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LinkedIn file details:

App Developer LinkedIn
App Updated November 30, 2023
APK Version 4.1.887
Category Social
Android Version Required Android 6.0 and up
APK File Size 48.56 MBs
File Name com.linkedin.android_4-1-887.apk

LinkedIn – Modern Way of Recruitment

Linkedin is basically a social networking service. But it is a lot different than other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. What keep this apart from these apps is its purpose and use.

Professional Networking:

The app is focused on professional and business networking rather than personal networking. It means that with this app, you can create a business network, keep in touch with your colleagues, find new jobs, and create connections in your business field.

It can act as an informal but effective medium to get you hire. Your linkedin profile can act as a resume for your career.

You can update your work information, experience and skills on your profile. Employers can hire you if they get impressed by your profile.

But how can you make an impressive profile? It depends on how you are using this platform and its potential to build your career. Let us have a deep look that how can you use Linkedin in an effective manner to enhance your professional journey.

Keep Appropriate Profile Picture:

This is the first step for you to start using this app. Choose a profile photo that looks professional. Most of the people have a habit to upload picture of their pet, child, or some random quotes and wallpapers on social networking sites.

But on this platform, you should avoid these. You should upload a picture of yourself, it seems professional.

But what if you are a female and does not want to upload your own picture? Well, you can upload some picture that is related to your field or skills. Such as if you are an SEO expert, upload some picture that includes SEO graphics.

Write About You:

The second things most employers will have a look, is your about status and education. Write some impressive and catchy lines about yourself that show off your skills and experience.

For example, if you are a content writer, you can write like this: I’m Mairaj who loves to write. A content writer with 3 years of experience and can write in any niche.

You should information about your educational background too. What and from where you have studied.

Update It Regularly with Your Work:

Don’t just abandon your profile after creating it. Update it regularly with your work information. Add whatever work experiences you have. Even if you have worked for only 2 months somewhere, write about it too. The jobs can be of different domains, there is absolutely no issue with this.

The linkedin community is really large. You don’t know that what employers are searching for. It might happen that some employers does not want an expert in only one field but wants a person who possesses a variety of skills.

Moreover, if you have achieved something, post them on your profile. Make the world see them.

Search for Jobs Nearby

The app has a feature that lets you search for jobs and employers nearby your location. The employers or companies upload jobs when they need to hire someone. You can then apply for that job/

You can use this feature to look for jobs that interests you. Search for your desired job, and apply for that within the app.

Make Connections:

You can search for people that belongs to your profession or business domain and can add them as a connection in the app. It is similar to Facebook’s add friends feature.

If you have made a connection, you can communicate with them by messages. You can share pictures, videos, files and your location with your connections through message.

As it goes in real life, more connections mean more business. Having vast number of quality connections are very important for your career. As you make more connections, you can attract more jobs towards you.

Join Groups:

You can join groups and discussions that interests you. You should take active part in the groups, open up about your thoughts. In this way, you can build yourself in a community and can make more connections.

Is this Free to Use:

Almost all the features of the app are free to use but they have set some limitations. For example, the searches are limited in number. You cannot send direct messages to anyone except for your connections.

If you want to get over these restrictions, you can opt for premium subscriptions of the app. There are several packages. The pricing starts from 29.95$ and go up to 119.95$.

The good thing here is that they offer a free 1 month trial if you have been using Linkedin for some days.

How to Install:

It proves to be a really effective platform to enhance your careers and I personally use Linkedin to search for jobs. It can provide you with many opportunities if you use it right.

So what are you waiting for? Just install this amazing link building app.

The app is available to install on iOS and Android. Install the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Alternatively, you can download the apk from Softstribe and then install the app into your Android phone.

LinkedIn APK 4.1.887:

LinkedIn APK v4.1.887File Size: 48.56 MBs

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