15+ Best Pokémon GO Android Apps

So, we know now that Pokémon GO is trending Android app which is getting really amazing daily active users from world-wide web. Since, it helps everyone to be active while you are free and spending your leisure time at home watching movies, sleeping and so on…

Idea behind Pokémon GO app is really great and almost everyone loved it but we must have to be careful when we go out to capture Pokémon (dangers of Pokemon Go). I know, it is really addictive game and many of us got a problem with that too because it is really battery draining game. When you launch the Pokémon GO app in your smartphone, you will definitely see your phone getting heat up and battery is being consumed very faster.

So, if you wanna stop battery draining while playing Pokemon GO then you find 2 methods that will help you to save your battery life while playing Pokemon GO here. But, today we are going to help you find the Best Pokémon GO Android Apps that you should install. I’m sure you are thinking about why should you install these Best Pokémon GO Android Apps to your Android smartphone, fair enough…

What these Best Pokémon GO Android Apps are about?

  • Pokémon GO Messenger
  • Pokémon GO Wallpapers for your smartphones
  • Pokémon finder Apps
  • Pokémon GO app trainer apps
  • Launcher apps
  • and much more…

After reading above points, you have a proper idea about what this list article is about. I’m sure you will be convinced to install most of these Pokémon GO Android apps. So, let’s move forward and start learning about new apps.

Best Pokémon GO Android Apps

Pokémon GO

All new Pokémon Go have just released by NIANTIC, INC company which have definitely increased the revenue of the company by 80% and I know that’s really amazing. However, if you enjoyed watching Pokémon on Cartoon Network channel in your childhood then I’m sure you gonna love the Pokémon GO Android app if you install it.

Actually, in Pokémon cartoons people used to catch different species of Pokémon with different kind of power and they fight them against each other and the person who gets win usually win their Pokémon too.

Download Pokémon GO App

Camp Pokémon

Camp Pokémon is an Android app that will help you to discover the amazing world of Pokémon and this app is officially released from The Pokémon Company International.

From now on, you can start exploring an immersive island filled with fun Pokémon-themed activities that will help you learn what it takes to become a Pokémon Trainer.

With all the fun activities that await in Camp Pokemon app, you can have a great way to discover the fun of the Pokémon universe. Start the access to the camera, storage, and phone functionality is required to use the Camp Pokémon app.

Once installed, if Camp Pokémon will not load, please try the following steps:

  • Go into your Settings and tap Apps, then tap Camp Pokemon.
  • Tap Permissions.
  • Grant permissions for Camera, Phone, and Storage.

The official Camp Pokémon app supports the following languages:

  • English
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Español (Europa)
  • Italiano

Download Camp Pokémon App

Messenger for Pokemon GO

Well, Messenger for Pokemon GO is an unofficial chat app which will help you to communicate with trainers in your area. Pretty interesting right? Hmmmm..

Well, you can install Messenger for Pokemon GO in your smartphones to start training newbie Pokemon GO users from your area. So, start finding others to conquer gyms together, catch rare monsters or start lure modules. While playing the game you don’t have to leave it because the Pokemon GO messenger supports floating chat bubbles so you can always stay in the game while chatting with people around you. Messenger for Pokemon GO also supports Team Chat.

Here is what you can do:

  • Location based chat
  • Team Chat
  • Share your location
  • Floating chat bubbles
  • No need to exit the game
  • Integrates into gameplay

Note: Messenger for Pokemon GO is not an official app by the Pokemon GO game company Niantic Labs nor we are affiliated with Niantic Labs in anyway.

Messenger for Pokemon GO is just a useful piece of application that is developed for the Android community.

Download Messenger for Pokemon GO App

HD Wallpaper: Pokemon edition

HD Wallpaper: Pokemon edition app brings you the most abstract and beautiful cute Pokemon wallpapers that you can apply on your Android smartphones to make them look better and professional.

Mostly, the wallpapers are optimized for high quality.

  • Set pictures as your wallpaper and any contact photo
  • You can mark wallpapers as favorite
  • Also, you can save pictures to your Gallery

Internet connection is required to load pictures from server.

Download HD Wallpaper: Pokemon edition App

Server Status for Pokémon GO

Server Status for Pokémon GO is the app that sends you a notification when Pokémon GO servers go back online after a downtime.

Note: Don’t think that Server Status for Pokémon GO app is officially by Niantic or The Pokémon Company because this app is not affiliated with the Pokemon company in any way.

For your information, the app gets uptime data from online sources hence it could give you misleading results. Use at your own risk 🙂


  • French by @FRPokemonGo
  • German by @Flozzed
  • Polish by Jakuba G.
  • Romanian by Ovidiu Sîrb (@ovisirb)

Download Server Status for Pokémon GO App

Poke Radar for Pokemon GO

Poke Radar is an Android app especially developed for Pokemon GO which works like an assistant app for discovering the location of any Pokemon that’s been found by other players. I know that’s cool way to discover new Pokemon in your smartphones faster by using Poke Radar for Pokemon GO. It is extremely simple and you can view all of the nearby Pokemon in your area that have been discovered by yourself and other Pokemon GO game players on the map with the day and times they were found.

For example, you can use filters within the Poke Radar Android app if you’re trying to find a specific Pokemon’s location to find the nearest one. You can also see all Pokemon location submissions sorted by upvoted or downvoted by others whichever submission receives too many “Downvotes” it will be automatically removed from the map. Highly “Upvoted” locations will receive display priority on the map.

NOTE: Poke Radar for Pokemon GO is not affiliated with Pokemon brand, Niantic or Nintendo. Poke Radar is a fan made app who love the Pokemon GO game and wanted to create this separate assistant app to support its community.

Download Poke Radar for Pokemon GO App

Server Status Pokemon Go

Server Status Pokemon Go app uses multiple sources to bring you a live status for each and every Pokemon GO Server available. If you are lover of Pokemon GO and somehow you can’t access the game because of any server down or maintenance issue then you can install Pokemon Server Status app to see if the server is down or up.

Note: Server Status Pokemon Go is an unofficial fan made app and not affiliate by Niantic or The Pokémon Company.

Download Server Status Pokemon Go App

Wallpapers Pokemon

Wallpapers Pokemon is wallpapers app that provides Android smartphone users wide range of Pokemon wallpapers. The wallpapers and backgrounds are designed in HD quality and UHD quality to make your screen look crispy.

If you are Pokemon GO game lover then you gotta give this wallpapers Pokemon app a try because you can directly download images to your screen.

Key features:

  • 500+ High Resolution Pokemon Wallpapers.
  • Frequently Updated with new Wallpapers.
  • You can crop the Pokemon wallpapers before applying them.
  • Set wallpaper with a single tap
  • You can download black, blur, yellow, smoke, gray, and animal Pokemon wallpapers

Note: Wallpapers Pokemon is not affiliated, associated, endorsed, sponsored or approved by ©Niantic or ©Pokémon company. It is fan made Android app.

Download Wallpapers Pokemon App

Chat for Pokemon Go – GruChat

Gruchat is a chatting Android app which is used to chat while playing Pokemon GO Android game. We are listing this Android chatting app in this best Pokémon GO Android apps’ list because it is really amazing. We can chat with the nearby Pokemon GO players in our area and share our experience to each others. As we know that the Pokemon GO needs more players as a team to play with and this can be achieved easily now with GruChat.

But you should also know the dangers of Pokemon GO before you go out and meet strangers just for the sake of game. We can’t trust them just by meeting ones right? So beware!


Download Chat for Pokemon Go – GruChat App

Bubble Launcher for Pokémon Go

Launch Pokémon Go from anywhere, without going through your home screen. The bubble launcher is similar to Facebook chat heads. So, if you are really crazy about Pokemon GO game then you should install Bubble Launcher for Pokémon Go app because you can access the game by tapping the bubble from anywhere on your smartphone screen.

Download Bubble Launcher for Pokémon Go App

Chat for Pokemon GO – GoChat

Since, Pokemon GO game has no chatting option that we can use to chat with nearby Pokemon gamers. However, Chat for Pokemon GO – GoChat Android app will help you to direct message players who play Pokemon GO that are nearby from their posts (by holding down on a post and clicking “message”), and personal profiles and profile pictures.

Note: It is not official app by Pokemon company by the way.

Download Chat for Pokemon GO – GoChat App

HD Wallpaper: Pokeball Arts

Pokeball Arts is HD Wallpaper Android app that brings you lots of awesome pokeball pictures in high resolution. You can make those Pokeball pictures are you home screen wallpapers and you know what these wallpapers look damn realistic. You should try out this app.

Download HD Wallpaper: Pokeball Arts App

Map for Pokemon GO – GOMaps

Map for Pokemon GO – GOMaps is one of the best app that is making the Pokemon GO game more interesting by adding more than 15.000 Pokemon locations every day by Mr.Know who is the digital assistant searching the internet for new Pokemon locations.

GOMaps is an user content based community where you and your friends can help each other find the Pokemon you need or want. It actually adds locations where you found Pokemon and search for Pokemon on the map added by others in the community.

Disclaimer: Map for Pokemon GO – GOMaps app is NOT an official map and is NOT related to The Pokemon Company or Niantic, Inc.

Download Map for Pokemon GO – GOMaps App

PokeFusion Wallpapers

PokeFusion wallpapers app simply gets your favorite creatures in a fused epic forms that makes them look more realistic.


  • HD Wallpapers
  • Save Wallpapers to SD Card
  • Favorite Tab to sort Wallpapers
  • fixedAspectRatio to toggle according to your device dimension

Note: Internet connection is needed before any of the wallpapers inside app interface is loaded from server. Also, you should have to press the crop button before setting wallpaper.

Download PokeFusion Wallpapers App

PokeWhere – Realtime Pokeradar

Have you been playing Pokemon GO game on your smartphones? If so, then I’m sure you gonna love PokeWhere Realtime Pokeradar Android app. This app is mainly developed for Pokemon GO gamers who are enthusiast about finding and capturing new Pokemon monsters daily.

Also read: Save Battery Life while playing Pokemon GO | Dangers of Playing Pokemon GO

Well, you can have a real-time radar system to find out new Pokemon using Pokewhere Android app right on your smartphones. I loved PokeWhere Android application and I bet you gonna love this too. So, in this article I’m going to show you the best ways you can use PokeWhere app to capture new Pokemon and make up a real great team with some other Pokemon GO gamers.

Download PokeWhere – Realtime Pokeradar App

Evolution Calc for Pokemon GO

Evolution Calc for Pokemon GO app is for everyone who is playing Pokemon GO game on his/her smartphone/tablet. Using Evolution Calc for Pokemon GO app you can easily know how much CP of your Pokemon will increase after evolving. Just pick your Pokemon and input the current CP of your Pokemon then the app will tell you the possible increment after evolving.

Download Evolution Calc for Pokemon GO App

PokeDetector Notifications

PokeDetector Notifications Android app will give you instant notifications if any Pokemon appears within catching range. That’s will not only help you catch as much Pokemon monsters as you want but also you will never miss any rare Pokemon again by using this app. PokeDetector lets you keep your phone in your pocket while you Poke-hunt. The PokeDetector app will also show notifications on your Android Wear device (if one is connected). It works fine without it though.


  • Instant notifications for nearby Pokemon monsters
  • View nearby Pokemon on the map
  • Looks great on Android Wear (but works without it too)
  • Customizable to only receive notifications for specific items
  • Customizable scanning times (scan more/less frequently)

Download PokeDetector Notifications App

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