There are hundreds of file manager apps available Google play store. But to choose a good one (from all those) is a difficult ask. The first question is, why do we need a file manager app when most phone have them already? Well If you have used one of those inbuilt file managers then you must have experienced the flaws in them. One major flaw is the limited features. I’ve been using android for long. And the UI of file manager in my phone (LG G3) sucks to be honest. Same goes for Samsung where the file manager is too laggy. I prefer manually installing one from store. And in this article, I will guide you to select the best file manager android apps which can replace the inbuilt apps easily.

File Manager organizes each and everything on your phone. This includes photos, videos, audios, songs, PDFs, text documents and all. Just like everything is organized on your computer in folders, sub-folders etc. You can lock few files/documents and also can put password for privacy matters. Some file manager offers a wide range of features. Whereas, some are brilliant in the limited features. And some are basic but have wonderful user interface. We have included all the Best File Manager Android Apps available on google play store. You can read the descriptions and features as well as view the screenshots. And then later download the one which comes up to your needs. If you are looking for saving battery along with file organizing, you can view our list of best android battery savers.

Note : The list of Top 25+ Best File Manager Android Apps is compiled by professionals. All the file managing apps are added on the basis of :

  1. Google Play Store Rating
  2. Number of Downloads
  3. User Reviews

The competition is high as there are hundreds of file managers available on store. If you have one which you think should also be mentioned. Please comment and let us know. We will add it our list of Top 25+ Best File Manager Android Apps to make it even better. After all, the list is 25+ :p

Best File Manager Android Apps

Computer File Explorer

Get a computer like feel on your android phone with the ‘Computer File Explorer’. Explore and manage your files just like you do on your desktop or laptop. Open multiple tabs side-by-side, pick and drop your files from one tab to another. It works just like your FTP or SFTP client on internet. You can switch to multiple programs/files, delete or uninstall or rename them, kill running tasks to clear up the memory and speed up the phone. You can also speed up and save battery of your phone by checking out this cool app here. All the features of basic file manager are present. The only different thing is the PC like look.

Download Computer File Explorer App

SD File Manager

As the name shows, ‘SD File Manager’ is for SD Cards only. It allows you to browse your SD Card in depth and even compress and extract the files. SD File Manager also contains an root explorer (for rooted phones). All the basic tools like renaming, sorting etc. are present.

Download SD File Manager App

File Expert HD with Clouds

File Expert HD with Clouds is a powerful file manager and explorer android app developed by the ‘GMobile (formerly GeekSoft)’. This is one of the newest app in this category but its downloads are increasing rapidly day by day. Thanks to the top class features. You can use this app on both mobile phones and tablets.

Locate your files in the most easiest way i.e. the predefined categories. This app organizes all your stuffs in the categories automatically (though you can create your own categories for your needs). You can share your files via NFC, Bluetooth or WiFi (WiFi direct). Apart from these, some other features, that makes us put this in best file manager android apps list, are :

  • Quickest file exploring
  • Powerful File Managing : with all the basic functions like cut, copy, paste, move, delete, rename etc.
  • A FREE CLOUD : As mentioned in the name, you get a free cloud storage. GCloud will store all your files automatically.
  • Recycle bin : Just like in the computers
  • Sharing via FTP
  • Root Access : In-case you have rooted your phone and want to have a root explorer for making changes in the files
  • A smart archive manager : with which you can compress your stuffs
  • And many more.

Download File Expert HD with Clouds App

File Manager

Simple yet powerful tool app which views all your files, including the ones on SD card and clouds. You can browse all the stuffs in categories like Pictures, Videos, Music, Document etc. You can mark files as favorite to view them quickly. It also include a smart search which searches each and everything in folders or sub-folders.

Download File Manager App

File Explorer

FX File Explorer is developed by the top developers ‘NextApp Inc.’ and is one of the most famous and top rated application for file management and organization. Dozens of features are offered including cloud file explorer, root explorer (for users with rooted phones), dual pane mode, pinch-to-zoom etc. Before we tell you the brief detail about each feature, you should know that this app has been featured on Google play store over hundred times. It is one of those app which you mostly see straightaway when you open the store.

Top Class Features of FX File Explorer

  • High quality UI with Material Design
  • Dual Pane Windows : You can manage two or more tasks at the same time
  • Pinch-to-zoom : Zoom and view the detail about each file
  • Compress or unRAR the files
  • Index search
  • Basic file managing tools like renaming, cut, copy, paste etc.
  • Cloud storage (Drive, Box, DropBox, OneDrive etc.)
  • Bluetooth sharing
  • App management (uninstall, remove etc.)

Download File Explorer App

Lollipop File Manager

A perfect file managing app solely created for android version ‘Lollipop’. Specifically for smartphones and tablets of 7 to 10 inches. The UI is clean and smooth and all your files are organized just like in your computer. As it is new so there are many bugs and issues in it. But I saw many fixes in its last update.

Download Lollipop File Manager App

File Manager

Efficient and complete application with all the main features that a file manager and explorer should have. This File Manager allows you to organize and view all the files which are on your Phone, SD Card or even Cloud. You can save the disk space by compressing the files with inbuilt compressor. It also contains an application manager with which you can install or uninstall the apps, backup them or share them. Supported on 29 languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Norwegian.

Download File Manager App

OI File Manager

Extremely lightweight file manager i.e. 973 KB. You can pick your files from one folder and drop them to another. Rename or delete your files as well as send them via E-mail with one tap. Apart from these, some other features of this app due to which it is included in the list of best file manager android apps are :

  • Super fast and smooth UI
  • Supports files with various formats
  • Multi-language support
  • Thumbnails for viewing images/pictures

Download OI File Manager App

File Manager

With ‘File Manager’ by ‘androidder’ you can organize, manage and explore your documents, images, videos, PDFs etc. whether they are in your phone or SD card. It also have a root explorer for users who have rooted their phone. The best thing about this is it is extremely lightweight i.e 655 KB and wont consume any space at all on your phone.

Download File Manager App

File Manager

Explore your files just like you do in your PC. Go through the folders. View images, videos etc. Rename them or Delete the unwanted ones. Cut/Copy/Paste or Move the files from one folder to another. A different thing about this app is that it includes around 100+ inbuilt icons. This means you can assign the icon of your choice to each and every file. Also is supported in 30+ famous languages. Hence, in short, File Manager by ‘Mobile Soft Ltd.’ is one of the most complete and fully featured file managing app for android phones as well as tablets.

Download File Manager App

File Explorer – Expert Manager

Basic File Manager Android App with good UI. This is just like the ones which are already downloaded on your phone but the different thing is its smooth operation. ‘File Explorer – Expert Manager’ allows you to cut/copy/paste, rename, delete, uninstall, move, sort etc. your files and manage them the way you want.

Download File Explorer – Expert Manager App

File Manager & Explorer

Manage your files whether they are in Internal Storage or SD Card with ‘File Manager & Explorer’. You can also include files from your clouds like Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, Box etc.

All the basic managing tools like cut/copy/paste, rename, delete etc. are present. It also includes a detailed storage analyzer which shows you the accurate measurements of memory occupied by each file/document.

Download File Manager & Explorer App

File Manager

An easy and simple manager with limited features but can be very handy if you don’t like complicated stuffs. You can browse and explore all the files including hidden ones from your SD card and phone. Cut, copy, paste or create new folders for organizing your things in a better way. Sort them in various ways like by date, name, size etc. You can also share them via Bluetooth.

Download File Manager App


MyFiles is a good quality file manager developed by ‘Monster Castle’. Definitely not the best of app in terms of UI, but deep down we all know its about the features more than UI. You must be wondering why is it in the list of best file manager android app? Well the reason is simplicity. To be honest you can’t find much simpler app than this. Explore you files in few taps, rename, view or delete them. It also runs in the background without consuming much battery. Hence, you can continue you works from wherever you left.

Download MyFiles App

File Manager

Fully featured and complete file manager android app. The most highlighted thing about this app is its simplicity and speed. You can explore your files easily with touch and swipe (Internal storage + SD Card). Cut, paste, copy, rename and other basic file managing tools are also available. Cloud Storage service is also available if you want to store your stuffs on cloud. File Manager also shows the detailed analysis of folders with amount of memory consumed by files.

Download File Manager App

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