Speed Up Websites by Making Fastest PHP Caching with phpFastCache

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If your dynamic websites are slowing down due to the server requests, bad caching, etc you can make your websites fast by caching with phpFastCache. phpFastCache will optimize your websites exactly and minimized with caching. Caching always helps your website load faster than ever.

For WordPress, see the complete guide about W3 Total Cache plugin.


phpFastCache provides you fastest caching performance ever. It’s the freeware and open source script to use on websites that built up with PHP web programming language. It supports to cache Files, MemCached, MemCache, WinCache, APC, PDO with SQLite.

phpFastCache Fastest PHP Caching

What Else phpFast Cache Does?

  1. Reduce Database Calls
  2. Improve cURL & API Calls
  3. Rendering Widgets & Page
  4. Enable Multi Caching Method

1. Reduce Database Calls

Let’s say your website have more 10,000+ visitors who are online, now dynamic pages will have to send more than 10,000+ same queries to your server database whenever a page load. However if you use phpFastCache, the dynamic page will only send 1 query to the database rather sending 9,999 other…

2. Improve cURL & API Calls

No matter whether you are using Google API, Bing API or cURL yet your API transactions are limited? But on using phpFastCache you can save your server CPU & API Transactions too.

3. Rendering Widgets & Page

phpFastCache helps you to speed up your dynamic websites by 1000x times by caching widgets & page rendering.

4. Enable Multi Caching Method

Yet phpFastCache supports multiple caching methods: Files, APC, PDO, MemCache, WinCache, and MemCached. This Example will set up multiple caching files, maximum 50MB per file, and you can SET/Get from APC, MemCache .. etc. Even it’s good for caching API calls and cURL data type results.

Requirements: PHP 5.1+
Website: http://www.phpfastcache.com/
Download from GitHub: https://github.com/khoaofgod/phpfastcache

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