Hurry! The Cristmas + New year is almost here which are suppose to be one of the most wonderful and colorful days of the year. It’s the Christmas time and the time for rejoicing and celebrations. The time to decorate your streets, homes, blogs, and even your smartphones/tablets by using the best snow falling and Christmas Android apps.

In this article, we are about to show you some of the best snow falling and Christmas Android apps that will help you to make your smartphone/tablet shine on Christmas and new year, so it is all about preparing your Android device for Christmas. With these wonderful apps you can easily decorate your phones with lovely wallpapers, create wonderful Christmas cards for your beloved ones, set the countdown for 25th of Dec, download awesome music, add snow falling effect on your phone screens and do much much more. So you better keep on reading 😛 and get inspired every time you use an app from the compiled list below.

Before we move forward, how can we not talk about this sensational festival of Christmas. More than 2 billion Christians from all over the world celebrate this event every year in the memory of birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th. Jingle bells can be heard on streets. Everyone starts decorating their stuffs. Santa Claus brings gifts for kids. Non-Christians also wish the best to their Christian brothers. It is a lovely occasion indeed. And it brings joy on everyone face.

If you have a Android phone then it’s time to make the good use of it. Download the best Christmas Android apps and start the celebrations right from your phone. Whether you want Christmas ringtones or songs, HD Live Wallpapers or themes, snow falling effect, snow man, fun games for your kids etc. You can find them all in the list below.

Note: These 50+ Best Snow Falling and Christmas Android Apps in 2017 are arranged from best to good. These are selected on the basis of following three things:

  1. Google Play Store Ratings.
  2. User reviews about every application.
  3. Number of downloads.

If we missed out any of application that you think should be mentioned. Let us know. We will include that in our list for sure.

Best Snow Falling and Christmas Android Apps 2016/2017

Christmas Live Wallpaper

Another Christmas application from the ‘orchid’. Get the live Xmas atmosphere on your phone now. In this app, you will see snowy environment with snowflakes falling, a brightly shining moon, slowly rotating windmill, a cute little bouncing snowman and flying Santa Claus. The good this about all the apps from ‘orchid’ is that they consume the least amount of battery.

Download Christmas Live Wallpaper App

Christmas night

Christmas nights are most wonderful ones. Snow covered houses and trees, snowflakes falling, faint luminosity, bright moon, flying Santa Claus etc surely makes the one of the most wonderful scenery ever. ‘Christmas night’ brings all these lovely scenery on your phone. YES!

Lovely Features of Christmas night

  • Most wonderful backgrounds
  • Snowflakes effect
  • Flying Santa Claus
  • Fireworks

Download Christmas night App

Christmas Photo Collage Maker

Christmas Photo Collage Maker not only lets you create beautiful collages, but also lets your design your pictures in various ways. You can put these pictures on your Social profiles on the occasion of Christmas. Or you can also make wonderful gift cards for your friends and families.

Hot Features of App

  • Large number of unique and beautiful frames
  • Brand new photo editor with filters etc.
  • Social share icon lets you share it fast and easy
  • Wonderful and user friendly UI

Download Christmas Photo Collage Maker App

Christmas Live Wallpaper

If you like have animated 3D live wallpapers on your phone then this is the right application for you. ‘Christmas Live Wallpaper’ contains dozens of customizable features like snowman, gingerbread, snowflakes, smoke from houses etc. Get a real Christmas feel on your phone and make your winter holidays even more fun.

Download Christmas Live Wallpaper App

Christmas Photo Frames

With Christmas coming soon, it is a trend to have Xmas related profile pictures etc. on the social sites. Christmas Photo Frames lets you add frames to your images which you can share on your social profile directly.

Lovely Features

  • 100+ Beautiful Frames
  • Add text, balloon and stickers

Download Christmas Photo Frames App

Christmas RADIO

Christmas RADIO is one of the best radio app to listen Christmas related stations. Enjoy the beautiful Christmas music, talks, celebrations and much more from popular radio stations like Frisko, Jazz Radio Christmas, Christmas Lounge and Kristmas Kountry.

Download Christmas RADIO App

Christmas Ringtones

Get the most wonderful ringtones on your phone this Christmas. Find them easily on this user friendly app having 60+ famous ringtones. Download them to your SD Card and make them your ringtone directly from the app.

Download Christmas Ringtones App

Christmas Riddles

Three balls, one carrot and a little coal is all you need to this friend in snow! Who is this friend?? Yes it is SNOWMAN. You guessed it right.

Download this cool Christmas Riddle app and get more riddles like that. Test your knowledge. Ask them to your friend and make your Christmas days fun.

Download Christmas Riddles App

Christmas Ringtones

Get the most awesome 45+ Christmas Ringtones. Easy to download and set as ringtone. Swipe through the list, select the one you like, tap to set is a ringtone or notification tone. No need to go to your setting etc. and change your ringtone selectively.

Download Christmas Ringtones App

Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper

Bring the Christmas spirit to your home screen. See the beautiful scene of people skating on ice. Set the live wallpapers with ‘Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper’ and get numerous characters on your home screen. Each character performs differently. Tap on it and see it yourself. Just like a live interactive game, but the good thing is you can put it on your home screen.

Download Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper App

Christmas SMS

Christmas brings joy on everyone’s face. Its the time to wish our beloved one Merry Christmas. And this ‘Christmas SMS’ App can be very valuable in this case.

Send a special SMS to your friends and family on the occasion of friends. 50000+ Christmas SMS are available in this App. You can easily go through them and select your favorite one. Get it copied to your inbox and start sending greetings to everyone. Cheers!!!

Download Christmas SMS App

Christmas Snow

Bring the lovely Xmas atmosphere on your phone’s home screen. See the wonderfully decorated trees and homes with beautiful snowflakes effects. The good thing about the ‘Christmas Snow’ App is that the wallpaper is very east to set and remove.

Download Christmas Snow App

Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper

Get the beautiful snowflakes effect on your phone. Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper not only lets you have beautiful 5+ live wallpaper as your screen, but you also can customize it. For example you can adjust the number of flakes, lights etc.

Download Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper App

Christmas Snow Clock

Christmas Snow Clock contains 10+ snow clocks widgets. Enjoy your winter Christmas holidays by using these snow crystal clocks on your phone. Each clocks shows different actions upon touching. Sparkling snow flakes will lighten up your face whenever you see your phone.

Download Christmas Snow Clock App

Christmas Snowfall 2015

Get the beautiful Winter and Christmas atmosphere on your phone and take the celebrations to whole new level. Christmas Snowfall 2015 contains free live 3D wallpapers with Christmas lights, snowfall, shooting stars and many many more options. Also includes a Christmas Countdown feature which keeps reminding you about how many days left till 25th Dec.

Download Christmas Snowfall 2015 App

christmas songs

Listen your favorite Xmas songs online or you can also download them in your phone to listen later. Have a cute lovely graphic on your screen whenever you play a song. You can also set the tunes as your ringtone or notification tune directly.

Download christmas songs App

Christmas Snowman

SNOWMAN! We all love Snowman. Making snowman is a joy and having the live cute snowman on your phone is even better. Download the ‘Christmas Snowman’ app on your android phones and get the best wallpapers (including live wallpapers).

Awesome App Features

  • 5+ Beautiful Snowman Background
  • Live snowflakes effect on the back
  • Customizable snowflakes

Download Christmas Snowman App

Christmas Snowflakes

Get the best Snowflakes wallpaper for your phone on this Christmas. Decorate your phone and show off to your friends. These beautiful snowflakes wallpapers will always bring a joy on your face whenever you see them.

Download Christmas Snowflakes App

Christmas Songs Free

Christmas Songs Free is another good Christmas music app with inbuilt music player. Swipe through the best and famous 15+ Xmas Songs, tap your favorite one and listen to it. The player also shows the lyrics of the song whenever you play it. Make you winter holidays fun with the music. Some of the songs in this app are :-

  1. Angels We Have Heard on High
  2. White Christmas
  3. Jingle Bells
  4. Carol Of The Bells
  5. Jingle Bell Rock
  6. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  7. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  8. Deck the Halls

Download Christmas Songs Free App

Christmas Sounds & Ringtones

Christmas is the season of enjoyment. And Music makes it even more enjoyable. Download the ‘Christmas Sounds & Ringtones’ and get the most famous Christmas songs, ringtones, notification tones, alarm tunes etc. What a beautiful sight will it be when someone calls your and your phone says ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’. Make your Christmas even more fun this time with the free ‘Christmas Sounds & Ringtones’ App.

Download Christmas Sounds & Ringtones App

Christmas Story Books

A beautifully designed Christmas Story books app that includes Tales for the children of all ages. Read these stories to pass your time or tell them to your kids before making them asleep. A large collection of books will keep your child addicted to it for long time. ‘Christmas Story Books’ also includes a movie mode. Movie mode allows you to watch a short movie while you are listening to the stories. Some famous books in this app are :-

  1. A Christmas Carol
  2. The Elves and the Shoemaker
  3. The Nutcracker
  4. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Download Christmas Story Books App

Christmas theme

Decorate your Android phone with the beautiful ‘Christmas theme’ app developed by ‘iConnect’. This theme includes beautiful snowy environment, with animated houses and snowman. It is like a launcher with the Christmas theme but the good thing is it consumes very less battery and space.

Note: The Screenshot of app is in Chinese language. But the app supports English as well.

Download Christmas theme App

Christmas tree decoration

As the name tells ‘Christmas tree decoration’ is an android application that lets you decorate the Xmas Trees. A wonderful for the kids as well as adults. Choose whatever you want to add to the trees like lights, candies, gifts, stars etc. The aim of this app is fun and entertainment only. So if you want to enjoy you leisure time on this Christmas, then you must try this.

Download Christmas tree decoration App

Christmas Tree

Decorate the Xmas Trees on your phone now. Make it as colourful as you can and share it with your friends. Christmas Tree contains dozens of items which you add to your trees. Be a Santa Claus put as many gifts as you want. You can also set the decorated trees as you wallpaper.

Download Christmas Tree App

Christmas Wallpaper Lite

Christmas Wallpaper Lite is a free app developed by ‘TunaAndAHalf’. This app contains large about of Live as well as normal wallpapers with which you can decorate your phone one the festival of Christmas. Live Wallpapers include snowflakes effects, flying Santa Claus, falling gifts and customizable lights. Normal wallpapers are of many categories including Magic, Hero, Eris, Moment, Legend, Acclaim, Aria, WildFire and Intercept etc.

Download Christmas Wallpaper Lite App

Christmas Tree

A wonderful live wallpaper and a must try out on the beautiful occasion of Christmas. Bring the Spirit of Christmas to your phone. Witness the most beautiful animated Xmas Trees with snowflakes effects. The good feature of this application is that you can adjust each and everything of the app according to your mood.

Download Christmas Tree App

Christmas Wallpapers

When one of the most wonderful time of the year is here then why not have wonderful wallpapers about it on your phone? Decorate your phone with the beautiful wallpapers with the ‘Christmas Wallpapers’. Select your favorite from a large variety including Xmas Trees, Snowflakes, Creative Patterns, Colourful streets etc.

Download Christmas Wallpapers App

Merry Christmas – The Theme

Invite the spirit of Christmas on your Phone with the beautiful Merry Christmas Theme. The theme includes Xmas gift shaped Icon Packs, Various 3D HD Wallpapers and a jingle bell shaped home button.

Note: Find the help in the setting in-case you are having difficulties in setting up this theme.

Download Merry Christmas – The Theme App

KM Christmas countdown widgets

KM Christmas countdown widgets is one of the best countdown widgets you will ever find on the Play Store. This application lets you set a countdown to the Christmas and New Year. KM Christmas countdown widgets contains a snowman widget, a tree widget and a normal beautiful widget. All these widgets are live and will make your wait till Christmas an exciting one.

Download KM Christmas countdown widgets App

XPERIA™ Christmas Theme

Sony Mobile Communications presents a gorgeous Christmas theme app for all the Sony Xperia™ device users. Download variety of free themes with 270+ graphical assets with ease.

Download XPERIA™ Christmas Theme App

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