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We are receiving lots of emails from developers and designers nowadays, who want to promote their new product like WordPress plugin, WordPress theme, Android Application, or any other service on our website:

Softstribe has over 12K visitors daily and 300,000 estimated monthly visitors with estimate page-views of 600,000.

Right Now Softstribe January 2015

Right Now Softstribe January 2015

Google Analytics Softstribe January 2015

Google Analytics Softstribe January 2015

As replying those all emails and review their products one by one seems to be a time-consuming talk, so I decided to offer my visitors this service which is called Sponsored Posts.

How to Submit a Sponsored Post

All you need to do is to simply write an original unique article by yourself and add relevant images (if necessary) and send us by submitting the form below. Once you submitted the article, our team will need to go through it and approve it to make sure that your product or service is of excellent quality.

Once your article approved by the team, you will receive an email of approval then you will need to pay the dues for your sponsored post to be published.

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Terms & conditions for Sponsored Post:

  • Only 1 link is allowed in middle of article
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  • Review must be more than 300+ words
  • Payment will be done in advanced (via PayPal, Payoneer)

Paid Review @ $99

For only $45, we can write a review for your product. We will try our best to write an unbiased post about it including both pros and cons. Your product will be reviewed as per how a regular user would use it. If your product is really great, we will definitely say so and encourage readers to buy it. If not, we will explain why we don’t like certain features and possibly suggest ways of improving it.

Paid Review + Video @ $129

In addition to paid reviews, we can also provide video review for your product including necessary description or guide. Best option for plugin or a theme to guide users on how the backend UI will work.