Ninety-two percentage) but Amazon hacking is somewhat harder but not impossible and it is found that Amazon accounts can be hacked at a success rate of 48% (forty-eight percentage) which is difficult to penetrate the Amazon security, the researchers of universities Michigan and California Read more [...]

Warning! Android Users Don’t Install Unauthorized Apps in your Smartphones

If you are Android user then you must take care of your privacy and you should know the most important things that maybe get you in trouble, if you don't care about them. Like your Gmail account synchronized with your Android smartphone/tablet. Yeah, most people don't care about their privacy when they use Android smartphone/tablet because they are totally unaware of it when they use it. [Confused]Let me tell you HOW.I know you maybe thinking that what the heck? If you are using your Android Read more [...]