(Last Updated On: December 21, 2015)

Android is one brilliant Operating System having 800 million users around the world. But if you have an Android phone then you must have gone through that annoying moment when all of the sudden your phone’s batter saver gets on and it says “Battery is Low”. Ugh!! Battery drainage is indeed a major issue with all the latest smartphones. And to be honest, people can’t really complain about it. When you demand so many features in your phone, then you have to sacrifice the battery life for them. Many new phones that have been released in 2015 have up to 3000mAh batteries. That includes Samsung S6 Edge, Note 5, LG G4 and Xperia Z3. Some of them have inbuilt battery saver app. But we all know they are not much efficient and still, the battery ends like in 5 hours of constant usage. So before we tell you about the best android battery saver apps, you should know how battery saver apps actually work?!

By using these best android battery saver apps, you can increase the battery life of your phone without even disturbing your regular use. These applications guide you and let you know each and everything about the battery. Like the temperature of your phone’s battery.  Like what actually is consuming your battery juice. And by knowing this, you can plan your usage as well close the apps running in the background. Background apps are annoying aren’t they? And the worst thing is some of system apps, which we don’t even use, are running in background and users don’t have access to those apps. This means they keep consuming battery in the background and we really can’t close them. But thanks to these battery saver apps. They show us each and every running app and lets us terminate them.

Note : The list of Top 25+ Best Android Battery Saver Apps is compiled after thorough research. These apps are included on the basis of :

  1. Google Play Store Rating.
  2. Number of Downloads.
  3. User Reviews

If you know any battery saving application that you think should be present, leave a comment and let us know. We will definitely add it in the list of Top 25+ Best Android Battery Saver Apps.


Best Android Battery Saver Apps

Auto 3G Battery Saver

If you have rooted your phone and want to take control of your data connection manually then this is the suggested app for you. With this app you can save battery by letting the app control the data connection. Like when you lock your phone, your data connection will be disabled. It will be enabled automatically when you unlock your phone.

Download Auto 3G Battery Saver App

Power Battery – Battery Saver

Professional and top rated battery saver having 100,000+ users and 4.4* rating on google play store. Works extremely efficiently on both phones and tablets. The cool features of this app are :-

  • Accurate battery measurements
  • Power Saving and Monitoring
  • Charging booster
  • Speed booster
  • Battery saving modes

Download Power Battery – Battery Saver App

Purify (Battery Saver & Boost)

A top class android battery savor app for all the people out there who have rooted their OS. With Purify, you can close all the unwanted background app with just one tap and speed up your phone – remove caches and purify your apps – stop all the bloatware – optimize the notifications and do much more which can increase the battery timing of your phone.

Download Purify (Battery Saver & Boost) App

Smart Battery Saver and Doctor

Power saving will not be a problem anymore with ‘Smart Battery Saver and Doctor’. Take full control of your battery and discover each and everything that’s consuming your battery. You can terminate them directly with this app by just one tap. Apart from this, some other good feature of this app are :-

  • Accurate Battery Update : Shows current battery status and estimated time remaining
  • Smart Power Management : Shows and allows you to kill the running apps manually
  • Battery Saver Modes : Allows you to plan the battery usage
  • Cool and User Friendly Widgets
  • Indicates Battery Temperature and Voltage

Download Smart Battery Saver and Doctor App

Droid BatterySaver

Droid BatterySaver is one of the newest battery saver application developed by ‘HighlyRecommended S.A.’ With this app, you can get extra 50% from your phone’s battery. You can scan the current stress and problems on your phone’s battery. 3+ saver modes will allow you to take control over battery drainage. Another feature of this app is the detailed battery status which shows the running apps, analyzes the current battery % and estimated time remaining.

Download Droid BatterySaver App

Battery Saver Master

A fully featured battery saving app having 4.4* rating on google play store. By using Battery Saver Master, you can put your phone in 4 different modes for saving battery life. You can manage screen brightness and timeout etc. It also shows all running apps with detailed memory and you can close the unwanted ones.

Download Battery Saver Master App

Battery Saver HD

A cool battery saving app which works well not only on android phone but also on android tablets. Smart and easy User Interface and dozens of features will allow you to extract extra from your battery. Some of the features which can be handy for you are :

  • One tap (Save Energy) optimization
  • Kills app when the screen is off
  • Quick tasks killer
  • Three smart battery saving modes including Saving mode, sleep mode and custom mode
  • Accurate Battery status measurements like temperature, time since last charge, estimated time remaining, voltage, mAh etc.

Download Battery Saver HD App

Battery Saver

‘Limited but efficient features’ is the sentence that describes this app. If you have rooted your phone then this app can be extremely handy for you. With ‘AnTuTu Battery Saver’ you can set auto airplane mode, sleep time, saving modes etc.

Download Battery Saver App

Ultimate Battery Saver

A simple application that will make your Phone’s battery last longer than the usual. With Ultimate Battery Saver, you can increase the battery life twice than before. You can monitor the running applications and put your phone n various modes e.g. sleep, saving etc. You can also know the current battery percentage and estimated time remaining till your battery dies.

Download Ultimate Battery Saver App

Battery Saver & Speed Booster

Get the fastest battery life optimization with the ‘Battery Saver & Speed Booster’. I will rate it 10/10 for simplicity and features but for UI, umm not full marks. This app shows all the apps running in the background and you can select them together to close them. Another good thing about this app is that it shows it caches and other temporary files of every app which you can remove easily.

Download Battery Saver & Speed Booster App

Battery Saver

Simple yet elegant app, with the help of which you can not only kill all the running tasks but also can view the apps that are chewing up your battery. Views each and everything about the battery like health, voltage, temperature and usage etc. You can also schedule the power saving modes for home/work/class/sleep etc.

Download Battery Saver App

Battery Saver

A simple application with limited features and functions. With this app you can close all the running tasks, unwanted apps and junks etc by just tapping ‘Optimize’. It also shows each and everything of battery like temperature, percentage %, voltage and usage detail etc.

Download Battery Saver App

Battery Saver 2016

A powerful app with good features but its UI is on a bit lower side. By using battery saver 2016, you can increase the battery time of your phone up to 40%. The good features and functions of this app are :

  • Brightness control
  • Battery temperature and load
  • Processor usage chart
  • Fully charger and remaining battery time notifications
  • Views running apps and allows you to disable them

Download Battery Saver 2016 App

Battery Saver Doctor

The doctor is here to fix your battery health. By using Battery Saver Doctor you can get the extra battery time without even sacrificing anything. It contains inbuilt battery management modes which will allow the least consumption of battery through out the day. It also displays the battery temperature, health, technology and voltage etc. which keeps you updated about your battery status.

Download Battery Saver Doctor App

Best Battery Saver

Get the extra juice out of your phone’s battery with this simple battery saving application. The UI might not be of top quality but the features are. There are wide range of battery saving modes which you can use according to your needs. You can view the current battery status along with the running applications and can close them directly with one tap.

Download Best Battery Saver App

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