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FaceApp file details:

App Developer FaceApp Inc
App Updated December 06, 2023
APK Version 11.8.2
Category Photography
Android Version Required Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 44.06 MBs
File Name io.faceapp_11-8-2.apk

Get perfect quality for any Selfie with only a single click! FaceApp is powered by FaceApp AI, the highly sophisticated neural photo editing mechanism. Amplify the quality of your Selfie or have fun thru gender swapping function, hair styling and other splendid makeovers.

With FaceApp, you can get:

  • Fine quality selfies with Hollywood filters
  • Change hair style and color
  • Get your perfect mustache style
  • Add a gorgeous smile
  • Change background with only a few clicks
  • Try lens blur, color filters and a number of other tools
  • Apply for perfect day or evening makeup
  • Filled-size Imprint filters

Have fun with:

  • Genders swapping
  • Get your best hair color and style
  • Transform your age
  • Add marvelous tattoos
  • Get the perfect style for you
  • Check out Heisenberg, Hitman filters and numerous other incredible makeovers.

What’s New in FaceApp?

  • Restructured in-app purchases control, more preformat and stable.
  • Restructured adjustment tool with editor Mode
  • Fixed out numerous minor complexities with Editor Mode.

Trending Filters For FaceApp

Age Filter

When a single question what is FaceApp age filter, you can promptly respond them by stating it is the primary FaceApp filters gotten immense fame overnight not even leaving Hollywood stars to try it out!

By way of utilizing this filter, you can easily transform your age or can observe their forthcoming selves or see how they would actually look in the next 30 to 40 years on your smartphone screen. Moreover, you can see how a particular individual would have seemed in his/her young age. The younger photos are not that acceptable as you already know how you used to appear in young age.

The age filter in FaceApp is earning immense recognition, enabling you to see how you will appear in next 40 to 50 years from onward. A trend adored by millions of people representing a wave like effect entered through #FaceAppChallenge and #AgeChallenege hash tags across social media.

Hairstyle Filter

By way of FaceApp hairstyling filter, you can give a try to numerous hairstyles on your photos and see the hilarious, stunning or compelling outcome.

Smile Filter

With FaceApp smile filter, you can get a chance to amend your smile whilst deciding how broader smiles you need for sharing.

Gender Swapping Filter

Gender swapping is basically a male to female photo exchanging filter has been massively utilized by individuals for substantiating its upward reputation.

Skin Lightening Filter

With FaceApp Skin Tone Lightening Filter, you can brighten up your skin texture as per your requirement.

These are a number of FaceApp filters, earning instant recognition across market taking lead amongst numerous top face changing apps accessible in market.

How FaceApp actually works?

Once you open this app, you will be needed to either tap on a Selfie or select a photo from gallery and afterwards apply filter over it.

FaceApp utilizes the power of AI accompanied by neural set-ups and anticipates itself where you will rumple together with seeing which feature of your face will slump with the passage of time and how your hairbreadth will look once you grow old.

Similar to Prisma app, FaceApp makes use of server-side mechanisms for adding up filters on images and shares them across its server.

Does FaceApp Snip Your Data?

FaceApp terms of permissions and service are nothing to fright over, as the company isn't doing something immoral with your personal info.

What Does FaceApp Actually Do With Your Pictures?

The basis is that FaceApp transmutes your selfies or other pictures thru applying aging, hairstyles, glasses, and many more. Unluckily, it seems like it has its own part of privacy subjects. Joshua Nozzi developer of FaceApp headed to twitter with the intention of sharing something he observed while using FaceApp for the very first time.

How To Get Rid Of FaceApp Access To My Pictures?

FaceApp states, a number of images are removed from our servers in 48 hours from its date of uploading. To be certain, you can always access your settings and retract the access you granted to this FaceApp on its first place. Stay at Settings, roll downward to FaceApp, and flip switch to get rid of access.

Does FaceApp Own Access to Your Face?

At present, FaceApp owns access to 150 Million individual's Names and Faces. FaceApp has been enabling its users the potency to change their looks, facial expressions or even age for many years.

Where Is FaceApp Positioned?

FaceApp makes use of Amazon servers located in United States. On the other hand, the company is specifically located in St. Petersburg, the faces will be processed and view in Russia.

FaceApp APK 11.8.2:

FaceApp APK v11.8.2File Size: 44.06 MBs

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