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App Developer Youdao.com
App Updated October 12, 2023
APK Version 6.6.2
Category Education
Android Version Required Android 5.0 and up
APK File Size 46.83 MBs
File Name com.youdao.hindict_6-6-2.apk

Do you need an app to translate phrases or words for you in more than one language and that too offline? The best app for this purpose that you should choose is the U Dictionary app that will help you increase your vocabulary as well as translate text and even use camera for translation.

One of the best apps to learn and improve your English is the U dictionary app. In the Education category this app has been rated to be the number one app in about 10 countries around the world.

Even after all the popularity and over 40 million users across the world the app is still free of cost and can be downloaded from either Google or Apple play store.

The main aim of the U Dictionary app is to bridge the gap between English or other languages. This app allows you to translate in more than 58 languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bangla, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Urdu, Nepali, Assamese, etc.

But the translation thing is what all dictionaries are supposed to do, so what makes the U Dictionary app so unique in itself is that it gives you some awesome features like Quick Translate, Copy to Translate, Lock Screen Vocabulary, Word Games and Offline accessibility that makes it so different and with great functionality.

Features of U Dictionary

Below is the list of all the cool features that the U Dictionary app has to offer. You can make use of these features and learn and improve your vocabulary very easily without any hassle and without the need of attending some class to learn the language.

Here you go with the notable features of this app that are worth mentioning.

Copy to translate

As you are browsing or chatting with someone, with U Dictionary you can copy and translate the text in real time.

If you want to translate any specific text or content and you need to quickly translate it. No worries because with the U Dictionary in your smart phone all need to do is copy the text and you will the app icon pop up by itself.

Once the icon is tapped by you, your text will be translated in whatever language you prefer to have the translation in.

All of this just one tap and without even opening the app and leaving whatever you are doing. Switching of apps is just uncomplicated and easy.

Quick translate

As its name indicates, this feature of the dictionary app lets users view the meaning of a word that they choose to know in the notification bar.

This feature also lets you translate your content and tell you the meaning without launching the app just like in the Copy and translate feature.

It is a pretty quick feature as it does not bound you to open the app to know the meaning of a phrase or word.

Camera translation

Besides the translation of any word that you come across as you browse or chat, the U-Dictionary app lets you get translations of text right from the camera app.

All you need to do is focus your camera on the text or any piece of text that you want to get translated, and you will see the meaning right on the screen of your smart phone with in no time.

This camera translation feature has seen to be recognizing about 12 languages which is of course a notable feature here.

Word games

If you want to learn in a fun way then you should definitely choose U Dictionary as it makes learning easy and interesting. This app offers great word games like in which you have to do spell check or find the synonym for a given word.

It also features articles that will help building up your vocabulary and conversation practice videos as well. These tasks will help in getting a stronger command over English in a fun way.

Lock screen vocabulary

U Dictionary app lets you learn new words with their meaning or definition to enhance your vocabulary. Well this app has granted this wish of yours by featuring the app lock screen vocabulary feature.

Without even getting your phone unlocked, new words with definitions will appear on the lock screen of your smart phone so this way you can learn and strengthen your vocab.

Supports up to 10 languages

When it comes down to text translation, U Dictionary allows you to translate in so many languages as it supports around 108 languages.

The text translator of the app can be used to translate text easily between any regional or global language without any difficulty.

Offline translation

Finally, the most interesting feature is the offline dictionary mode. Well, this app supports 44 language packs for its offline functionality. You can simple translations and work meanings on the go with this app.

To use the offline functionality of the U Dictionary app compulsory language packs would need to be downloaded by the users. The app has inbuilt Collins COBUILD Advanced Dictionary and Word Net Dictionary. This helps you get the meaning of a particular word, its usage and sample sentences as well.

U Dictionary Translator APK 6.6.2:

U Dictionary Translator APK v6.6.2File Size: 46.83 MBs

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