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PicsArt Photo Editor file details:

App Developer PicsArt
App Updated December 23, 2021
APK Version 18.7.3
Category Photography
Android Version Required Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 35.98 MBs
File Name com.picsart.studio_18-7-3.apk

Being creative means more than just applying a filter on a photo. With PicsArt you can showcase you whole new level of creativity as it will provide you with everything that you would need to create amazing photo edits, artistic camera shoots, photo collages, create digital drawings.

PicsArt also functions as a social media platform because this app has a community of its own. In the PicsArt community you can share your work with the members plus you can also look at the work and art of other creative.

PicsArt provides you with such amazing editing tools, effects and much more than you can imagine, which can only be found in a professional editing software programs.

It is available on both iOS, Android and Windows PC as well and about 250 million people are already taking the advantage of its hundreds of montages and professional level editing tools.

Beautiful and creative images can be created with the amazing PicsArt app, no matter what time it is, or what place you are.

PicsArt allows anyone to connect through image sharing, art contests, and collaborative editing with the #freetoedit hash tag, as well as to share images on a variety of popular social platforms. And even though it provides you professional level editing tools just like Photoshop or Light room it is still free of cost on a basic level.

Features of PicsArt app

PicsArt is everything you need to seem like a professional photo editor or even edit like one. But the best thing about it that it is so easy to use and does not require any instructions or training before using it as is the case with Photoshop and other photo editing software programs.

Here we have a list of some of the coolest features provided by PicsArt which enable you to create and edit amazing photos and make the most of this app.

Here you are!

Apply multiple effects

PicsArt has a bundle of awesome features just for you. By applying an effect, the whole look of your image can be changed. More than one filters can applied to your picture in order enhance you photos more.

In order to apply more than one effect to your image in PicsArt, all you need to do is click on the Effects option and select the first filter that you would like to apply.

Then tap the two small square-shaped icons in the top bar. The same filter will be applied to your image again.

Now apply another filter again. Once you are done applying all the desired filters you like, click on the tick icon at the top right corner.

View original images

If you are editing your photos and you want to see how your edited photo is different from the original one then no need to worry. PicsArt lets you compare the two photos, the original and the edited one, while you are editing.

You can do the comparison without even opening gallery. All you need to do is hold or long tap the image and you will see the original image.

Alteration in effect intensity

Other than adding more than one effect or filters you can also alter the intensity of each of the filter applied according to whatever your need is or what you like.

You can either increase or decrease the intensity of the filters applied as both options are provided by the app.

To do so, once you apply the effect, click on the effect option again. You will be shown the options to change the intensity.

Apply filter to a part of photo

With PicsArt the effect or filters can be applied to just a part a part of your image. This way you will see a dual effect is created in your picture which makes it look more aesthetic.

In order to do so, simply just click on the eraser icon that you can find at the top after you are done applying the filter. By using the eraser option, the parts where you don’t want the effect can be removed that easily.

Blur your background

This option is available in many of the photo editing apps, but only PicsArt has taken it to the next level as it lets you do more than just blurring the background. You can use the normal blur, smart blur, motion blur, radial blur etc.

PicsArt also has an automatic portrait mode with which the blur effect will be applied to your portrait images.

If you want to apply the blur effect to just a part of the photo then click on the Effect option and choose the Blur mode and select Blur, so the blur effect will be applied to the whole photo.

Now if you want to remove the Blur effect from some parts of your image, simply tap on the eraser icon and start erasing blur from the areas where it’s not needed.

Edit stickers

PicsArt provides you with many cool stickers that will surely go with your photos. But keeping in mind that every person has a different taste and not everyone will find the sticker colors and effects that appealing.

To prevent this situation, you are also allowed to edit your stickers according to your taste by PicsArt. In oder to do so, a sticker can be added to your image and then multiple options will be given to you to edit it. You can even remove a portion of the sticker by tapping the eraser icon at the top.

PicsArt Photo Editor APK 18.7.3:

PicsArt Photo Editor APK v18.7.3File Size: 35.98 MBs

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