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Shogun's Empire: Hex Commander For PC

In Strategy by Developer Home Net Games
Last Updated: September 28, 2021

Shogun's Empire is a new turn-based strategy game that wants to make you part of the gameplay of the Total War saga.

A game that treasures both the most strategic part of combat with the management of units in the middle of the battlefield, and the purest management of your clan to Civilization. A title that is not lacking in anything, although if any other optimization to make AI more intelligent.

One of the virtues of Shogun's Empire: Hex Commander is taking you to Medieval Japan and that clan fights for the power of the country. You will face the constant fights between provinces to try to become the Shogun in this turn-based strategy game that has a great future if you are able to get updates that improve the experience that it gives.

Strategic Fighting

Shogun's Empire is an amazing turn-based combat, and you can control the economy and diplomacy in a strategic map in which you will see all the provinces fighting against each other. 

So not only are you the best general on the battlefield, but you will have to manage the economy to provide food for the troops, improve the provinces, and devise a general strategy.

In the beginning, you will have a guide that will indicate the most basic movements so that you can learn to handle yourself in Shogun's Empire. Anyway, in a matter of minutes, you will gain control of the game, just as it will happen in the middle of combat.

When you go to attack an enemy clan, apart from being able to make alliances and more, you will go directly to the battlefield where you will find your units placed on the map. The squares are hexagonal so that attacks can come from various positions. 

In Shogun's Empire, you can zoom in to zoom out and switch to a model where the troops are more like chips; This will not consume as many resources and will improve battery consumption.

Combat Environment

If you already want to witness all the action, then zoom in, and you will see your units and the environment in 3D. The truth is that both the stage and the combat are quite well recreated. 

You can perform two actions per troop, either move or attack. Plan the combat strategy well to keep the archers away and put the tokens dedicated to hand-to-hand combat fully in, always taking care of your general in battle.

As you progress through Shogun's Empire, you can recruit ashigaru, samurai, or elite ninjas. You can customize your combat style by selecting the units that you find best. There is also no shortage of ranged units with rifles and high-powered cavalry or cannons. You do miss special units for each clan, but it's all a matter of waiting for the next update or upgrade.

It is important to keep alive the units that are taking more experience since you can decide that the victory turns to one side or the other. These soldiers will be more effective and will be able to carry more units forward.


  • Combination of military actions and diplomatic treaties;
  • Numerous contextual clues;
  • frequent changes in weather and seasons;
  • beautiful landscapes

Lead Tactical Battles

Shogun's Empire is an excellently worked game in which voiceovers stand out, those watercolor illustrations and even that you can go through winter or summer with all that it means. 

The interface sometimes seems a little more amateurish, but generally speaking, they have brought a very well built game.

Shogun's Empire: Hex Commander falls into that range of turn-based strategy games that will take you to medieval Japan for you to enjoy. Install Shogun's Empire: Hex Commander apk for pc from so that you can already become a Shogun.

Beautiful graphics, turn-based movement mechanisms and action in battle hexes and rounds on the global map, and so on. But, in addition to them, there are many innovations and features that make the game very impressive. 

You can prepare the role of chief of one of the 15 Japanese clans of the era of the warring provinces. You have to bring your class to dominate the entire country and become a shogun. And you have no margin for error.

Effective Dynamics

The plot of the game Shogun's Empire turned out to be interesting: medieval Japan was mired in war. 15 clans are fighting each other, wreaking havoc, and they all refuse to compromise. 

The situation is approaching criticism; many military and civilians are dying. You will join one of the clans, try to guide him, and eventually become a shogun, a ruler who will restore order and stop the process of disintegration of the empire.

A well-considered strategic plan will provide an opportunity to seize the provinces to increase the territory of their possessions. Successful hostilities provide access to stronger units that are agile in close-range or long-range combat. 

You can use samurai, ninja, and other fighters. A wide selection of equipment, a variety of weapons, and people with certain abilities in combination allow you to expect a better result. 

The more battles each warrior goes through, the stronger he becomes; an experienced ward is more helpful than any novice. Soldiers' effectiveness depends on the general's personality, their ability to command in emergency situations.

The game has great sound and tips for adjusting tactics. The interface is convenient, and you will see the maximum of the necessary information. Climate change makes it necessary to change plans regularly in light of new conditions and landscapes surprise with their image. 

The project is intended for fans of strategies with a large number of stages. Becoming a shogun may be someone who thinks a few steps forward.

Shogun's Empire: Hex Commander APK file details:

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Operating Systems Windows 7,8/10/11 or Mac
App Developer Home Net Games
App Updated September 28, 2021
APK Version 1.9.1
Category Strategy
Android Version Required for emulator Android 4.4 and up
APK File Size 65.95 MBs
File Name com.HomeNetGames.Shogun_1.9.1.apk
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