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TFT: Teamfight Tactics file details:

App Developer Riot Games, Inc
App Updated February 22, 2023
APK Version 13.4.4937613
Category Strategy
Android Version Required Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 51.43 MBs
File Name com.riotgames.league.teamfighttactics_13-4-4937613.apk

Teamfight Tactics - League of Legends Strategy Game

What is Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics is the game where you can play the legends league by making a new strategy. You can fight against your enemy in a round-based battle over this game.

You start playing this game by making a team or squad in a fully competitive environment. You might start this game by logging in. You set up plans to play matches in this league of legends or champions to fight against the adversaries.

It is a theme and strategic game played by the users by handling all controls to win the round-based battle just for free. You come up with the champions or legends, make team strategies, equip with weapons and fight to win the battle.

How to play?

You can start this game by team up with seven member’s squads by standing 8 players with them while playing through it. You can start playing against the opponent by building a team. The team members are selected on the collecting of coins.

Randomly selects the team players and attacks on your enemy. The players are automatically removed from the game when their health drops to zero.

While playing in the battlefield players collect the coins, provide or equip the powerful weapons or guns to the fighters of the team, upgrade them, save gold and many other important tools.

Time Requirement for a Match

Firstly, it depends on the level of rounds of how the fighters are fighting.

Secondly, usually, each match takes 30 to 40 minutes.

If new users start playing this game (slow matches) then it takes a maximum of 45 or more minutes accordingly.

Basic Goal

The main goal for the player is to win the battle and stand-alone or fight until you become the last player. You might play when the battlefield is free or no more enemy is left behind to fight against you.

Features ofTeamfight Tactics

Easy Interface

This app is designed with amazing graphics, an easy interface and uses wonderful AI settings.

You love to play and see the AI magic while playing on it. The use of beautiful design characters, modes, controls, collections of avatars and coins make this game interesting.

Free playing

You can play this game just for free, you can use all its features and tools such as booms, arena skins, avatars, cosmetics, etc.

All the main tools and controls, supported for free after easy downloading.

Set profile

You can create your profile, check other player profiles to team up with your favorite ones. You can make your squad through profile and winning points or battle of champions.

Make Collection

You can see all your collection of coins, gold, unique avatars, powerful weapons, climbing ladder, etc by clicking on the collection icon on the home screen of the app.

You can increase your collection and make your position more strong while playing on the battlefield.

Infinite Depth

You can fight with your opponent till the last moment or until you win the game. You can fight to the depth for your survival.

Play on different devices

This app is compatible or runs on various devices such as Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and you easily play on all the platforms.

Select Mode

You can choose your favorite mode to start playing on it. You can play in the default mode of this app or select the customize mode option.

You can select your desired galaxies and play in your favorite mode while playing over the game.

Select a Champion

You can select the champion or desired team player that is present in the collection pool.

Rank up

You can play and upgrade the weapons and levels present in the game. You can play with the full support of your team players and climb up on a ladder to rank it.

Shared Draft

This game allows you to select or switch your team player using this share draft feature. The player with the lowest health has a chance to choose the winning champions or favorite player. By selecting the best player there is a great opportunity to win the game.


You can invite others to this game or team up with your friends by sending them invitations through this game.


Hopefully, you can enjoy this game as it is played in a team. You can love to fight against your enemy on the battlefield.

You can play with your friends on different devices to ruin your enemy with the help of powerful weapons.

You love to play in different rounds or levels to conquer the adversary.

Start playing and also share with your friends who are fond of such kinds of games.

Don’t miss a chance to play this thrilling game, so what are you waiting for? Quickly install this game on your smartphone.

Download this game from this link

We are waiting for your feedback so that we make improvements if necessary.

TFT: Teamfight Tactics APK 13.4.4937613:

TFT: Teamfight Tactics APK v13.4.4937613File Size: 51.43 MBs

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