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App Developer MyFitnessPal, Inc.
App Updated August 10, 2023
APK Version 23.16.0
Category Health & Fitness
Android Version Required Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 53.22 MBs
File Name com.myfitnesspal.android_23-16-0.apk

Calorie Counter- MyFitnessPal

Your body is enlarging day by day or you are looking chubby. You don’t have enough time to make diet plans or schedule the healthy eating plans. You want an app where you can find all about the physical health and fitness, you can get a proper schedule, about nutrition, exercise or different tips and tricks to stay healthy.

We have an incredible app for you which is termed as ‘Calorie Counter’. This app contains all the necessary features in it mainly it is included health and fitness counter, making diet plans, a number of healthy food options and much more.

You can enjoy this app and maintain your health by following the mention rules and excellent activities. You can find a complete guide using this app. This apps tells about the calories present in the food, whatever you are eating or in your hand and last but not the least the foodstuff you are thinking to eat.

What is Calorie Counter App?

The Calorie Counter is the best tool to track your fitness and health by checking the daily diet. It is the most popular health app mainly design to maintain and check fitness (internal and external of the body).

You can keep record or count what you are eating through this app. You can check the food calories, the nutrition present in ingredients, which food is good for your body and how to lose your weight if you are chubby.

This app proved to be the best choice for all those people who are looking chubby or fat. All those people can lose weight and can take a healthy diet to keep them fit and fine. You can get to know about how much food is adequate for your body and which food is healthy for being healthier.

You don’t have to skip your meals but you just have to know which food is suitable for the fitness of your body and health. You can get your favorite meals from your favorite restaurants through this app.

You can try the healthy meals with healthy recipes, you can find millions of food items that are globally available, make your own recipes and pass it to yours cook and calculate the calories of the food you are enjoying using this app.

You can keep record of all the micro and macronutrients that you are having while eating. You might change your menu by taking a balanced diet for daily breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

You can keep track of the daily drinking water for measuring its quantity because water is also an essential part of retaining healthy. You can set the target of your fitness or shape of the physical body, then by changing habits, you can achieve the required goal.

Features of Calorie Counter App

Set Goals

You can set your desire goals related to weight gain, weight loss and maintaining your physical health or shape of your body.

For example, you can burn your calories by changing your overeating habit, you can eat a healthy or balanced diet to gain weight or eat healthy meals.

Create your Food Recipes

You can create your favorite recipes by selecting the ingredients used in the food. This app provides multiple options to choose your daily meals to save from any uncertainty.

Customize the Daily Menu

You can change your meal according to your choice, for example, if you eat heavy breakfast then you can use light snacks during lunchtime and eat dinner according to the above schedule by balancing the intake of calories.

Track Nutrients

You can keep a record of all kinds of nutrients present in your meal through this app. You can calculate the micro and macronutrients including fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugar, etc through recipes.

Track Drinking of Water

You can keep track of your daily drinking in the form of ounces, milliliters or liters.

A Calorie Counter

This app automatically starts counting of calories present in the food, drinks, and recipes. It is a basic feature provided by this app.

Check your nearest Restaurants

You can check your favorite restaurants and book your favorite meals over there to enjoy with your favorite food.

See the Food Insights

You can see the food ingredients to know what food is made up of or the food is good for your health or not. You can view the full details of the dish through the insights option.

Choose a Healthy Exercises

You can select healthy exercise or different workouts to achieve your fitness goal. This app offers about 250+ exercises for physical fitness. The exercise are walking, running, jumping, reps, weight per set, etc.

View History or Reports

You can view the complete progress reports about your health and fitness. You can see the calories, nutrients, foods, each and every detail.

Add Friends for Support

You can add your friends for continuous support, motivation, and advice.

Share Reports with friends

You might share your progress reports with your friends so that they can see your achievements, to tell them that your goal is accomplished. You can disclose your success with them to show your inspirational journey so that they get motivated.


I am absolutely sure that you really love this popular app. You can find the best tips, guidelines, and motivations to get healthier and fit.

You can keep track of your daily diet and meals to count down the calories so that you can eat a balanced diet through the help of this app.

You can easily make a habit of making healthy food and drinking plenty of water due to its wonderful tracking feature.

I assure you that this app is a great partner for you to keep good health and spend a healthy life.

Share this fantastic app with your friends and also give us feedback as your acknowledgment is necessary.

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal APK 23.16.0:

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal APK v23.16.0File Size: 53.22 MBs

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