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Mobile gaming is becoming a trend nowadays. Everyone wants their favorite games in their phones. So they can just keep them in their pocket and play whenever they want to. Millions of top quality games are available on play store in every category and game lovers can have best games on their Android smartphones/tablets by just installing from Google Play store.

If you love football games and got smartphone/tablet with Android OS in it then you are lucky. The reason is that Android is most suggested OS when it comes to football gaming on mobile phones. You must be wondering why is it rated above iOS and Windows Phone? The ‘Price’ it the only key factor behind it. Most of the Football games from top developers which are available for free on Android, are for $1-10 on iOS. So, free games is definitely a huge plus point to Android when it is about football gaming.

In this article, we are going to list down the top 50+ best Android football games for Android smartphones and tablets. We assure you the thrilling football gaming experience with all the games enlisted below. It doesn’t matter if you are a Madridista or a Barcelona fan. Or any other club/international team supporter. A teenager or an adult, almost everyone can play them. I’m sure a real football fan will not want to miss anyone of these best android football games. And if you are a gaming lover in general, you might also be interested in our list of 50+ Best Android Racing Games in 2015 to 2016.

Note: Some of these games are extremely high-quality and requires high configured Android smartphones/tablets. We tried our best to compile the ones which are compatible on most android phones/tabs. These best android football games are selected on the basis of user reviews and public ratings on google play store.

Best Android Football Games 2015-2016

Football – Soccer Kicks

A freekicks football game by the top developers of Android ‘TerranDroid’. Do you have what is needed to be a super star? Download this lightweight football game and become the master of free kicks. Master the curl, beat the keepers and be the best. Easy controls, you just have to flick and curl towards the goal and that’s it. Remember there will be a wall in your way :p

Addicting Features

  • 3+ Exciting Game Modes : Target, Tournament, Timed and Practice
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Easy Touch and Flick Controls
  • Brilliant 3D Graphics


Download Football – Soccer Kicks Game

Head Soccer – World Football

Play 1 vs 1 soccer game. The best way to score goal is to do it with a header. Download the game. Master your heading skills and beat your rivals. 3+ Exciting Game Modes including single player, multiplayer, quick game, cup, survival and even league mode.

Download Head Soccer – World Football Game

Kids soccer (football)

A football game for your kids. If you child loves football and you must download this game and give your phone to him/her. Enjoyable sound and easiest controls makes it perfect for kids from 3-6 years. Arcade style physics based shooting with realistic 3D animations.

Download Kids soccer (football) Game

Kick it out! Football Manager

Another Fantasy Manager games for all the football fans who want to manage a team. Name your team, select the best possible Starting XI and enter the league. League contains best players from all over the world. Are you managing skills strong enough to beat them all? Invite your friends and complete them in multiplayer mode. Do the substitution, adjust the formations and get the best results. Win, get points and become league leaders.

Note: This game is in German but you can also play in English

Download Kick it out! Football Manager Game

Play Football 2016

Play Football 2016 is a simple 3D football game and is fun to play. Not so difficult to master unlike other football games. Good quality animations and good environments to beat off your rivals. Play in quick mode or tournaments. Score lots of goal and be the champion.

Download Play Football 2016 Game

Real Football 2016 World Tour

A simple but very addicting game and must try out if you love playing 11 vs 11. Smooth 3D Animations and Real Like Stadiums with full of crowd chanting for you. Detailed environment and top class commentary. Play a quick match or participate in tournaments. Defend strongly, control your mid, attack wildly and score dozens of goals.

Download Real Football 2016 World Tour Game

Soccer Stars

‘Simple, fun and extremely addicting’ is the line I will use to describe this game. Soccer Stars is a top game developed by the Top Developers on Play Store ‘Miniclip.com’. Having 4.3+ Rating on android store and 1,019,030+ downloads, this game is surely becoming favorite for all football fans. We all know miniclip always make exciting and enjoyable games, and this is another one of those. Simple physics based game-play and easy controls. Pass, pass, pass and GOAALLL! Choose players from different teams and make a star studded team of your own.

Exciting Game Features

  • Multiplayer Mode : Online as well as offline
  • Simple yet Fun game-play
  • Smooth Animations
  • Online tournaments with players from all over the world
  • Play with your friends sitting right next to you
  • Win cups and add them to your trophy cabinet

Download Soccer Stars Game

Street Soccer 2016

A feature packed fast street football game. Perfect game for the free style lovers. Kick off and start your street football career. Have quick matches, dribble past the defense, do the nutmegs and score awesome goals.

Exciting Features

  • All top 20 Football Nations
  • 4+ Game modes including training, friendly, knockout, tournament.
  • 3+ detailed realistic streets/rinks
  • Smooth lag free graphics
  • Simple and Easy controls
  • Realistic street like sounds

Download Street Soccer 2016 Game

Stickman Soccer 2014

Stickman games have always been very addicting and ‘Stickman Soccer 2014’ by ‘Djinnworks GmbH’ is another one of those. Simple but highly addictive game with 10 million+ users from around the world. Play football with stickmen in Fast and lag-free game-play, Realistic sounds and detailed environment. Easy to control and very exciting replays every time something happens.

World Cups, Short or Long Leagues, Basic Cup Mode and many other tournaments to compete in. You can play boht 11 vs 11 or 4 vs 4. Wide range of available teams and stadiums to choose from. So download the Stickman Soccer 2014 and start you exciting football career straight away.

Download Stickman Soccer 2014 Game

World Football Cup Real Soccer

A challenging football game for all the tough football lads. Over 60+ Challenges are in your way to the become the best. Complete them one by one. Earn money and use it to customize your Avatar and travel around the world. Score goals and get famous everywhere.

Game Features

  • 60+ Exciting Challenges
  • Travel to 5+ Countries around the world including Spain, Italy, England, Germany etc.
  • 5+ Detailed Realistic Stadiums
  • Customizable avatars
  • Smooth Realistic Graphics and Sounds
  • Physics based game mechanics

Download World Football Cup Real Soccer Game

Football 2015

Your goal is to make the best possible team. And you have to work hard for it. Start your career with a team with weak players. Earn the money and use them to make your team better. Buy new players, improve their fitness and skills in training mode and get stronger. You can also upgrade your stadium and kits etc. to make your gaming experience better.

Game Features

  • Smooth 3D Graphics
  • User Friendly Menus
  • Easy Controls to Enjoy The Game
  • Detailed Environment
  • Realistic Crowds and Sounds

Download Football 2015 Game

Kick Challenge Football 2015

A top class football shooting game. Do you got the skills to beat every best goal every time? Download the game and start scoring awesome goals straight away. Choose your favorite players like Ronaldo, Messi, Zlatan, Bale, Neymar etc. from all the famous teams across Europe. Participate in real leagues, beat keeper, make the net bulging and master the game!

Download Kick Challenge Football 2015 Game

Football Games Goalkeeper 3D

Football Games Goalkeeper 3D is a smooth 3D game for the goalie lovers. Prevent the ball from entering your goal. After all, that’s what a goal keeper has to do right? A simple game but is fun to play specially if you love guarding your goal.

Download Football Games Goalkeeper 3D Game

Play Real Football 2015 Game

One of the most entertaining football games available on the Android Market. Play a full 11 vs 11 football match with real players, real graphics and real environment. Graphics are great even though the over all size is much much less than the Fifa15 etc. Create your own team and start the league. Easy controls lets you do passing and shooting with style. Play against real National teams and get a chance to see your favorite players in your rivals. Earn money and use them to upgrade stadium or just use them on team kits and training etc. Smooth 3D Animations, Detailed Environment and realistic crowds takes the android football experience to whole new era.

Download Play Real Football 2015 Game Game

Table Football, Soccer 3D

Now you can have the experience of table football i.e FoosBall in your Android Phone. Choose your favorite team (ManC, ManU, Barca, Madrid and Bayern etc.), select the table field and start the game. You just have to spin the players, just like in real foosball. Variety of single player modes including sudden death, first to 3/5 etc. Smooth graphics and lag-less animations will never let your get bore.

Download Table Football, Soccer 3D Game

Football 2016

For all the passionate football fans, this is another brilliant football game for you. Play a quick game or start a new career with your team. Score goals, defend well and win the league. Opponents get stronger as the game progresses. So remember, you have to get stronger too. Buy the best players and manage them well according to your tactics.

Download Football 2016 Game

Premier Football Games Cup 3D

Premier Football Games Cup 3D is another fine football game. Graphics are not as good as Real Football but the fun is guaranteed. Create your club and manage it well. Participate in competitions and win them to become the best.

Download Premier Football Games Cup 3D Game

Futsal Football 2015

Brilliant Indoor football (Futsal game) for the football fans. Play a quick match and perform tricks. You know that futsal is all about style and tricks right? You can also chose your favorite team from the large number of available ones. Score goals goals and lots of goals to win!

Download Futsal Football 2015 Game

Real Football Game 2015

Start your football career from zero and become a hero. Take your to the top levels. Manage your side well. Buy new players from the transfer market, upgrade your stadium, customize your kits. Take part in the world most top leagues and win them all. And not only tournaments, you can also have a quick matches.

Download Real Football Game 2015 Game

futsal football 2

Are you a futsal fan? Download this game and play 5 vs 5 football match. Realistic indoor ground, small goal and smooth graphics. Take a quick timeout and manage your team. Do the rolling substitution but remember, its 20 min half, you have to be quick with your decisions.

Download futsal football 2 Game

Football Kicks – Football Game

An exciting football goal shooting game. Football Kicks – Football Game got graphics slightly on the animated style but this is what makes it fun to play. Adjust the direction, keep the wind in your mind, curl the ball around the wall and hit the top corner!!

Download Football Kicks – Football Game Game

Lineup11 – Football Line-up

Lineup11 – Football Line-up is a top class team managing game. Do you have the skills to be a strong tactical manager? Create your team and manage it well. Add players from thousands of available. Set the formation, make your own kit and play in leagues. You can also share your eleven with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Download Lineup11 – Football Line-up Game

Football Penalty

Ever wanted to have a penalty shootout on your Android device? Have it now with the ‘Football Penalty’. Play 1 vs 1 with your friend sitting next to you. Be smarter than keeper and make the net bulging 😉

Download Football Penalty Game

Football Real Gol

A high quality 3D football game. Have a real like 11 vs 11 feeling with the Football Real Gol. Start your career, take part in championship and you know what to do next. Score goals and become the best. You can in play both single player mode and online multiplayer mode.

Download Football Real Gol Game

Football Kicks

Football Kick is a top quality Football game with 12 million+ downloads and still counting. A must have game for all the Free Kick lovers out there. Master your free kicks, hit the target and be an expert. You can also personalize your own players in the store. This includes hair, skin colour, kits, shoes, socks and everything else. 4+ exciting game modes will never let you get bored of it.

Download Football Kicks Game

Football Goalkeeper

With so many games for attackers, defenders and midfielders its hard to find a good game for the goalkeepers. Here is one for the goalkeepers. Fulfill your dream of becoming the best goal keeper. Download the game and start saving goals straight away. Be sharp enough to judge where the striker will shoot and swipe towards that side. Earn maximum scores and compete with your friends sitting next to you.

Download Football Goalkeeper Game

Football Free 2015

Football Free 2015 is a good quality football game. I wont say it a top or the best one, but when it comes to top 50 Android football games, this has to be placed in the list. You can start your career or just play in a quick match. Graphics are not of very good quality but they are not bad as well. A must try out game if you are finding one to download. Controls are quite easy and it wont be a problem for anyone to master the game.

Download Football Free 2015 Game

Football Craft ( Soccer )

Football Craft ( Soccer ) is a football shooting game. Make use of your shooting skills, curve the ball and beat the keeper. Keep upgrading your player skills to perform at high level.

Addicting Game Features

  • Top quality 3D Graphics
  • 5+ Different game modes
  • Difficult level from beginner to expert
  • Replay Feature
  • Super Slow Motion effects
  • Physics based animations
  • Easy controls
  • Customizable kits and skills

Download Football Craft ( Soccer ) Game

Football Champions League 14

One of the best penalty shootout games available in market. With Football Champions League 14 you can start you career with any club like Real Madrid, Man City, PSG etc. Make your club finish in top 4 of your league and qualify for the UEFA Champions League. Play in all the original tournaments with real players and master your penalty skills.

Download Football Champions League 14 Game

Football 2015: Real Soccer

Football 2015: Real Soccer is a good quality and realistic football game. Create your own team to start a career and take it to the top level. Score goals and win the leagues. You can also choose your favorite team to play with. All famous teams are included like Brazil, France, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, USA and UK etc. The good thing is the easy controls which let you play without much difficulty and you can also perform various hot skills :p

Detailed Environment and Realistic Sounds will give you the real like feel.

Download Football 2015: Real Soccer Game

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