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App Developer Brave Software
App Updated February 25, 2024
APK Version 1.63.161
Category Personalization
Android Version Required Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 163.00 MBs
File Name com.brave.browser_1-63-161.apk

Brave Private Browser is a free, fast, and safest web browser that accessible with Ad block function, follow-up security and an augmented user experience for battery life and data protection. All of this is accessible without having to fence over masses of complex set-up sprints when it comes to your settings. It is extremely simple: just launch the app and start exploring.

With Brave Private Browser app for android, you are not heading towards running into any outside or plug-ins modifications to set up or administrate, either. Brave Browser already accessible with a securest and full-speed web browsing experience. Certainly, that indicates no malware, pop-ups or other provocations are to be detected anywhere on the way.

Other valuable functionalities accessible with Brave Private Browser is the extent of time that it shave off your wait whilst loading site, thus augmenting your performance, and utterly sidestepping troublesome advertising. Under long run, this indicates an enormous improvement to users while it comes to rapidity, and it's something you'll surely feel while contrasting it with other renowned web browsers. Not only will you feel an improvement in your battery life, though you'll notice it in your data consumption as well.

Brave Private Browser is a superlative browser for your android device. It provides a safe and rapid browsing experience and certainly it entails all those fascinating features you have come round expect in a contemporary web browser.

Brave Privacy Browser is your free, fastest and safest web browser using pop-up blocker and ad blocker features. You can browse and search privately across the web without being chased by advertisers, pop-ups and malware.

Securest & Fastest Web Browser

No external settings or plugins! Brave browser for android offers the safest, quickest web browser for your smartphone. You can get the pleasure of free private web browsing accompanied by a private search engine without any ads, popups, malware or other aggravations.

Private Browsing

With Brave Private Browser, you can enjoy securest, fastest, private web browsing. You can get 100% free ad blocker to hinder ads, unnamed web browsing history, customized private searching, and private tabs for private web browsing.

Browse Speedily

Brave Private Browser is a fastest browser for your web! It minimizes page loading times, expands browser performance and blocks all those ads infested with malware. The app shows around 2 to 4x speed escalation on your android device, saving your data and battery life.

Ad-Blocking Web Browser

The app is specifically developed with an in-built Ad Blocker. Its free ad Blocker function secures you from ads which trace you once you browse a mobile website, protecting your privacy along with private browsing history.

Auto Privacy - Ad Blocking Browser Security

The app secures you with utmost level of security and privacy functions such as script blocking, HTTPS Everywhere, incognito private tabs and third party cookie blocking.

Key Features of Brave Private Browser

  • 100% Free Private browsing
  • Free in-built Ad Blocker
  • Private Browsing using pop-up blocker
  • Safest private web browsing
  • Saves battery life and data
  • Intrusive Ad-free browsing
  • Synchronize Bookmarks safely
  • Https for security
  • 3rd party cookie blocker
  • Script Blocker
  • Private bookmarking
  • Browsing history
  • Recent/private tabs
  • Free, fast, securest search engine
  • Free & fast search engine by DuckDuckGo

Brave Rewards

With your existing browser, you need to pay for browsing internet via viewing ads. Presently, Brave Private Browser welcomes you to newest internet. Wherein your time is treasured, your private data is kept personal, and you get paid for your courtesy.

About Brave Private Browser

The app’s ultimate mission is to save web via making a private, securest and fastest web browsing whilst increasing ad revenue for content generators. Brave Private Browser aims to convert online ad bionetwork via micro-payments and a newest revenue-sharing solution to provide its publishers and users a handsome deal, where fastest, securest web browsing is the ultimate path to a cheerful future for open web.

Is Brave Private Browser Really Private?

Brave browser is considered amongst the greatest web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Baidu and Google Chrome. It is a fastest, securest, private and an open-source web browser. Accompanied by other web browsers, Brave entails a wonderful feature that is you can inactivate ads via using their ad blocking mechanism.

Is Brave Private Browser Capable Of Hiding IP Address?

Users of brave browser can choose newest Private Tabs with Tor function from main menu. Even if Tor hides your IP address and secures your web browsing from snooping employers, ISPs or hackers. It may also decelerate web browsing or result in a few websites functioning distinctively.

Brave Browser APK 1.63.161:

Brave Browser APK v1.63.161File Size: 163.00 MBs

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