Top 50 Best Android Racing Games in 2015/2016

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2015)

Android is world’s most rapid growing operating system with 15+ updates in just 7 years, since its initial release. This leading operating system has become the most favorite platform for all the developers around the globe. According to latest surveys held in 2015, 40% of the top professional developers choose Android as their priority platform. Which is even greater than iOS (i.e. 37%). And why wouldn’t it be? Android is indeed a flexible and highly customizable operating system available not only on smartphones, but also on tablets, Televisions, Cars and wearable devices such as wrist watches etc. Having 1 billion+ users and 70+ Languages support, Android has left behind all of its arch rivals.

In this article, you will find the top 50 best Android Racing Games of 2015 till 2016. Games are not just favorite for kids but also people of all other ages. As mentioned earlier, Android is the favorite platform for most of the developers hence the competition for best Android racing games is very high.

Note: Maybe you will not find these best Android racing games compatible in low configured Android devices but these are the top 50 Android racing games on the basis of Google play store users and their positive reviews on Google Play store regarding these Android racing games. We strongly apology if any of these listed app don’t work for you (But they work for others best high configured Android devices).

Best Android Racing Games in 2015/2016

Need for Speed™ No Limits

People always complained to Need For Speed developers that why don’t they create free game for Android Phones. They finally created a free one. Need for Speed™ No Limits is a free and top class high graphics game. Well, when it comes to Need for Speed, nothing much is needed to be said about it. You all know Need for Speed is among the leading racing games. But we still will tell you some exceptional highlighted features of it;

Exceptional Game Features

  • All the famous cars : From Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, McLaren, Sabuzu, Ferrari and many more.
  • Hottest Customizing Store : Lets you modify almost everything from tire to engine.
  • Addicting game modes : Racing, Stunts, Free Ride etc.
  • Original Sounds : Gives you the real feel.
  • High Quality Graphics and Stunning Environment.


Download Need for Speed™ No Limits Game


Racer UNDERGROUND is another thrilling racing game Overall a complete game for all the racing lover out there. Have some exciting features, out of which some are below;

Exciting Features

  • Modifications of Engine, Nitro, Turbo, Brake discs, Tires and Suspension etc.
  • Free Roam Mode
  • Realistic Sounds
  • Police Escape Mode
  • Smooth 3D Graphics

Download Racer UNDERGROUND Game

Asphalt Nitro

Asphalt Nitro is the free version is Asphalt 8 and it’s developer say it as the ‘Brother of Asphalt 8’. A powerful game with brilliant graphics. Turn on the NOS, Gear up, Perform Skills and Master the game with your class and finesse. Asphalt Nitro got many different modes like knockdown, Gate Drift, Police Chase. Hence, you can enjoy the playing experience without getting bored in one mode only. Race all around the world from Beijing to California and beat your rivals everywhere.

Download Asphalt Nitro Game

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is a top class features packed racing game. What makes this different to other racing games is its smooth and high quality game play. Race through the Nevada Desert, Dubai or any other beautiful location with your dream cars from different developers including Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari FXX and Pagani Zonda R, Lamborghini Aventador and Audi R8 LMS Ultra etc etc. If you love racing games and have a good phone with good RAM, you really should try the latest Asphalt 8: Airborne.

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne Game

Real Racing 3

An award winning top quality racing game with great graphics. Real Racing 3 has more than 100 million+ downloads. If you are a racing game lover, then Real Racing 3 is a must have game for you as it has 100+ best cars of all your favorite developers including Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti, Porsche, Chevrolet, Lamborghini, Audi and many more. Race through 12 most beautiful tracks the way you like (by touch or tilt). You can alos play and beat your friends or rivals around the world with the fast multiplayer feature. So now stop playing those lagging slow poor graphics games and try the latest Real Racing 3.

Download Real Racing 3 Game

Police Chase Street Crime 3D

Police Chase Street Crime 3D is a car chasing game. Become a responsible police driver a save you city from crimes. You have to chase the criminals and catch them before they commit a crime. Are you smart enough to do that? Drive through the city roads with real like environment, avoid the road accidents (remember you are a police officer after all), and complete the mission.

A tough but brilliant racing game for all the lovers. And should to be placed in 50+ best android racing games without any doubt.


Download Police Chase Street Crime 3D Game

Up Hill Racing: Hill Climb

Up Hill Racing: Hill Climb is a 2D Racing Game with physics based engines. You can chose any vehicle like car, bike, truck and even tank to climb up across the hills. Earn coins and use them to Upgrade the engine, tires, suspension, gas power, 4wd etc in the tuning store. Numerous level makes this game addicting and you will never feel like deleting until you end all the level. Challenge your friends in Facebook etc. in the online mode.

Download Up Hill Racing: Hill Climb Game

Moto Racer 3D

Having 3.8+ rating on google play store and 250,000+ download since the release, Moto Racer 3D is an exceptional and totally free 3D Racing game. You really can not find much better Motor biking game than this for your phone. Few top class feature of this game are;

Game Features

  • Smooth HD Graphics
  • User Friendly Steering Control
  • Realistic Engine Sounds
  • Large number of bikes and tracks

Download Moto Racer 3D Game

Highway Rally: Fast Car Racing

Fasten your Seat Belt and get ready for a fast an furious ride with the free ‘Highway Rally: Fast Car Racing’. Have a realistic car racing experience, thanks to the high quality graphics and original like sounds. Select your favorite cars from a long long list of available ones. Tune them up in the store and ride them in 20+ awesome tracks. Challenge your friends in online mode or just beat the players from around the world.

Download Highway Rally: Fast Car Racing Game

Traffic Racer

Do you like driving on highway? Facing high traffic and over taking others at fast speed? You really should try Traffic Racer then. With smooth 3D graphic and realistic car handling, it makes you feel like you are driving in real.

Exciting Features

Some Exciting Features of Traffic Racer which makes it extremely addicting are;

  • 30+ Cool Vehicles including cars, trucks and bus etc.
  • 5+ Awesome Environments like suburb, desert, snowy, rainy and city night.
  • 5+ Game-Play Modes (Police Chase, Two Way, Time Trial and more)
  • High Traffic including buses and other heavy traffic vehicles (HTV)
  • Vehicle Customization.
  • Touch + Tilt Controls.
  • Online Leaderboard and Achievement support.


Download Traffic Racer Game

Highway Rider

Highway Rider is a top class bike racing game. Drive through the various city tracks with extremely smooth graphics. Complete the game challenges, pass near the cars to score more points, use NOS to boost your speed and compete with other online players from different part of world with the multiplayer option. Record the replays of your crashes in slow motion and show them to your friends over Facebook etc. Pretty cool right? So stop playing those lagging 2D graphic games and get the Highway Rider.

Download Highway Rider Game

Cars: Traffic Racer

A good quality racing game. Easy gameplay with lots of unlockable levels and locations. Touch or Tilt to steer your came. Overall an okay game, Not very good but not very bad as well.

Download Cars: Traffic Racer Game

Drag Racing

Drag Race is classic racing game for Android Phone and Tablets. I personally liked this game a lot. Difficult to master initially, but once you get used to the control, you will never feel like quitting. Includes all the famous cars, so select your favorite one, tune it in the store and beat your rivals. Multiplayer feature lets you play head to head with professionals around the world. Beat the bests and become the best!!

Download Drag Racing Game

Bike Race Free – Top Free Game

Bike Race Free – Top Free Game is a highly addictive game for kids as well as adults having 100 million+ users across all platforms. 100+ unlock-able levels never lets you get bored. Select the bike of your choice, perform cool stunts and complete the level in time to get maximum stars.

Addicting Features

  • Multiplayer Support
  • Touch and Tilt Control
  • Several Free Bikes
  • Numerous Cool Tracks

Download Bike Race Free – Top Free Game Game

4×4 Off-Road Desert ATV

For all the drivers out there who love off road driving, 4×4 Off-Road Desert ATV is the right game for you. Select your Quad and drive through various types of terrains. We all know how difficult off road driving is, but in 4×4 Off-Road Desert ATV easy tilt+touch controls, all become very easy. So download the game, master the skills, become pro and beat your friend on leaderboards.

Download 4×4 Off-Road Desert ATV Game

Horse Racing 3D

A 3D Horse Racing games with 3D graphics + 3D sounds. Feel like a real jockey. Have a free ride or just chose your favorite horse to race with all others and beat them. Take part in the competitions, cross the obstacles and become the best horse rider in town. With tilt+touch control and 60+ course, you will never get tired playing this game.

Download Horse Racing 3D Game

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is another exciting android racing game based on entertaining physics visuals. Drive across the hills with Newton Bill and use your inner physician to master the game. Numerous stages with increasing difficulty makes it very addicting and you never feel like closing it. And not only cars, but you can use many other vehicles like bike, truck, jeep, tank, etc. Earn coins and use them to buy new vehicles or just upgrade your current ones. Real smooth graphics and interesting sounds makes it just a complete game and a must have if you love driving games.

Download Hill Climb Racing Game

Dr. Driving

A simple, yet very addicting racing game for the people of all ages. Use your driving skills on your favorite tracks, win the races and earn the gold coins. Buy the better cars with the earned coins. Compete with players around the world in the multiplayer feature. Dr. Driving has many exciting modes like time-trial, perfect parking, racing etc. which never let you get bored.

Download Dr. Driving Game

Moto Racer

‘Simple but Addictive’ is the sentence I will use for this game. Moto Racer is a brilliant 2D Racing Game for android phones even of low versions. Tap to accelerate, drive your motor bike through various locations and over take traffic at high speed. Be careful! Prevent Accidents :p

Download Moto Racer Game

Police Car Driver

Be a police driver yourself now with the free android game ‘Police Car Driver’. Pass through high traffic, get the helicopter backup and chase your enemies.

Brilliant Features

  • User Friendly Controls
  • Awesome Police Cars and Helicopter Backup
  • Smooth 3D Graphics
  • Drive with Traffic

Download Police Car Driver Game

Racing Fever

Racing Fever is an exciting game for all the fans of arcade racing out there. The ultimate multiplayer feature lets you play head-to-head with your friends as well as other drivers in 5+ brilliant racing rooms. You can also select your dream cars and drive them at high speed in single player mode. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try the racing fever!

Download Racing Fever Game

Police Bus Criminal Transport

A completely different racing game. Be a bus driver and pass through high traffic at difficult conditions. As the name tells “Police Bus Criminal Transport”, the theme of the game is that you are a police bus driver. There is a crime scene in the city and you have supply to goods to the cops before criminals take controls. Reach to the site before the time ends or else mission gets failed. Not as easy as it sounds. The town is full of traffic and you have to use your driving skills to go pass the turning tracks. So be a responsible citizen & make your town a peaceful one.

Download Police Bus Criminal Transport Game

Zombie Squad

Take the racing to whole new level with this exciting game. There is a zombie apocalypse, you have to run past all the zombie without letting them kill you. Go slow and you die!! You don’t have to go past zombies only, but also have to kill them with guns. Not for kids. Are you brave enough to survive zombie apocalypse?

Download Zombie Squad Game

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator was rated as the best car simulator game for android in 2014. Smooth physics game-play and top class graphics makes it very different to other similar games. Burn the gas and fly across the town with fast speed. Say no to breaks! Race pass through extreme conditions, escape the police, break the rules and perform the cool illegal stunts!!!

Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator Game

Nitro Nation Online Racing

A brilliant online racing game. Select your dream car from wide range of available ones by your favorite developers like Alfa Romeo, BMW, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Koenigsegg, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Pagani, Subaru and etc. The good thing is this game is updating quite frequently and many new cars are added after every update. Modify your cars in the live stores. Upgrade the NOS and beat the online world!

Download Nitro Nation Online Racing Game

City Driving 3D : Traffic Roam

‘City Driving 3D :Traffic Roam’ is an extremely addictive android racing game. Fasten your seat belt and Drive freely across the city at low and high traffic. Smooth graphics and realistic traffic takes the game to whole another level.

Game Feature

  • 5+ Cars including sports cars
  • Easy car handling
  • Real traffic rules
  • Large city maps
  • Tilt + Touch Controls
  • Realistic Roads and Different Weathers


Download City Driving 3D : Traffic Roam Game

City Bike Driving 3D

The whole city is your driving track now. Chose your favorite bike and roam around the city. You can also perform the hottest stunts and get style points.

Exceptional features of City Bike Driving 3D

  • Variety of motor bikes : Including Hi Speed Sports Bikes, Choppers, Dirt Bikes and the classic street bike.
  • Smooth and Simple Controls
  • 3+ Various Style Of Play
  • Realistic Sounds and Physics
  • Amazing 3D Environment


Download City Bike Driving 3D Game

MX Motocross Free

Physics based engine and highly addictive motor bike racing game. In MX Motocross Free, you can choose your bike and driver across tracks. Tracks are not easy at all. Master the skills, perform the stunts, and complete all the stages.

Download MX Motocross Free Game

Truck driver 3D: Offroad

Another exciting off road truck racing game with great smooth graphics. 5+ different tracks, with extreme conditions (like snow, desert etc.), animals around and many other features gives you the experience of real truck driver.


  • 15+ Trucks and Trailer
  • Easy to Pro Difficulty Levels
  • Extreme Weather
  • Original Like Sounds and Animations


Download Truck driver 3D: Offroad Game

Turbo Car Racing

If you are an arcade racing fan the Turbo Car Racing is best for you. Race across the breath taking endless roads, avoid the high traffic, take coins, perform hot aerial stunts and become the best! You can go the tuning shop for changing colour or any other thing about your car.

Download Turbo Car Racing Game

Car Traffic Race

Car Traffic Race is a simple but addicting racing game for all the racing lovers. Drive through cities or deserts, at high speed in top quality graphics. The more distance you cover, the high scores you get. But it is not as easy as it sounds, with the increasing distance, the difficulty level also increases. Go ahead and download the free Car Traffic Race and beat your friends.

Download Car Traffic Race Game

Furious Racing

Be furious or be square! Furious Racing is a brilliant racing game for the people of all ages. Mod the fastest cars and drive through the real like cities. Amazing game modes like classic race, countdown, knockdown, and drift will never let you get bored.

Addicting Features of Furious Racing

  • 25+ Real Cars
  • High quality graphics
  • Realistic Sounds
  • Awesome Tuning Shop
  • Detailed city environments
  • Tilt + Touch Controls
  • Exciting Game Modes


Download Furious Racing Game

Highway Rally: Fast Car Racing

Fasten your Seat Belt and get ready for a fast an furious ride with the free ‘Highway Rally: Fast Car Racing’. Have a realistic car racing experience, thanks to the high quality graphics and original like sounds. Select your favorite cars from a long long list of available ones. Tune them up in the store and ride them in 20+ awesome tracks. Challenge your friends in online mode or just beat the players from around the world.

Download Highway Rally: Fast Car Racing Game

Exion Hill Racing

Exion Hill Racing is a physics based hill racing game. With wide number of available cars, you can chose your favorite one, upgrade its tires, engine or suspension and climb the hills. Ba careful, not to twist your cars, else you get out. Make high scores and beat your friends.


Download Exion Hill Racing Game

Speed Racing Ultimate 3 Free

Addicting features packed racing game for all the racing lover. Speed Racing Ultimate 3 Free have got all what it needs to be a top class game. 3D HD Graphics, Smooth game play, Exciting 6+ game modes, 60+ Challenges on 20+ Tracks. And last but not the least, 20+ realistic cars from your favorite developers.

Download Speed Racing Ultimate 3 Free Game

Fast Racing 3D

Do you have what it takes to be the best racer in town? If yes then what are you waiting for! Download the ‘Fast Racing 3D’ for free and show off your skills with your favorite cars. Collect the power ups, knock your rivals out and be a champ. The 3D realistic graphics will make you feel like a real racer.

Exciting Game Features

  • Large number to available cars
  • Tune your cars in the tuning store
  • 48+ Level never let you get bored
  • Touch or Tilt to Steer


Download Fast Racing 3D Game

Bike Attack Race : Stunt Rider

Bike Attack Race : Stunt Rider!! ‘Race with fun’ is what its developer say about it. Start your never ending biking career and carve your way to the best. Chose your favorite bike (10+ available), perform the hot stunts, kick your opponent between your ride and WIN to earn bonus cash. You know bonus cash can be very handy right? You can buy many new bike with it and also tune them the way you want.

Amazing Features

  • Tilt and Touch Control
  • Real 3D Traffic
  • Brilliant Enviroment
  • 12+ Levels to Race in!
  • Realistic Sounds and Realistic Crashes (Ouch!) :p

Download Bike Attack Race : Stunt Rider Game

Racing Rivals

Another top class racing game for both low and high versions of android phones. Racing Rivals having 4+ rating on Google Play Store is getting more and more popular, Thanks to its fast and smooth game play. Enter the game lobbies, challenge others or get challenged and beat your rivals! From the huge collection of cars, you can select your favorite ones and take them to tuning store for upgrading.

Download Racing Rivals Game

Truck Driver 3D

Lots of car and bike racing game. But what about truck racing? So here is one Truck Racing Game for you.

Truck Driver 3D is a totally unique and different racing game. Smooth graphics and original sounds gives you the feel of real trucks. Drive your truck across dangerous roads or go off road, avoid the crashes and become a pro! 30+ Levels with increasing difficulty never lets you get bored.

Download Truck Driver 3D Game

Wheelie Bike

You have got the bicycle of your old grandmother. Start your bicycle racing career. The main objective is to do the Wheelie. The longer time you do wheelie the more coins you get, make sure not to fall down else you get no coins :p

Overall a simple fun game specially for kids of 5-15 ages. 10+ different tracks in different countries makes your every ride even more exciting.

Game Features

  • Easy touch controls for handling and wheeling.
  • 15+ various bicycles
  • Earn money and use them to upgrade your bikes

Download Wheelie Bike Game

Turbo FAST

For all the Turbo Movie fans there, here is the Turbo Racing android game for you developed by the ‘PIKPOK’ (A top android developer).

Recollect the turbo memories and be a turbo yourself now. Race like a real snail with smooth 3D graphics and detailed environments. Tune your stuffs in the tune store, participate in the competitions and run at full speed! Tip: Be Slow and You Lose.

Exciting Features of  Turbo FAST

  • 10+ Brilliant Racing Tracks
  • Online Challenge Mode : Compete against friends and online world
  • Various Modes in Single Racing including Time Trials, Limited Fuel, Slalom and Rival Races etc.
  • Hundreds of upgrades in tuning store
  • Record the moments and watch them later in replay section
  • Facebook and Twitter sharing to shows off your skills to your friends

Download Turbo FAST Game

Snow Car Racing

Now have an experience of driving on snow with the free ‘Snow Car Racing’. Drive the military jeeps or your favorite cars in a snowy environment. The extreme conditions will make your ride a thrilling one. Snow Car Racing has 4+ Rating on google play store. The main reason for this is, it is quite different to the typical racing game but still got the smooth realistic graphics and sounds.


Download Snow Car Racing Game

SBK15 Official Mobile Game

SBK15 Official Mobile Game, the is the latest version of SBK Mobile Game. If you are a real motor biking lover then you must know how famous the SBK Games are. Chose your favorite bikes from dozens of officially licensed bikes including Aprilia, Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, Suzuki, MV Agusta and BMW. Take part in 13+ different competitions. Win the challenges and rule the biking world.

Game Features

  • 13+ WSBK stages with real like crowd.
  • Team racing + Solo racing modes
  • Detailed Environment
  • Real bike sounds
  • Smooth 3D Graphics


Download SBK15 Official Mobile Game Game

Raging Thunder 2 – FREE

Raging Thunder 2 – FREE is an off road racing game developed by a top developer of android games ‘Polarbit’. Drive through temples, tropical beaches, snow-covered mountains, the Great Wall and other part of world without any limitations.

Exciting Features

  • 3D Graphics
  • Easy Controls
  • Cross-platform multiplayer feature
  • Works well even on lower android versions

Download Raging Thunder 2 – FREE Game

Fun Kid Racing – Motocross

As the name tell ‘Fun Kid Racing – Motocross’ is a motor biking racing game for kids of 2-10 years (as mentioned by the developer). Select your bike of your favorite colour and take it to the finish lines. Easy handling and easy obstacles make the ride an easy one. That’s understandable as the game is for toddlers only.

Download Fun Kid Racing – Motocross Game

Moto Extreme – Motor Rider

Enjoy the Extreme Moto Racing with the “Moto Extreme – Motor Rider”. Pick a motor bike from brilliant specially designed bikes and take it to the show. Perform stunts, earn coins and win the trophies. Not easy at all though. There are many obstacles in your path which makes the levels quite challenging.


Download Moto Extreme – Motor Rider Game

Powerboat Racing 3D

Powerboat Racing 3D is a high quality boat racing game by a top developer of android games and apps ‘Doodle Mobile Ltd.’

Start your boat racing career or just have a quick race. Destroy you friends or other online players in the fast multiplayer mode.

Exciting Game Features

  • 3+ Game Modes
  • 8+ Stages with 40+ Challenging Levels
  • Unlockable and Upgrade-able boats
  • Detailed Environment
  • High Quality Graphics
  • Realistic Boat Handling and Original Like Sounds

Download Powerboat Racing 3D Game

Real Driver: Parking Simulator

Are you a fan of parking games? Here is one exciting car parking game for you. Master you car parking skills with the Real Driver: Parking Simulator. Pass the obstacles, chose your favorite cars and clear the levels. The difficulty level increase after every level so you don’t get bored.

PARKING SPEED CAR Exciting Features

  • Brilliant 3D Graphics
  • Detailed Environment
  • Realistic sounds and gameplay
  • Easy Controls
  • Addictive paths

Download Real Driver: Parking Simulator Game

Toy Truck Rally 3D

Have a racing experience with fun. Toy Truck Rally 3D is a simple android racing game with good graphics and easy controls. Drive the toy trucks, cross the obstacles, complete the levels and unlock new one.

Download Toy Truck Rally 3D Game

Mountain Racer Hill Climb Free

Mountain Racer Hill Climb Free is a physics based addicting hill climbing game. Accelerate to move forward and brake to slow down. Drive carefully on the hills, perform flips, rolls and other stunts and avoid crashes.

Amazing Features

  • 5+ Amazing Bikes
  • Numerous tracks which give never ending experience
  • Original Like Sounds
  • Realistic crashes and stunts

Download Mountain Racer Hill Climb Free Game

Hill Climb Race 3D 4×4

Do you love going to adventurous drives? Try Hill Climb Race 3D 4×4 then! Don’t forget it is not easy. You have to go through extreme conditions, cross the dangerous pulls and brides, and be careful not to fall down :p Have an exciting experience of a mountainous drive in a real like 4×4 jeep.


Download Hill Climb Race 3D 4×4 Game

Beach Buggy Blitz

Beach Buggy Blitz is developed by ‘Vector Unit’, one of the top developer in android games. If you got tired of typical road racing game those typical cars, then why not experience beach racing? The environment is so detailed that it really does not looks like animation. You can see beaches, swamps, volcanoes and ruined temples etc which totally looks like real. Choose wide range of vehicles to drive on islands like quad bikes, cars or even monster trucks!!

Exciting Features

  • Unlimited Driving : Drive for infinite time without the repetition of same location again and again.
  • Thousands of power ups and unlockable items.
  • Controls which are easy to grasp
  • Realistic sounds and physics
  • High Quality graphics
  • Touch and Tilt Controls


Download Beach Buggy Blitz Game

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