How to use eSIM transfer tool for Android

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Each passing day brings us closer to the complete replacement of physical SIM cards by eSIMs. Google seems to have discreetly introduced its eSIM transfer tool for Android.

You can now set up a Galaxy S24 Ultra to transfer their eSIM from an LG V60 ThinQ by scanning a QR code. Similarly, both the Pixel 8 Pro from the Galaxy S24 Ultra and vice versa will have this eSIM transfer tool.

It’s worth noting that when Samsung initially launched its SIM transfer tool with One UI 5.1, eSIM transfers between devices only functioned on Galaxy devices. Therefore, the appearance of this notification on non-Galaxy devices was unexpected.

This expanded functionality of Samsung’s SIM transfer tool might indicate a potential shift towards Google’s eSIM transfer tool for Android, which was announced at MWC 2023.

Google’s tool might already be active in the Pixel 8. Initially believed to work only with other Pixels, the discovery revealed a broader compatibility. The tool seems limited to specific users at the moment, as the feature appears to be functional only with eSIM profiles linked to T-Mobile.

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