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App Developer Google LLC
App Updated February 26, 2024
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Category Photography
Android Version Required Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 83.00 MBs
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Google Photos was undoubtedly one of the most frenzied of the many declarations in I/O Google 2015. Google Photos is a 100% free of cost photo management mechanism that provides limitless storage for high-resolution photos as well as videos.

Google Photos app is also accessible on iOS, desktop and android that enables you to sync photos and videos from your cell phone, camera, PC and SD cards.

Many people are using this Google Photos application for last couple of years and found it quite fascinated with what it can actually do. Let’s have a look at some of the most fantastic features of Google Photos app.

Ultimate Features of Google Photos App

  • Easy Pictures and Videos Uploading

With interactive Google Photos app, it is very easy to upload photos as well as videos. Apart from auto-syncing through mobile apps and desktop, you can also upload images thru “drag & drop” functionality.

As long as the web browser tab is viewing URL of, you can easily drop several photos and videos, as well as a folder of photos or videos in the tab. The drop started to upload all the files instantaneously, hence saving you valuable time.

Once you have all the pictures uploaded, you can apply a few things on them just like manipulating the pictures, share them to Twitter and Facebook, post a link directing to the photos, create a photo album, or share stories with them.

  • No More Replicas

Google Photo can merge more than two duplicates of images leaving only a single photo, hence cleaning your storage space automatically.

  • High-Quality Configuration

Prior uploading your pictures, you need to make sure that Google Photos configuration is set on “High Quality” option. In other setting, “Original” will see your photos saved in Google Drive in its place.

  • Image Search

Google integrates smart search in Google Photos app. You can easily search through photos with only a keyword just like what we do when searching for photos in search engine. In Google Photos application, the keyword “food”, for instance, will return the photo of foods; “Surabaya” will return photos which have been geo-labeled with that particular location, when searching for “dog” results in dog photos.

  • Comfort of Choosing Photos

Selecting your pictures in Google Photos app is similarly effortless and instinctive. In the android app, you just need to hold your finger on a picture and afterward scroll your finger all the way to last picture you need to select and that is your selected bunch of pictures.

  • Gallery View

Moreover, Google Photos application also includes pinch and swipe movements in just about every single corner in android app. In case you are on your android phone, Google Photos will organize all your pictures in medium-sized thumbnails or in a grid.

  • Assistant

Assistant is another marvelous feature of Google Photos that is noteworthy. This feature will undergo your photos for comparisons thru several aspects and find relationships between your pictures. It afterwards compiles them, encouraging you to choose whether to save this collection in Library or not.

  • Photo Editing

Google Photos app also involves a smart photo editor. In order to start editing, simply click on a picture. Find and click on edit button displayed with a “Pencil” icon. In case you are using android application, this edit icon displays below the picture.

This edit button also brings a toolbar which allows you perform some basic photo editing like cropping, adjusting lights, colors, and shades. Additionally, you can also apply some pre-defined special effects. After you are satisfied with the result, Save it!

  • Photo Compression

Finally, another fantastic feature that is less perceptible is the photo compression. As you are uploading images to Google Photos app, the photo size is compacted. After it has been uploaded, download the pictures and you will get the picture sizes too smaller.

A picture of 11.2MB will become only 2.4MB after compression. This is just about 80% compression. For assessment, JPEGMini compressing tool only could bring the similar picture down to 3.2Mb. Apart from storing images, it is a wonderful tool for website developers to develop their pictures on the web for speed.

Google Photos is a remarkable app. You can simply upload as many pictures and videos from old computer disk, old hard drive, mobile phone and camera without having to be anxious about running short of storage.

It will arrange the pictures with its smart Assistant feature, and you can edit, search and share it on other channels, right from the application itself. Google Photos would possibly make identical services like iCloud, Dropbox, Flickr and Amazon.

Google Photos APK

Google Photos APK v6.72.0.608166361File Size: 83.00 MBs

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