Editing the Php coding much complex task for most of us. But in order to make dynamic pages for your website we must have to confessed/acquire some knowledge about Php web based language. Tough now-a-days, WordPress has made it easier to blog for ordinary people like me, and Genesis which is a WordPress Premium Theme I use. The developer of Genesis Framework (Mr. Brian Gardner) have completely describe the edits for the Post Info in Genesis but I think it’s not enough.

Genesis Framework uses shortcodes in the post info and footer section. There is a complete user guide on shortcodes references to make simple changes in post info and in footer. There are two ways to use these shortcodes references. Either we can use a WordPress plugin called “Genesis Simple Edits“or by simply editing and locating codes in such files functions.php, etc. I hope you would gladly prefer to use a WordPress plugin rather than editing files. Alright! For manual read this post by Mr. Brian Gardner for Post Info in Genesis, however we are going to use Genesis Simple Edits plugin.

genesis logo

Customize Post Info in Genesis with Genesis Simple Edits Plugin

Using a WordPress Plugin

i) Download, install and activate the plugin Genesis Simple Edits

ii) Go to Genesis > Simple Edits

Genesis   Simple Edits settings page

To change the date format, time format, link the author name, and the label for leave a comment link replace your post info codes with the following:

Shortcode for Post Info in Genesis

You are now done! Have a good day.