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App Developer Tumblr, Inc.
App Updated November 24, 2023
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Category Social
Android Version Required Android 6.0 and up
APK File Size 188.13 MBs
File Name com.tumblr_32-3-0-110.apk

Tumblr is just like other social media networking platforms but just with more diversity and a variety of new features that other social networks don’t possess or share.

It is very simple and easy to use Tumblr and it can be used on any type of mobile operating system. Like in Facebook people have their own walls and timeline, same goes for Tumblr.

But in Tumblr you get your own Tumblelog instead of a wall or timeline where short posts of text, images, quotes, links, video, audio and chats can be shared by you.

The Reblog feature provided by Tumblr is similar to the Retweet feature provided by Twitter, which allows you to post something that was published on someone else’s Tumblelog just with a single click.

Moreover, the blogs published on other people’s Tumblelog can also be liked instead of being commented on them as would be done in the conventional blogs.

Tumblr is also known as the site for “microblogging” as it allows people to share important things happening in people’s lives in the form of snippets of texts or quick snaps.

Tumblr brings a kind of a revolution in the conventional blogging as it no more restricts you to follow the lengthy diary pattern to post blogs.

Tumblr before 2013 did not use to interrupt people with annoying ads which was before Yahoo took over Tumblr. The current Tumblr which is owned by Yahoo however contains ads to drive more revenue.

Features of Tumblr

Tumblr has a number of awesome features that give it an edge over other social networking platforms. Furthermore, Tumblr could give you a head start if you have just started a small business and want to promote it. Micro blogs can make you go viral within a few minutes.

Here is a list of some of the features possessed by Tumblr that will help you know how it works, in a much better way. The list below will also provide aid in making the best and most of this superb platform we call Tumblr.

Here you go!

Found a new blog

Be default you already own a blog, just by signing by and making an account on Tumblr. One great thing about creating a blog of your own on Tumblr is that you can create a number of different blogs by using the same username.

In order to create more than one blog on your Tumblr account with the same username, all you would be required to do is click on your profile picture which is present on the upper corner of your right hand.

After doing that you will need to go to the “New” option which you will find in the “Tumblrs” section.

You will be then prompted to give your blog a name of your own choice. You are allowed to opt for a URL plus you also get to decide whether you want your blog to be private or public.

You can also secure your blog by setting up a password so only a specific number of people that have the password are allowed to see what you post.


When you first log in to your Tumblr account, the first thing you see is the dashboard which is basically what you see in Facebook known as the news feed.

Here on the dashboard you will see what has been published by other people on their Tumblelog. Here you will find all the content posted by people or pages that you are interested in or you follow.

On the top of your dashboard you will see some post icons which will help you post your very own original content.

About seven types of content can be posted and backed by Tumblr that includes the basic types which is text posts, single or more than one image post also video posts just like on Twitter and Facebook.

The additional types could be posting quotes and links. On Tumblr you also get to post chats or dialogues plus you can also post your audios.

Save posts

You might come across some posts which do stir up your interest but you don’t have enough time to read all of it as it would require you much more time. It could also be a meme that you want to show to your friends, so you simply save it.

On Facebook you get a Saved Items section which lets you save the posts you like. Whereas on Twitter you are provided with the Like button which basically book marks that post for you.

Tumblr doesn’t possess any option specific for this tasks but they are a couple of things you can do to save a post.

First thing you can do to save a post is that you can simply ‘Like’ it. The specific post can also be reblogged to your private blog which you have created solely for this purpose.

Another thing you can do is use an IFTTT recipe that will automatically add every new post or reblog that you tag with #Save to your Pocket account.

Explore tab

All of the content that you might be looking up for is here in the Explore Tab. This is the most simple way to find your type of content and blogs that you might find interesting, especially when you are new on Tumblr.

At the top of the Explore page, there’s a Recommended For You tab, along with various content categories that you can dive into such as Trending and Staff Picks. There’s also a list of currently trending searches in the right-hand panel.

By clicking on the on the Follow button on the post’s card, you can also add a blog that you found interesting or you liked a lot.

Be in charge of the blogs you follow

Sometimes you might want to clear out your feed of content and start afresh. In that case you easily unfollow blogs and keywords on Tumblr.

To do so you will be needed to click on your profile icon and go to ‘Following’ which you will find in the ‘Account’ section.

Tumblr—Fandom, Art, Chaos APK

Tumblr—Fandom, Art, Chaos APK v32.3.0.110File Size: 188.13 MBs

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