7 Best Language Switching Android Apps (to fix language issues)

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2018)

After rooting any Android device with its custom or stock ROM we might face language issue because the custom ROM don’t always come with the English language. Maybe, it is also possible that the language might be Chinese due to the custom ROM developer. If you come across any custom ROM with no full set of language support then you might wanna try out these best language switching Android apps. These language switching Android apps will definitely fix language issues.

Sometimes, it’s hard to set the language you want in your smartphone due to  the different language and we can’t read it properly. Or if the custom locale function in menu don’t support your language, you can try the following best language switcher Android apps. I hope you will like these best Android language switchers that we have shared in this list article with you guys today.

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7 Best Language Switching Android Apps (to fix language issues)

Locale & Language Setting

Locale & language setting Android apps helps you to easily switch between multiple languages and set locale for any languages you want. You are welcome to use Locale & language setting Android application that can help you to find your native language on your smartphone if you can’t find it in language settings. Just install this app and you will be able to find and change locale language to your native language. Also is a great tool to find locale or language through country code and language code.

Download Locale & Language Setting App

Language Translator

Are you having problems with your custom ROM’s default language? Then this app is for you, it helps you to translate from wide range of languages and you can easily translate almost any language to your own native language as well as English.

Language Translator Android app is good fit if you are going to travel another country and you don’t know the language. It is more than perfect to translate texts fast in your phone or tablet.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Fast translations
  • Free of cost
  • Possibility to copy the translated text by using one button
  • You can translate by using your voice
  • You can translate from 90 different languages

It’s a perfect translator for:

  • English to Spanish and Spanish to English
  • Also English to Russian, English to French, English to German, English to Italian, English to Chinese and many others.

Download Language Translator App

Change Language

Change language can change language in your smartphone quickly in just a couple of taps. You don’t have to worry about custom ROM default language because this app can easily help you to change it to your own native language. It is that much easy to use from desktop, you can change the language in your smartphone.

Download Change Language App

Set Locale & Language

With set locale and language Android app you can easily switch to different languages that you want. As some ROM of Android have no full set of language, sometimes it is hard to set the language you want in your phone then you can try this app. 4.2 (jelly bean) and later versions are supported.

Download Set Locale & Language App

Language Enabler

Language Enabler Android app that especially built for Samsung devices who usually support most of the languages, but a lot of Telecoms careers hides many languages which are useless in their regions. This app lets you to activate your home language (locale) with ease.

Try language enabler Android app which supports more than enough languages to activate from and all supported Samsung languages and keyboard inputs. Starting with Android 4.2, the permission to change your system language became protected.

Download Language Enabler App

Enable language

Since many custom ROM of Android have not full set of language system and it happens most of the times that Android users find it hard to set the language you want in your phone. Or if the custom locale function in menu don’t support your language then you must have to install this app to add your own language with the help of this app.

Three steps I will move from a system in French to English, without rebooting the system.

  1. Open the Enable language app
  2. Search the desired language
  3. Select your language, and now the language change is made without rebooting your phone

Note: Default language feature supports all Android devices (In ANDROID 4.2+ , Only system app can get CHANGE_CONFIGURATION permission.(Changed by Google).

Download Enable language App

Language Switcher Widget

Just place language switcher widget on your home screen and simply tap it to switch languages. It can be a tough job to navigate through multiple Settings Menus in a foreign language, but now it’s possible to return with just one click, using the Language Switcher Widget on your device’s home screen.

Download Language Switcher Widget App

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