50+ Best Free Calling and Chatting Android Apps 2016

Mobile phones have made life much easier. Communication was never as easy as it is in this era. Now you can only connect to your friends and family members with just one tap. Moreover, Internet has made communication even free. Ever wondered how difficult and expensive it was to connect to your family living abroad? Not anymore though! With tons of high quality apps available on store, you can not only chat with your beloved one but also can call them wherever whenever you want. Either you want to send messages to your friends or call your mother back home. Or even want to have a video call with your pals. You can find all these features here in the list of 50+ Best Free Calling and Chatting Android Apps 2016.

One really does not have to pay those expensive calling bills. We all know how annoying those SMS packages are :p. You can get rid of these easily by downloading any of the app from below. The best thing about the calling and chatting apps is that you can make your talks even more fun with many exciting stuffs. Like stickers, images, background, fonts, voice messages etc. You should go through the description and features of each app below. Some are good for calling and some are good for chatting. Some lets you even have video calls and few require better phone. Download the one which comes up to your requirements.

Note: The list of 50+ Best Free Calling and Chatting Android Apps 2016 is completed after researching well about every app. The applications are added on the basis of following:

  • Google Play Store Rating
  • User Reviews
  • Number of Downloads

If you think there is any best free-calling and chatting android apps that we missed and should be mentioned. Comment and let us know. We will add it on our list of 50+ Best Free Calling and Chatting Android Apps 2016 to make it even better.

Best Free Calling and Chatting Android Apps 2016

imo free video calls and chat

With imo free video calls and chat Android app you can freely make calls, video calls with your friends and family, no matter what device they are on. Start using imo free calling Android app and save SMS and phone call charges.

With imo you can Send unlimited messages and make free video and voice calls over your 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. Make high-quality video and voice calls – Group chat with friends, family, roommates and others – Share photos and videos – Express yourself with hundreds of free stickers! – Encrypted chats and calls – Optimized for Android tablets.

Download imo free video calls and chat App

WhatsApp Messenger for Android

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular messaging application with 32,242,827+ downloads and 4.5+ rating on google play store. Connect with your friends and family over the 4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi (as available) anytime you want. Initially this app was for messaging only. But thanks to its developers, who brought calling feature to. Apart from calls and chatting, you can also send cool stickers, images, short clips, voice messages, contacts, location and much more. The thing which makes this application a little different to others is that you do not need to have user names and password etc. Just a mobile number is enough to get you logged in.

Download WhatsApp Messenger App


Kik is much much more than just a messenger. Connect with your friends, anywhere around the globe, in the easiest possible way. No phone numbers required, just pick a username and use it to add people in your contacts. Talk with someone in private chats, or make groups to have conference chats. Share pics, videos, games and GIFs etc. If you want to meet strangers, find them people with similar interests and start chatting straight away.

Download Kik App


Your phone number is your ID. You can connect to anyone anywhere in the world if you have their number or they have yours. With 606 million Viber and 4.4+ rating on google play store, Viber is growing rapidly and becoming favorite of most. Before we tell you its features, we will like to tell you that Viber was one of the first app which brought free voice calling feature on phones. You just wont find much better apps than this for voice calling. The other brilliant features of Viber are :

  • Fast messaging with 7,000 characters
  • HQ video and voice calls
  • Photos, video messages, voice messages, locations, contact info, rich links, stickers and emoticons sharing
  • Inbuilt Sticker Market : find stickers of almost every mood
  • Group chats with 200 people
  • Get into the Public Chats and know about the talks going on related to your favorite topics
  • Play Viber Games
  • Desktop, tablet and android wear support

Download Viber App

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

600 million users across all the platform, dozens of limitless features and exciting user interference will make this app favorite of yours. LINE: Free Calls & Messages developers are constantly bringing many new stuffs to the app. A must try out application if you are looking for fast internet messaging with stickers, photo-sharing, gifs, video-sharing and much more. The inbuilt sticker shop of the app will make your conversations even more fun. Make long free and uninterrupted calls with your friends on LINE. You can also call on local landline and phone numbers with extreme low calling rates.

Download LINE: Free Calls & Messages App

Skype – free IM & video calls

One of the oldest and latest communication app with 250 million+ around the globe. I say it oldest because it is one of those apps which brought video calling in our lives. But latest because all the newest features are being added constantly. The UI is improved in every update. With so many people using Skype, you will definitely find someone you know. Skype is the most recommended app when it comes to video calling. Download this app if you want any of the following features :

  • Free and free instant messaging
  • Photo and files sharing option
  • Free uninterrupted voice and video calls
  • Skype Mojis : Send short clips to your friends and family. Or just use it as video messaging
  • Low cost messaging and calling to landlines and other phone number directly

Download Skype – free IM & video calls App


WeChat is a free and fast communication app that allows you to stay connected with your friends and family all the time. Limitless calling and fast IM makes this app quite useful. VMS, SMS, MMS everything is offered in this app. In short, it is a all in one communication application. Following are the top class features of WeChat :

  • Limitless voice and video calls
  • Group chat with maximum 500 people
  • Multimedia Messaging : Photo sharing, video sharing, voice messages etc.
  • Moments : Share your moments in the Moment Section. Record a short clip or just put the pictures
  • Friend Radar, Nearby, Shake etc. will allow you to meet many new people
  • Exciting game : Includes some simple yet exciting game with which you can pass your time while talking
  • Multi Language Support
  • Web WeChat : Lets you connect to your chats on browsers
  • A secret feature (not everyone knows this) : Free cloud storage in favorites section

Download WeChat App

ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice

A top quality communication app with which you can make Free HD Video calls, smooth voice calls and send fast messages to your friends and family around the world. ooVoo is quite famous when it comes to video call. The reason for that you can even have group video calls with 10+ people. Not many application have this feature. Apart from these, messaging and voice calling is quite smooth. You can send messages while having a call. You can have a group chat (unlimited people) with a name and picture of your choice. ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice has won huge number of awards in various regions. Some of them are :

  1. Best Social Networking App 2013 Tabby Award
  2. Best App Technology 2013 Appster Award
  3. Best Android App of 2011 PC Magazine

Download ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice App


Messenger is the official app of Facebook. If you have a Facebook account and want to stay connected to your friends, then this is the perfect application for you. Fully featured and extremely fast to use. Download this app if you want following features :

  • Group Chats : With name and picture
  • Photos, videos, file sharing
  • Chat heads : Keep chatting with your friends even when doing something else on your phone
  • Free calls over WiFi and Cellular Data
  • Thousands of stickers and emoticons
  • Voice messages
  • Know when your message was read/seen
  • Share your location while chatting

Download Messenger App

Yahoo Messenger

The official messenger application of Yahoo. One of the fully featured communication app with which you can stay connect with you beloved ones in the easiest and fastest way. More than just a normal messenger. Following are the good features of this app :-

  • One on one chat + group chats
  • Unsend : Yes! one of the rarest feature. You can take back your sent messages without even letting the other know
  • Share HQ Photos, clips and stickers+gifs

Download Yahoo Messenger App

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ChatON is the official app from the Samsung Electronice developers and have 467,204+ users on android. Note : From 2016 the name of this app will be changed to ‘”Samsung KNOX Message BETA’.

With ChatON, you can have huge group chats with 1000+ people, share route and estimated time to your friends, show your exact location to your friends so they can know where you are. You can also know all the recent activities of your friends even if you were away from the app for sometimes. A new feature in this app is if you mistakenly sent a message to someone, you can remove it easily whether read or unread.

Download ChatON App

KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text

KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text is a good quality communication application with over 150 million users worldwide. KakaoTalk enables you to connect to your friends and family in a fun and easy way. You have free voice or video calls over 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi. Send speedy and quick messages to your contacts. You can also have group chat with unlimited number of people. Make your chats fun with hundreds of emoji and stickers. Some other simple features of this app are read/unread messages, schedule platform, location sharing, multi-tasting(calling and chatting at the same time), Kakao mobile games and android wear support.

Download KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text App


Coco is a powerful fully featured communication app with a wonderful user interface (UI). With this app you can -make free calls to anyone anywhere in the world -share your daily moments with you contacts -send free instant messages -share photos, voice messages, location, stickers, files and much more. No in app purchases and advertisements. Hence, stay connect with your beloved one without any interruptions and limitations.

Download Coco App

JusTalk Free Video Call & Chat

Have fun in the JusWorld. With ‘JusTalk Free Video Call & Chat’ you can make long unlimited and free video calls. Keep an eyes on your children with night vision mode. You can make group calls with dozens of people and make your time fun. JusTalks can be used with any of the 4G/3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi. But the good thing is it consume 40% less data than other communication apps like WhastApp etc. You don’t have to worry about security and privacy of your calls and they are already encrypted. Have random video calls and meet new people from the globe. Play games and read news to pass your time while you are waiting for someone.

Download JusTalk Free Video Call & Chat App

Glide – Video Chat Messenger

‘Glide – Video Chat Messenger’ is an award winning communication app and has been features over 20 times on google play store. In glide, you have to record a short video message and throw it into the world stream. And when someone sees your message, they can connect to you. All the videos are stored in cloud and you don’t have to worry about phone memory. And not only videos, HD Photo sharing is also available. In short a complete app which not only allows you to stay connected with your lads, but also allows to meet many new people from around the globe.

Download Glide – Video Chat Messenger App


BBM is one of the famous application with 6,980,895+ downloads and 4.4+ rating in google play store. A complete application when it comes to communication. All the features which people look for communicating with others are available in BBM. You don’t need to open BBM every time to talk to people. It is always on and you are always connected whether you are using the app or not. Send fast messages to your friends and know whether they read it yet or not with the D and R feature (Delivered and Read). Quickly share anything you want, from simple images to files, documents and voice messages. Allow your friends to view your location on map so they can know that where you are exactly. Emoticons and stickers of almost every mood is available. So if you are looking for sticker chat, you should download this app. BBM groups lets you add as many people as you want. And not only these, dozens and dozens of more features are available like Broadcast messages, status updates, PINS privacy etc etc.

Download BBM App


Make use of your android phones with Hi, a fast and free communication app that allows you to make audio/video calls and send messages for free via Wi-Fi or data connection. No limitations, no interruptions and no purchases. Each and everything is simple smooth and free in this app. Dozens of features are available like :-

  • Free calling to landline and phone numbers
  • 720P HD Video Calls
  • Audio calls with crystal clear sounds
  • 10,000 GB free video cloud storage

Download Hi App


A fun app for all the guys who want to make new friends. With BeeTalk’s Look Around feature, you can find people living near your house. Whisper to them or send any message. And when they are seen, you can start chatting with them. With Radar feature, you can also find people hundreds of mile away. Have calls and fast chat, share photos or make cool ones with doodle. Enrich your conversation with the stickers of every mood.

Download BeeTalk App

hike messenger

Another latest and feature packed messaging application with all the wonderful functions that a communication app should have. As it is one of the newest app, it have all the latest features already. Download this app if you are looking for :

  • Free and fast chatting
  • Group chats with up to 500 members
  • Stickers (5k +)
  • Free calling service
  • A FREE SMS! If you are talking to your friend and he went offline, hike will send them a SMS for free.
  • A personal assistant : Hike Natasha will be like a PA to you. She will answer all your questions like movie rating, sports match etc.
  • Group calling with 500+ people
  • Pictures, document and files sharing
  • Anonymity with the hidden mode
  • Find your nearby people people (100 m)
  • Customizable backgrounds
  • A news section will provide you all the news from the world
  • SD Card support

Download hike messenger App

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Tango: Free Video Calls & Text

Tango: Free Video Calls & Text is a high quality social application. With Tango, you can make new friends living nearby or any other part of the world. Stay connected to your old buddies and have long free uninterrupted video or voice calls. Start a conversion privately or in group. Share photos, documents, videos and sticker. If you get tired of waiting for someone to talk, you can also play exciting games in it to pass your time.

Download Tango: Free Video Calls & Text App

Yahoo Livetext – Video Chat

The official video calling and chatting app by Yahoo! The unique thing about this app is that you can have video calls without sounds. It might sound weird but can be very useful in situations like when you are in library or cinemas and want to see your friends. Another good feature is the live texting and video calling at the same time.

Download Yahoo Livetext – Video Chat App

SOMA Messenger

SOMA Messenger is a top quality application for communication. The main feature of this app is the HD Group Video Calls. This feature is not available in many apps. Apart from this, some other good features of ‘SOMA Messenger’ are :-

  • Security : All your date, calls, chats etc are encrypted and you are completely secure.
  • Conference Calls with up to 16 peoples
  • Free long chats with file sharing and sticker

Download SOMA Messenger App


Telegram is a beautiful app to stay connected with your friends and family. Developed by the top developers of play store ‘Telegram Messenger LLP’. The main focus in this app is on speed and security. UI is fine but the smooth operation covers that. Telegram is one of the fastest messaging app as it uses the closest possible server. There are no in-app purchase and no limitations. The best thing about this app is that you get unlimited cloud storage for free. Keep your data stored in cloud and get it back whenever you want.

Download Telegram App

Rounds Video Chat, Call & Text

Rounds Video Chat, Call & Text has been featured on google play store for more than 200 times and also was rated best messaging and communication app on TNW. With this app you can have HD Video and Voice calls over 3G, 4G / LTE and WiFi, have chats in groups with 100s of people, make low costs calls to various mobile networks in various countries. And one of the best thing is the group video calling which is not available in many apps.

Download Rounds Video Chat, Call & Text App

Talkray Free Calls Text Video

A fully featured chatting and calling application with a wonderful UI developed by the TiKL Inc. Also supported on android tablets and wear. So, you can easily stay connected to your loved ones by using Talkray Free Calls Text Video. Following are some good features of this app :-

  • Free and unlimited group calls and chats
  • Multimedia (Photo, video, documents) sharing.
  • Push to talk audio message (VMs)
  • Have personal family and friends chatting channels.

Download Talkray Free Calls Text Video App

Zipt – free calls and messages

Now stay in touch with your pals wherever you are, and have high quality video calls + chats over data connection or WiFi. No need of signups and username, your mobile number is enough to get started. Easily scroll through your contact list and invite your friends to join Zipt. You can also call to international numbers at cheapest rates.

Download Zipt – free calls and messages App

Text Me – Free Texting & Calls

Get a UK number (+44 07xxx) for free and use it to send texts to friends and family in 200+ countries including UK, the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Spain, Sweden, Turkey. Text to only some countries are free. Apart from those, you can send messages at extremely low rates.

Download Text Me – Free Texting & Calls App

vobee – Video conference chat

vobee – Video conference chat is more than just a normal group video calling app. With this app you can meet many new people and have friendship with them. Invite your max 25 friends to join the group video call. Share photos, videos, files etc. You can also have private face to face video call over data connection or WiFi.

Download vobee – Video conference chat App

UppTalk WiFi Calling & SMS

Another application that allows you to have a free phone number. With this, you can send free SMS and have free calls on any number in 200+ countries including United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, China, Pakistan, Philippines, India, France, Germany, UK, Turkey and many others. I will suggest you to go for a free plan first, and it you are satisfied, you can also pay to have credits. The international calls price is quite cheaper than the normal carrier ones.

Download UppTalk WiFi Calling & SMS App

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Free Phone Calls, Free Texting

A new way to communicate with not only Dingtone users but also with people who don’t use phone You can send free messages and have free calls with your friends anywhere in the world if they use Ding! and even if they don’t use, no need to worry. With this app you get a free US number and you can call or send SMS with extreme low cost. You can communicate with your friends with :

  • Free text messages
  • Smooth calls (Group/Conference + Private)
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Push-to-talk (PTT)
  • Voice Mails

Download Free Phone Calls, Free Texting App

AireTalk: Text, Call, & More!

AireTalk is a free calling and instant messaging app with multimedia sharing feature. The user interface of this app is quite easy to use. Dozens of features are available which make this application compete with all other communication. Some main feature from them are :-

  • Free High Quality Calls
  • Low international calling rate (if your friends are not on AireTalk)
  • Fast chatting
  • Conference calls with up to 50 person
  • Multimedia sharing : Videos, Photos, Location, Documents, Voice Messages etc.
  • Real-time Walkie-Talkie feature

Download AireTalk: Text, Call, & More! App


The UI might not be on the best side, but the features are good and quite easy to use too. With ChalCall, you can have one on one call as well as group calls. Send free messages to anyone anywhere in private or groups. You can also share HQ pics, documents and clips with your friends. Block the annoying people, set ringtones for your favorite ones, update your status, see the last seen of your friends.

Download ChatCall App

Alien chat – video call

Fun way to connect to people from around the globe. Make strangers your friends. Find people of your interests and start chatting. Good quality voice and video calls over 2G/3G/4G and WiFi with auto-reconnect function. ‘Alien chat – video call’ can also be used on android tablets and wear.

Download Alien chat – video call App

free video calls and chat

One of the top class messaging and calling app on android. Developed by the top developers of google play store ‘Mail.Ru Group.’ Some main features of Agents’ free video calls and chat which can be very handy for you are :

  • Wonderful User Interface
  • Free and fast chatting
  • Group chats with unlimited people
  • Fast file sharing like photos, videos documents etc.
  • Chat with friends from other social networks like VK, ICQ etc.
  • Fun emoticon and stickers
  • Free games without internet

Download free video calls and chat App


GroupMe is a simple yet exciting way to be connected with your family, roommates, friends, coworkers and all. Add your friends via phone number or user names and start chatting straightaway. Make your chats fun with emoticons and stickers. Make Memes, search and send GIFs with ease. Calling feature is not available yet, but we can consider this as a high quality messaging and chatting app.

Download GroupMe App

icq video call & chat

A simple yet powerful messenger with which you can send free messages and have high quality video and voice calls. Its simplicity makes it extremely fast to operate and no lag whatsoever. You can also keep your mobile number hidden and connect to others with your username. You can have HD Video and voice calls via 3G, 4G, LTE and Wifi. Dozens of exciting stickers and emoji are added in sticker store. You can also add your own stickers from your phone. Share your photos in high quality and send cool voice message or short clips. Have group chat with unlimited number of contacts.

Download icq video call & chat App

MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People

With MeetMe, you can meet many new people living next to your house or any other part of the world. More than 100 million people use this app, so its obvious that you might find someone of your interest. Once you are connected, you can have long wonderful chats with your friends. Share photos and let each other know even better.

Download MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People App

KingsChat Beta Free Calls & IM

A personal messenger app that lets you talk to anyone you want. This is the beta version, so keep waiting. More exciting stuffs are coming soon. The developers have focused mainly on the simplicity. The UI is wonderful and easy to operate. If you use WiFi or data connection, you can stay connected without any problem. Group chats, private chats and multimedia sharing are some main features of it.

Download KingsChat Beta Free Calls & IM App

Maaii: Free Calls & Messages

Connect to your friends around the globe whether they are on Maaii or not. ‘Maaii: Free Calls & Messages’ lets you have fast chats and smooth calls. Don’t worry if your friends are not on Maaii. You can call or SMS them with an international number at extreme low cost. Some other features which make this interesting are :-

  • iTunes and YouTube Music Sharing
  • Hilarious audio effects, dozens of stickers animation and emoji
  • Wide range of language support including : Portuguese, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese.
  • Photo, clips, location and audio sharing

Download Maaii: Free Calls & Messages App

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Where Facebook and Yahoo have made messaging apps, how can google stay behind? ‘Messenger’ is a top class communication app when it comes to chatting. Till now, there is no voice or video calling feature available on messenger. But the chatting feature is of top notch. You can search for you friends and family if they have a google account. Share pictures and audios with speed. Make you chats fun with emoji and stickers.

Download Messenger App

Nimbuzz Messenger / Free Calls

Nimbuzz is one of the leading names in the world when it comes of social applications. With 200+ million registered users in less than a year, ‘Nimbuzz Messenger / Free Calls’ has become favorites of many. Messenger app is fully featured and you can stay connected with your peeps using any of the Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian, Java, Windows and Mac. With this app you can :-

  • Make free HQ Voice Calls
  • Have Free conversations with unlimited messages
  • Make Group Conversations with as many people as you want
  • Share stickers, pictures etc. to make you chats even more fun
  • Join chatrooms and meet new people
  • Make cheap international calls

Download Nimbuzz Messenger / Free Calls App

Mico – Meet New People & Chat

A free social and communication app with which you can meet many new people from all over the world. You can turn your GPS on and find the people living nearby. ‘Mico – Meet New People & Chat’ allows you to chat with people in many ways like you can have long conversations, send stickers, send HQ voice messages, share HD pictures and video etc.

Download Mico – Meet New People & Chat App

ogO – Free Call & Free Chat

With ‘ogO – Free Call & Free Chat’ you can even have calls on 2G. This is not available in many other apps a they require fast internet connection. No need to sign ups and emails, ogO will use your mobile number and automatically add contacts from your contact list. Some main feature of this app are :

  • Crystal clear Voice Calls even on 2G data connection
  • Find ogO friends from Facebook
  • Have private one on one chat or make groups with up to 100 contacts
  • Push notifications even if you closed the app

Download ogO – Free Call & Free Chat App

YeeCall-Free Video Call & Chat

A powerful communication application having 200,000+ users and 4.3* rating on google play store. With YeeCall-Free Video Call & Chat not only you stay connected with your friends and family but also can meet new people. You can have crystal clear group and private HD video and voice calls. A good feature here is that you can add filters to your front cam while having calls. So now don’t worry even if you are present in low lights. Multimedia sharing will never be as fun as it is in this app. You can edit and add doodles or text to your pictures with inbuilt photo editor. Location sharing feature will keep your friends updated about your current location.

Download YeeCall-Free Video Call & Chat App

Omlet Chat

One of the most fun way to stay connected with your beloved ones. Have long chats, share files and send cool stickers. The best thing about this app is that all your stuffs can be saved in your clouds i.e. Box, Dropbox, or Baidu etc. Android wear support is also available.

Download Omlet Chat App

QQ International – Chat & Call

Another fine app to communicate with friends and family by developers of WeChat, ‘Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Ltd.’ With ‘QQ International – Chat & Call’ you can chat and call your loved ones in the most easiest way. This app is one the most rapid growing one and has 1 billion registered users in 80 countries. The unique thing about this is that you can translate the messages from any language to your native ones.

Download QQ International – Chat & Call App

Meet4U – Chat, Love, Flirt!

A fun app for all the single guys out there. In this app you can come across the many males and female users. Find your perfect match. You can also find the people nearby to find a girl/boy in your location 😛 In short, a simple dating app for all the people looking for a real love!

Download Meet4U – Chat, Love, Flirt! App

Tinychat – Group Video Chat

As the name tells, ‘Tinychat – Group Video Chat’ is only for group video calling. With this app, you can have group calls with up to 12 people. You can add your friends or even make new friends by having calls with strangers.

Download Tinychat – Group Video Chat App

Waplog Chat & Free Dating

A 100% free dating application with all the good features like the messengers. Find people living near to you or just pick someone from far away. Drop in a message. Get connected and start dating straightaway. You can have chats, you can make your conversations fun with sticker, you can share HQ pics and do much much more.

Download Waplog Chat & Free Dating App

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