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Multi Parallel For PC

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Last Updated: October 25, 2021

Multi Parallel is an app that will allow you to create a clone of any app that you have installed on your terminal. In this way, you can manage two accounts in the same app, simultaneously. That is, you can have two Facebook apps, Tinder, Instagram, each with a different account.

Multi Parallel works very simply. The app creates an independent virtual space, which allows other apps to run inside it. In this way, you can have the same app open twice in the same terminal and manage two different accounts simultaneously.

You can create multiple online accounts so that you can easily manage multiple tasks. One account to have fun with your friends and the other one where you become a professional and do your job. 

Install Multi Parallel apk for pc from, which supports multiple accounts, apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and others are stubborn to understand the needs of users.

Unlimited Multiple Accounts

You can manage multiple instances of the same app. Not only apps but also games. A game in which you can play with different strategies and defeat your opponent.

Take several Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, or any game accounts on your device. All data is handled separately and simultaneously: files, notifications, and data. In other words, you can manage a primary and a secondary account independently. Dual Space is compatible with 99% of the best games.

The best thing about Multi Parallel is its extreme simplicity: install Multi Parallel apk for pc from to make it work correctly: you only need to add the apps you want by default Multi Parallel chooses social networks and messaging apps, and these will work in duplicate as if they were installed alone. 

This implies that you can use two Facebook accounts at the same time, two mobile numbers on WhatsApp or Telegram this way, you will have divided the personal life of the work without any complications.

Customization of Data

Multi Parallel does not involve complications since it is enough to add the installed apps that you want, and the service will take care of duplicating them so that you use two accounts at the same time. 

You will have to accept a good amount of permissions since the app needs them for the duplicate app to work. Multi Parallel does not make use of these permissions since it delegates them to those apps that need it.

When you have the apps configured, you will receive notifications of duplicate accounts, and you will not miss any important notifications. Multi Parallel is a powerful, versatile, and also safe app.

Install Multi Parallel apk for pc from to add multi-account, which supports up to 99% of the app and games so that you can have the same app twice on your same device. This way, you can have two WhatsApp with different numbers or have two different games.

Features of Multi Parallel App

  • You can manage your multiple accounts with Multi Parallel
  • Privacy locker to protect your cloned apps
  • Lightweight and low power consumption app

Smooth and Light Interface

Multi Parallel creates a new space on your device that allows you to duplicate your app and use them with another account. In addition, you can add those duplicate apps to your devices and app drawer as one more app, but it will be well differentiated from the original.

Install Multi Parallel apk for pc from, which operation is very simple. When opening the Multi Parallel, you only have to add the app and games that you want to have twice. There in your options, you can add the direct access of each duplicated app to your device.

Duplicating an app does not mean that it will occupy twice the storage on your device; it will only occupy more of the data generated by the new account. The duplicate app starts without data, like newly installed.

Opening a duplicate app will take a little longer than usual, as you will have to load your own Space, but once loaded, it will open at the same speed as any normal app. With the same operation, it will work in the background and receive notifications until Multi Parallel is closed. The two apps will work simultaneously.

The only thing to keep in mind is that Multi Parallel will not automatically start duplicate apps when you turn on your device. Until you open the duplicate app, it will not start working.

Data Cloning

With Multi Parallel, you only have to choose the app to duplicate and reconfigure it as if it were the original. The new customized icon that is generated will appear on the main device is the same as the original.

Another positive point of Multi Parallel is the little space it occupies in the memory of the device: just 7 MB. Furthermore, the app does not need root privileges so that you can run it on any device. In return, Multi Parallel asks for a huge number of permissions, because it needs all the permissions that an app running inside it requires.

Multi Parallel allows you to have an app installed twice on your device with different accounts. That way, you won't have to change your profile every time you want to use a different one, or you can use two social accounts easily.

The operation is simple. Multi Parallel clones the app of your choice and creates access, which you can keep inside or include on the devices, appearing in a different way.

Multi Parallel is a very interesting app. install Multi Parallel apk for pc from to manage simultaneous accounts with any other app that you have installed on your device, something particularly useful in certain social networks or video games.

Multi Parallel APK file details:

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Operating Systems Windows 7,8/10/11 or Mac
App Developer Winterfell Applab - Clone App & Status Downloader
App Updated October 25, 2021
APK Version
Category Tools
Android Version Required for emulator Android 4.4 and up
APK File Size 7.81 MBs
File Name multi.parallel.dualspace.cloner_1.6.30.1025.apk
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