How to add a Call-to-Action jQuery Bar in WordPress

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2017)

While blogging, we all have come across to the point when we share eBook guides, PDF in order to grab subscribers to our blog right, that’s when a call-to-action jQuery bar is needed. Call to action was first developed in jQuery and later the WordPress developers started to code that bar for WordPress because it is necessity for WordPress users.

If you don’t know what a call-to-action bar is for, then you might have noticed across other online blogs a bar on top says:

“Today, we launched our new product, Grab Now”

And, when you click grab now button, you simply redirected to one page template describes everything about product and at the end you jump into subscription form in order to get access to that certain product. In this article, you will learn the simplest way to add a call-to-action jQuery bar in WordPress without having to touch a single line of code.

Adding a Call-to-Action jQuery Bar in WordPress

Since, we are not talking about developing call-to-action jQuery bar for WordPress but adding one to your blog right… It is so obvious that we are going to use an already developed WordPress plugin from the WordPress plugins repository.

Call-To-Action Bar

Call-To-Action Bar is a free WordPress plugin which adds a bar on top of your site on all pages/posts even on custom post types with a nice call-to-action button. You can use call-to-bar in order to grab your visitors’ attention by giving offers, promoting your products or display some important news for your visitors. Customization settings are given to you, so you can customize your call-to-action bar the way you want i.e., background, text colors, buttons and so on.


  • Simple and clean bar at top of your site
  • The bar sticks to the top of your page while scrolling
  • Customize bar background and text color
  • Customize call-to-action background and text color

However, if you can also use 10 WordPress plugins for sticky notification bar in WordPress.

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