50+ Best Video Editing Android Apps in 2015/2016

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2015)

One of the Pros of the latest smartphones is their Camera. You do not need to buy expensive DSLRs and other digital cameras anymore for taking pictures and making videos. The latest phone with good camera quality seems to have replaced the digital cameras already. With so many features in phone cams, you can record all your favorite moments. When your kid says the first word. Or when you sing your song covers. Making your college farewell videos etc. Or capturing a wedding ceremony. You can record whatever you and keep it stored it on mobile phones. And later, show them to your friends where ever you are. Christmas is also near and phone cameras are going to be very handy. If you want to make use of your phone on Christmas, you can also check our list of Best Christmas Apps for Android.

Making the videos with phones is super easy. But the major problem with video recordings on phone is the video editing. Almost 90 out of 100 times it is noticed that during your recording something unwanted happens. Like when you are recording a guitar cover and often miss some notes during it? Or just get an ugly facial expression? We all want to remove those. Don’t we? Those days are gone when we had to transfer our large videos from mobile to computers. Now we can just edit them while they are on phone with the video editing applications. So here is the list of 50+ Best Video Editing Android Apps in 2015/2016. You can go through the description and features of each application below. And then, download the best video editing android apps which ticks all the boxes of your demands. You can also view the top Facebook video downloading android apps here.

Note: The list of 50+ Best Video Editing Android Apps in 2015/2016 is complied after thorough research. All the applications are included on the basis of :-

  1. Google Play Store Ratings.
  2. User Reviews.
  3. Number of Downloads.

If you think we missed out any of the application that you think should be below. Do let us know then. We will surely add them in the list of the best video editing android apps.

Best Video Editing Android Apps in 2015/2016

Square Video:Video Editor

Square Video:Video Editor is one of the latest video editing application on google play store created by the top developers ‘Lolo Apps’. The UI of the app is quite user friendly and the functions are easy to use for beginners as well. Some of the main features of this app are :

  • Real time video editing with filters and effects etc.
  • Background coloring and blur
  • Video cutting/trimming
  • Rotation in every direction
  • Audio removal and addition

Download Square Video:Video Editor App

Photo Video Editor

‘Photo Video Editor’ is a video editing application by the top ranked developers of Android ‘Zentertain’. It got a powerful video editor which lets you modify your videos with ease. You can add photos from your gallery to make a video from them. Add text or music or cool filters and stickers to it. Share the created videos with your friends and tell them about your moments.

Key Features

  • Quick video making with photos
  • Filters + Stickers
  • Inbuilt plus externally addable music
  • Slow or Fast modes
  • Quick Sharing on  Social Sites
  • Easy and User Friendly UI

Download Photo Video Editor App

Video Compressor

The name says it all. Simple video compressing application with which you can compress the size of your videos by just few taps. Easy to use and includes the fast social sharing feature.

Download Video Compressor App

PowerDirector Video Editor App

A top class and feature packed video editing application. If you are looking for an application for a long time use, for example you make vines or guitar cover, then this is a must try out application for you. PowerDirector Video Editor App is having 4.2+ rating currently on google play store. I used this application too and never feel like using any other when I have this. The features which are good about this app are :

  • Professional UI
  • Drag and drag videos and images for quick editing
  • Quick effects and video filters
  • Rotate, flip, trim, crop feature
  • Speed adjustment
  • Video exporting in Full HD 720p or 1080p

Download PowerDirector Video Editor App App

Slideshow video editor

As the name of the application tells, Slideshow video editor lets you make the slideshow with your images. You can add as many images as you want and convert them to videos. No limitation and no watermarks. You can change the duration of each image, add filters etc. Once you are done making video, you can change the output resolution to whatever you want e.g. 480p/720p/1080p. Slideshow video editor also lets you add the audio of your own choice with the loop option as well. In short, a best application when it comes to making a video from pictures. The thing lacking in this application is the video editor (as this video is for slideshow creation only).

Download Slideshow video editor App

V-Edit (Video Editor)

V-Edit (Video Editor) is a powerful app for all the android devices. Beautiful design, smart UI and all the important features a good video editor should have. This app gets updates quite often. Hence, more exciting things are being added constantly. The main feature of this app are :

  • All the main tools like merging, trimming etc.
  • Photos can be used to make movies
  • Color effects and filters
  • Make your videos better by adjusting speeds and transition etc
  • Add subtitles, texts and audios etc
  • Export in any size and in any quality

Download V-Edit (Video Editor) App

Total Video Editor

Total Video Editor developed by One Media Apps is a good video editor. I repeat good quality video editor. Wide range of features are not offered. But the ones which are available works well and are quite easy to use. Read the features below and if you are looking any of them, then only download this.

Features of Total Video Editor

  • Video Cutting/Trimming
  • Watermark feature
  • Mixing Clips
  • Audio removal

Download Total Video Editor App

Video Editor

Another strong video editing application with 400,000+ downloads on google play store. With ‘Video Editor’ you can easily add your favorite music to the videos, or also can make slideshows from your pictures. You can also trim your videos as well as divide them in two clips. Converting videos to Mp3 is another good feature. Once you are done with you editing, you can keep the videos saved in your phone or can also share them on various social site including Facebook, Instagram, emails etc.

Download Video Editor App

Ultimate Video Editor

Ultimate Video Editor is a fully featured application with a good UI. The UI might not be on the top side but the features are. You can easily find are the video editing tools you want e.g. merging, cropping, trimming, speed adjustment, text addition etc. Apart from this, you can also compress the size of the videos so you can easily share them on Facebook, WhatsApp etc. You can also create a small movie with the clips/images and add audio to it. Another good thing about this application is, unlike other top class video editor, it is compatible with phones having lower android version.

Download Ultimate Video Editor App

Video Editor

If you are one of those who don’t have much knowledge about video editing (like me :p) then this is a good application for you. The reason I say that is because all the offered features are extremely simple to use. Video Editor has more than 1 million downloads across all platforms. The reason to its success lies in its simplicity.

Main Features of Video Editor

  • Photo Grabbing : You can take pictures from the videos when they are being played. Yes just catch your favorite scenes and keep them saved in you gallery.
  • Sound Removing : Sometimes we want to remove some sounds from the background. Video Editor allows you to do that.
  • Sound Replacing : After removal of sound, you can also add your own music to the videos.
  • Video to Mp3 Conversion.
  • And not only those, but dozens of other features like cropping, merging, slow or fast and quick social sharing etc.

Download Video Editor App

VidTrim – Video Editor

VidTrim – Video Editor is a powerful video editor with dozens of other features including video trimming. This application has 15+ languages support and got 166,911+ downloads on google play store. A must try out application if you create vines or make song covers. This app has got all in it. Like video trimming, cropping, merging, rotation, cool effects, speed adjustment, rotation and last but not the least inbuilt video player.

Download VidTrim – Video Editor App

VideoShow: Video Editor &Maker

VideoShow: Video Editor &Maker is a creative application with 50 million users across all platforms. I personally will rate is an ‘All in one video editor’. That is because it got all the functions and features which a good video editing application should have. For example slideshow with custom sounds, new beautiful filters, video trimming, video compression, format changing and adding text, subtitles, stickers etc.

Download VideoShow: Video Editor &Maker App

Videoshop – Video Editor

Another top class video editing application with dozens of features. The UI is good and the functions are easy to operate as well. I tried this application and will suggest you to try as well if you want quick video editing. Some good features which I found about this app are :

  • Quick video trimming
  • Audio addition with effects
  • Speed adjustment
  • Video merging
  • Text, filters, titles and stickers feature
  • Fast slideshow maker
  • Video resize and cropping
  • HD output
  • Quick social share feature

Download Videoshop – Video Editor App

VideoPad Video Editor Free

If you have Android Tablet/Pad or any phone with big screen, then I will suggest you to use this application for editing your videos. The UI of VideoPad Video Editor Free is good, but more easy to manage for big screen. The features are good too and are fairly easy to use as well. With this app, you can add various visual effects to videos. You can add images and have different transitions. The developers say it as a perfect video editor for making YouTube videos.

Download VideoPad Video Editor Free App

VideoFX Music Video Maker

VideoFX Music Video Maker is another top class video maker with all the main features in it. The good thing about this application is that you don’t need much video editing knowledge to use. Even a novice like me found it quite simple. The UI is user friendly and functions are quite easy to operate. The main features of VideoFX Music Video Maker are :

  • Shoot videos with 50+ cool effects
  • Add custom sounds to videos or just use microphone to record
  • Effects can be changed during the recording
  • Speed customization
  • Built-in media player
  • Save to gallery directly or share it on your social profiles

Download VideoFX Music Video Maker App

Video Reverse (Video Editor)

Looking for a app to reverse your videos and edit them at the same time, ‘Video Reverse (Video Editor)’ is it then! With this app you can quickly reverse your videos, adjust the speed and you are done. Share them with your friends and family over Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

Download Video Reverse (Video Editor) App

Video Maker

Make videos with ‘Video Maker’ quickly because of the top class UI. The application is fully featured and includes all that one require for editing videos. Video maker has 4+ rating and 87,898+ downloads. The features are quite easy to use even for beginners. Following are the main features of this application :

  • Simplest and powerful UI
  • Slideshow maker with no limitations – add as many pictures you want from gallery, Facebook etc.
  • Trimming and cropping feature
  • Add to remove audio
  • Wide range of editing features like text, stickers, filters, effects, brightness, contrast, focus etc.
  • HD output
  • Easy and fast sharing on sites like Facebook, twitter, email, message, YouTube, Whatsapp etc.

Download Video Maker App

Video Effects

If you are looking for an app to add filters and effects to your videos the here is one for you. This app got wide range of effects like Hue, Black and White, Color swing and Negative etc. You can also set the duration of each filter in the video. Once you are done, you can share them directly on your social sites.

Download Video Effects App

Video Editor Master

A simple but fully featured video editing application created by ‘Moonsoft’. Video Editor Master can not be ranked high if it comes to UI, but when it is about the features ‘Video Editor Master’ posses it all. Some main features of this application are below :

  • Video Reversing
  • Speed customization
  • Audio to video or Video to audio : this means you can convert add audios to your videos as well as pick the audio from the videos and save it on your phone.
  • Images to video conversion : create slideshow with customizable duration of each image
  • Pick the images from videos or in simple word, screenshot them.
  • Video merging feature
  • Format conversion in just 1 simple step
  • Quick sharing on famous social websites

Download Video Editor Master App

Video Editor by Live Oak Video

Video Editor by Live Oak Video is one the most advanced video editing application available on google play store. It contains all the features which a video editor should have. You can easily trim your videos with and save them in your phone. Merge the clips or pictures to create a new video. Also you can add the audio to it. Blurring the videos is another good feature of it. Apart from these, it also contains the basic editing tools e.g. cropping, resize, format conversion etc.

Download Video Editor by Live Oak Video App

Flipagram – Slideshows + Music

The best application in the market for making slideshows. ‘Flipagram – Slideshows + Music’ is developed by the top developers ‘Flipagram, inc.’ and has 1,157,408+ downloads with 4.5 rating on play store. Creating slideshow will never be as easy as it is in this application. You can make them in 3 simple steps -Selecting pictures -Adding Music -Creating videos and done! You are ready to share anywhere you want. The features offered along with the slideshow creator in this app are :

  • Unlimited pictures addition from anywhere
  • You can add short clips as well
  • Add music to make your videos cooler
  • Filters + effects + texts etc
  • And many many more

Download Flipagram – Slideshows + Music App

Video Editor

One of the newest video editor application in the market. The UI is easy to operate and the functions (even though are not of quite a wide range) are quite quick to perform. With this Video editor, you can trim your videos as well as merge them. Create a slideshow without any limitation and add as many pictures you want. You can also add music to your videos and make music videos. Quick sharing is another good feature of this application.

Download Video Editor App

Slideshow Maker

Slideshow Maker is the best application available on google play store when it comes to making picture slideshows. This application is presented by the top developers of Android ‘Scoompa’ and has 272,602+ downloads with 4.3 rating. In short, this is the most complete application. I say complete because of the fact that it has a UI and got all the features that a good slideshow maker should have. You can add as many pictures you want without any limitations. Frames and Styles is another good feature of this. You can add texts, stickers, effects etc. as well to make your videos even more better. Also easily select the audio that you want to add. Once you are done, share the videos on social profile with your friends and family.

Download Slideshow Maker App

Video Editor

Video editing will not be as simple as it is in this application. And to be honest, the simplicity is something which will make this application your favorite one for editing videos. I tried this application and figured out following good features about it :

  • Trimming videos
  • Merging two or more clips
  • Adding or removing audio
  • Watermark feature

Download Video Editor App

Video Editor – Video Trimmer

A good application for quick video editing. The problem with most video editor is that they require a concentration and time. But with Video Editor – Video Trimmer, you can save your much of the time. This application not only allows you to trim your videos, you also can merge videos quickly. If you have a video of large size, you can also compress its size by using the video compression feature of the app.

Download Video Editor – Video Trimmer App

Video Edit + (Movie Maker)

Powerful video editor and a movie make with which you can create cool videos. The good thing about this app is that the developers ‘w6studio’ keeps adding more and more feature with every update. Currently the good features about this app are :

  • Simple design and UI
  • Powerful video editor with which you can trim, transit and merge videos
  • Create cool slideshow movies with as many images as you want
  • Give multiple effects and filters to your videos to make them cooler
  • Add subtitles in any language
  • Add or remove audio from the videos
  • Share them quickly on Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber etc.

Download Video Edit + (Movie Maker) App

VibeVideo: Video Editor

A good application in terms of features offered for video editing. The only thing that makes this video a little low ranked is its UI. Apart from UI, the functions are of wide range which can be used with ease. The best features I found about this app are :

  • Video merging
  • Audio addition to videos
  • Video to Image conversion
  • Video rotation in any angle
  • Mini Slideshow creation
  • Video conversion : to m4v, mjpeg, mkv, mov, mpg and more
  • Reversing videos
  • Video compression

Download VibeVideo: Video Editor App

Video Editor

Video Editor lets your edit your videos in just few simple steps and then exports them to the gallery automatically. The good thing about this video editor is, even though it is fully featured, but it does not use much space on your phone (8 MB required). UI is good and is easy to operate as well. With ‘Video Editor’ you can convert you videos to mp3 and other formats, add or remove sounds, make a slideshow, adjust the speed(fast or slow), crop the videos, trimming and add watermarks, texts, stickers etc.

Download Video Editor App

Free Movie Editor

Free video editing application with no in app purchases. With ‘Free Movie Editor’ you can easily make music videos by adding any audio to it. Trim or remove out any part of the video if you don’t want it. Split or marge them. You can also covert videos to mp3. Quick sharing feature is also available.

Download Free Movie Editor App

Video Editor

This Video Editor might not be the most stylish one, but the features is quite easy to use. The UI isn’t as lovely, but the simplicity of the app covers everything. You can easily create videos by using pictures and music. Trimming, splitting, merging, mp3 conversion and sharing feature is also available.

The huge plus point of this application is that it even works on lower android version like Froyo i.e v2.2 and is quite lightweight too.

Download Video Editor App

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