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App Updated September 21, 2023
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Yandex Browser Android app is the official Yandex browser for your smartphone, which provides a super-fast web browsing experience with an enormous array of features, with a few explicitly designed for mobile version.

Yandex Browser entails all the exclusive features of a sophisticated web browser: rapid tab switching, easy bookmark managing, passwords protection, etc. Even though it makes use of Yandex search engine as a default, you can transform it to Yahoo or Google by way of app settings.

One of the most fascinating features of Yandex Browser is the turbo preference, which makes this browser go quicker through utilizing video and webpage density. This also supports in saving on your data proposal.

Another exciting feature that makes Yandex Browser necessary for desktop browser users is that it enables you to synchronize your data. Such as on Google Chrome, you can easily share your history and bookmarks amongst your android device and desktop computer.

Yandex Browser is a breathtaking browser for your android device, delivering a handsome amount of features and a real substitute to other major OS.

Yandex Browser for android – secure & stylish, with data compression and voice searching features!

  • By way of Yandex Browser app, you can view news, videos, stories traced from internet specifically based upon your interests and provided as a feed thru Zen.
  • Minimize your data consumption and escalate the loading of images as well as webpages whenever your network connection is slow with browser’s auto Turbo option.
  • Eliminate infuriating ads across websites through assimilating 3rd party blocking apps by ad blocking feature.
  • Secure your personal data while utilizing public Wi-Fi connections and get rid of fraudulent or harmful pages with Yandex browser’s active security structure Protection.
  • Hide unlinked UI elements — site menus, ads, widgets or buttons and leave only the accompanying images and relevant text on screen through Reader Mode.
  • Browse the web privately through utilizing Incognito Mode — Yandex Browser for android will not keep record of your search queries, passwords or web browsing history under this mode.
  • Modify your Yandex Browser with an enormous collection of backgrounds under wallpaper library to suit any mood or style.
  • Access your most favored bookmarks and websites on any of your android devices – just enable sync of data via Yandex account.

In case you have any kind of suggestion or queries, you can approach us directly through app.

FAQs about Yandex Browser

How Does Yandex Browser Work?

The Yandex browser for android replies to user queries with pertinent web docs it finds across the internet. Yandex browser functions in two phases. Firstly, it crawl webpages, saving a 'copy' across its servers. Secondly, it replies to users search query through retrieving a response from its servers.

Is Yandex Browser App Reliable?

Yandex Browser is 100% secure as the browser itself has in-built security, and every time you visit a malicious web page or even auto pop-ups, Yandex Browser blocks them automatically, notifying the user that this particular webpage is not secure or viruses are spotted.

Is Yandex Web Browser Open Source?

Yandex Browser app for android is a freeware browser created by a Russian based web search firm named Yandex that makes use of Blink browser engine and is specifically based upon Chromium open source plan. Yandex browser is accessible for MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android.

What is Yandex software?

Yandex is basically a Russian based conglomerate establishment specialized in Internet-related services as well as products, comprising off transportation, information services, navigation, ecommerce, online advertising and mobile apps.

Is Yandex Browser A Virus?

Yandex has been substantiated as a malware or virus by numerous desktop users for its auto appearance on their browsers. Though, technically it is not a malware or virus.

Is Yandex Browser Disk Safe?

Yandex disk is relatively recognized as a file hosting facility and it must be practically innocuous to use as a separate service. All files equal to 1 GB saved on Yandex.disk are tested through utilizing Dr.Web antivirus program.

What is Yandex Direct?

Yandex Direct is a centralized platform for sharing contextual as well as display ads that enables you to create a sales funnel and solve marketing chores at all stages.

How Many People Makes Use Of Yandex Browser?

Apart from searching, Yandex provides manifold services to 20 million daily viewers and 53 million scheduled users. The homepage of Yandex browser has across 20 million daily users along with 42 million scheduled users, exploring for services and products.

Yandex Browser with Protect APK

Yandex Browser with Protect APK v23.9.2.80File Size: 152.11 MBs

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