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KakaoStory file details:

App Developer Kakao Corporation
App Updated January 09, 2023
APK Version 6.15.1
Category Social
Android Version Required Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 30.97 MBs
File Name com.kakao.story-6-15-1.apk

Do you wish to share your stories of your events and adventures occurring in your day-to-day life with other individuals? If yes, then KakaoStory app for android is what you are actually finding for. This is an extremely interactive app which provides you an opportunity to share your daily life stories with people worldwide.

By way of KakaoStory app, you can simply create short stories including videos, images or only text and share it with others all across the world. These short stories don't need to be about a thing important or significant in your day-to-day life too. The extremely interactive UI and layout of KakaoStory app make it convenient for you to use this app for sharing and creating your own stories.

  • Share stories of your everyday life on KakaoStory!
  • Your story doesn't need to be special or exciting!
  • Share short stories from your routine life on KakaoStory app.
  • Read out stories shared by your friends on Story Feed.
  • Share short stories from your day with ""My Story"".
  • Explore new friends and stories thru utilizing ""Search"".

Here's a tip for using KakaoStory app:

  • Simply register for KakaoStory thru utilizing your account on KakaoTalk.
  • Set your profile pictures in both KakaoStory and KakaoTalk.
  • Edit your videos and photos nicely thru utilizing Story Filter.

See you on KakaoStory!

App Permissions

You are allowed for following app permissions in order to use KakaoStory app more expediently:

  • Mandatory Access Permissions

PhoneWith the intention of maintaining confirmation status attained from my phone and keeps up to use KakaoStory app.

Storage: With the intention of retrieving videos and photos from my device and transfer them to KakaoStory app.

  • Voluntary Access Permissions

Mic: For taking videos.

Camera: To take videos and photos thru my device.

Location: To get suggestions for adjacent places.

What’s New in KakaoStory app?

  • Stability enhancements.
  • Bug fixes

How KakaoStory App Actually Works?

First of all, you have to sign in for your KakaoTalk account with the intention of logging into KakaoStory app. In case you don't have an account with KakaoTalk then create an account thru utilizing your email address. After inserting the verification code sent on the email address provided by you, you can start utilizing KakaoStory app for creating your day-to-day stories.

There are basically four modes by which you can create stories in KakaoStory app. The preferences for these modes are provided on the bottommost bar of this app. These preferences include Photo, Write, Location and Video. The “Write” option enables you to create the story you wish to share whilst “Video” and “Photo: options are for creating your stories with videos or photos. The “Location” enables you to mention your location within your story.

While creating a story with KakaoStory, you can either select to add videos or photos which are already saved on your device or you can make use of camera to shoot some fresh photos, videos and GIFs. There are numerous editing tools accessible that you can utilize for the sole reason of improving the quality of your videos and images. Once you are completely done with creating your story, you can move ahead on the step of sharing these stories.

This app also provides you a chance to view stories shared by others too. The stories shared by your near and dear ones are displayed on your Story Feed whilst a stories section is especially dedicated to display stories created by others all around the world. With the intention of seeing stories that you are fascinated about, you can simply modify the stories segment of KakaoStory app by way of selecting story categories of your own choice.

You can explore for stories thru utilizing searching tool offered by KakaoStory app too. Furthermore, you can search for new friends thru utilizing search tool. There is also a profile picture segment in KakaoStory app which allows you to set an animated profile pic.

Key Features of KakaoStory

  • Collaborative UI
  • Easily manageable design and layout
  • Create stories with photos, text, videos and GIFs.
  • Numerous tools for editing videos and photos.
  • Share your stories with friends & others.
  • Explore old stories thru utilizing date searching option
  • Explore new stories and friends thru utilizing search tool
  • Set your animated profile picture

Final Words

KakaoStory is specifically meant towards individuals who like to share precious moments of their day-to-day lives with others. This app delivers them an opportunity to create stories thru utilizing photos, text, videos and GIFs and afterwards sharing it with others. It is an extremely interactive app to have on your smartphone specifically if you wish to share your daily life stories with others.

KakaoStory APK 6.15.1:

KakaoStory APK v6.15.1 (479)File Size: 30.97 MBs

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