Recently most of fellow bloggers were asking me that WordPress post editor doesn’t accept coding such as CSS, PHP, Java Script and so on, it only accepts html tags, then how to make it possible to execute PHP codes within posts and pages in WordPress?

Finally, I get inspired after hearing this question from bloggers. I did my best and after my extensive research on this topic I decided to write a post on it that how to make it possible to write and execute PHP codes inside of blog posts and pages in WordPress blog :D. No doubt that it’ll increase the functionality within a post as well as in a page. Well, let’s get into the plugin called Allow PHP in Posts and Pages.

php in wordpress blog post

Allow PHP in Posts and Pages

All we need to do is to install and activate this plugin Allow PHP in Posts and Pages, you can be able to get access to use PHP just after installing and activating this plugin. How this plugin works as you have just installed this plugin and don’t know much about it :(. Let me explain a little bit more about this plugin:

How it Works?

Using this plugin is very easy yet if you are familiar with some basic html tags you’ll be able to use it easily. Because this plugin has its own usage, which is that it supports shortcodes. See the complete shortcodes with usage right over here..

You’re Done, you have learnt a very great lesson today on how to use PHP within posts and pages in a WordPress blog. Good Luck.