How to: Upgrade a Theme in WordPress? – 3 Ways

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How to Upgrade a Theme in WordPress? As WordPress has updated the new version 3.5 and the premium WordPress themes providing companies are upgrading their themes gradually so that their themes will be able to compatible with the new WP core version. The StudioPress Released 1.9 Beta Genesis Framework and recently most of the folks were asking to me about how to upgrade the new version of a theme in WordPress? At the time I just realize that there is a wide range people who are new on WordPress CMS.

Installing a WordPress Theme

3 Ways to Upgrade a Theme in WordPress

There are many great ways to upgrade WordPress themes but out there three of them are commonly known as follows:

  1. Built-in Auto Upgrade
  2. Via FTP
  3. WordPress Theme Uploader

1. Upgrading a Theme using Built-in auto upgrade (Themify Themes)

a. Login to your WordPress blog

b. To upgrade the theme, you can see a notification on the top of your WP dashboard. Click on Upgrade Now link, if it fails try another way to upgrade your theme

Upgrade themify themes

2. Upgrading a Theme via FTP

You can upgrade a theme using FTP client login in case your built-in auto upgrade failed. Follow the instructions on How to upgrade a theme via FTP:

a. Login in to your themify, click on Dashboard

b. Download the Latest version of theme in .zip file

c. Extract .zip file on your local computer

d. From FTP, go to “wp-content > themes” folder and upload the extracted theme folder here

Uploading theme using FTP

Remember: Before you replace your theme with the copy of latest one, I guess backup the current theme folder into your computer

3. Upgrading a Theme With WordPress Theme Uploader

You can use the WordPress theme uploader to re-install the latest theme

a. Login in to your themify, click on Dashboard and download the .zip file of the theme

b. Login to your WordPress blog, go to Appearance > Themes

c. I guess activate a different theme temporarily (hint: The theme can’t be deleted if remain active)

d. Now “Delete” the old version of the theme, and upload the new theme using theme uploader

Installing Theme using Theme Uploader

e. Finally activate the theme now

Remember:  By re-installing the theme, the settings will retain however the uploaded content will be deleted i.e, background images, logo images which you’ve just uploaded with the Themify panel. I think backup your current theme folder. To backup the theme just download the theme folder which is located inside “wp-content > themes” folder.

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  1. HI, I am new to wordpress and I am wondering if updating the theme automatically ( I do not know how to do it manually ) would result to broken files?

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    1. Make sure that you have backedup your current theme files via cPanel afterwards feel free to give it a try.

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