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AppLock - Fingerprint file details:

App Developer SpSoft
App Updated May 18, 2022
APK Version 7.9.29
Category Tools
Android Version Required Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 9.97 MBs
File Name com.sp.protector.free_7-9-29.apk

What is AppLock?

In times like these when technology is growing every day and new threats are posing to our privacy and security of our sensitive data, we always need certain protection.

The most precious data is in our mobile phones mostly which we carry with us everywhere. Android developers are making efforts to come with improved methods and ways to secure your data.

Only takes a few seconds for anyone to steal your data. You might be just handing your over to show them some pictures or make a call, but you never know what their intentions might be.

For these kinds of threats, fortunately there are several apps in the market that will help you protect your data. One of these popular apps is AppLock.

AppLock lets you lock down the apps that you think contain your sensitive information and secure them with a PIN that you are required to set. You can also choose a password or secure it with your fingerprint.

Every time someone tries to intrude into personal stuff, the app will capture a picture of them without letting them know by putting a fake window showing error.

Why do you require AppLock?

If you are someone who worries about your parent checking up your phone every now on then well, not anymore. AppLock will lock your Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and all of the social media apps.

Don’t want your friends to play games on your phone with your mobile data? With AppLock you don’t have to.

With AppLock you no more have to worry about anyone getting into your phone’s gallery or read your private stuff. Kids will no more be able to change your phone’s settings or send accidental messages.

How can you catch intruders with AppLock?

AppLock offers you the “Catch intruders” feature which will help you know who tried to access any of your phone’s app of failed to open your phone.

If anyone, whether it’s the kids in the house, your workmate or your friends, tries to get into your phone and types in the wrong password, the AppLock will capture a picture them.

That picture will be then sent to your email. This way you will know who to trust.

Can you lock apps with fingerprint?

AppLock not only lets you choose a strong password or a PIN code but you can also go for the fingerprint sensor to secure your stuff. This feature however works only for the devices that have a built in fingerprint sensor such as Samsung devices and Android Marshmallow.

What is the Fake lock feature?

The fake lock feature is quite impressive and could come in handy if you don’t want to let people know that you have secured the app or your phone with a passcode.

The fake lock will provide the perfect camouflage for your password as the person trying to intrude will not see an “enter the passcode” window but instead will see a fake window that will show error.

What does Notification Lock means?

If you don’t want anyone to see the notifications from your locked apps then you go for the Notification Lock feature.

With the Notification Lock feature, the notifications from the apps that your locked will not appear on the top of the notification bar.

Can you scale the pattern on AppLock?

Want to confuse the intruders by increasing the pattern scale so the number of possible pattern attempts increases? With AppLock now you can.

AppLock allows you to scale the pattern box as big as 18x18 which is quite big as compared to the simple and normal pattern box size 3x3.

By increasing the pattern box size the intruders will never be able to guess the right pattern and your data will stay secured.

What is Smart Lock?

Do you want to lock your apps for a specific time which could be your school hours or office time? Are you looking for an app lock that will auto unlock everything so you don’t have to enter the passcode every time in order to access the apps?

The Smart Lock feature by AppLock gives you the freedom to lock your apps for a certain time and they will be unlocked on their own once your phone is connected to Wi Fi or Bluetooth.

Can you set up multiple passwords on AppLock?

One of the best features offered by AppLock so far, according to me, is the ‘Multiple passwords’ feature. You will be wondering what it means.

The Multiple passwords features lets you set up a different password for each app. This means that if someone by chance sees you unlocking one app or is able to guess the password for one app, will not be able to unlock other apps as you would have set up a separate password for each app.

What is Home screen lock?

AppLock not only lets you lock certain apps with your precious data but you can also lock your whole phone with it.

Lock your phone’s home screen with AppLock’s home screen lock instead of your phone’s lock screen of system.

Is AppLock a lightweight app?

Yes, AppLock is one of the lightest app you will find so far, with size of only 3MB. Due to the lightweight the app is seen to work quite fast and efficiently.

Can you prevent AppLock from being uninstalled?

If AppLock ever gets uninstalled or deleted, then there is a chance of security breach and your data might not be safe anymore.

AppLock has come up with a solution for this problem as well. All you need to do is go to settings and turn on the ‘Uninstallation Prevention’ option. This way no one will be able to uninstall AppLock.

Quick features

  • AppLock allows you to randomly arrange the buttons of your password.
  • The unlock attempts can be restricted to prevent others to keep attempting to unlock.
  • AppLock enables you to lock incoming calls as well.
  • The newly installed apps will be locked automatically.

AppLock - Fingerprint APK 7.9.29:

AppLock - Fingerprint APK v7.9.29 (479)File Size: 9.97 MBs

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