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App Developer
App Updated January 29, 2024
APK Version 15.3.1
Category Sports
Android Version Required Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 112.19 MBs
File Name com.miniclip.carrom_15-3-1.apk

Carrom Pool

Do you miss your childhood when you used to play carrom with your siblings.?

Carrom board is a game which all the 90's born people have most probably played in their childhood. Just like Ludo, it was a household game.

But now we rarely see any carrom boards in our houses. But if you're someone who wants to relive those childhood memories, you can play Carrom Pool. A mobile game based on carrom board.

What is Carrom Pool?

Carrom pool is a carrom board based game developed by Miniclip, that is famous for it's 8 ball pool.

After the huge success of the 8 ball pool, they have come up with another amazing game carrom pool.

You have to pot all of your pucks in the hole before your opponent, to win the match.


The gameplay is kept close to the real carrom board game. Two opponents play a match, one of them holding white pucks and the other is holding the black pucks and both have a single striker puck to strike the other pucks.

To win a match, you have to pot all of your pucks before the opponent. It’s a foul if you pot the striker puck or if you pot your opponent’s puck.

So the rules are simple. Just hit the pucks and pot them just like the 8 ball pool. When you are going to hit the puck, you will be displayed a trace that helps you to pot your ball efficiently.

Each match is started on a bet. You put some of your coins to start the match and if you win you will get double the amount of coins. If you lose, you will lose the coins you have put there before the match


The graphics are smooth and controls are simple. You just have to select your strike path, adjust strike power and just hit the puck.

The game is visually appealing as the graphics are attractive yet simple. However, if I compare them with the 8 ball pool, the graphics quality is lower than it.

But if we don't make this comparison, you will be satisfied with its graphics quality.

Features of Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool has the following features.

Have Multiple Game Modes

Carrom Pool features multiple game modes and each of them is little different to the other. Having a variety in game modes means you will not get bored with the game soon. The game modes are:

Disc Pool: The Disc Pool does not contain a red puck. Often called queen puck in the traditional carrom board. You just have to pot all of your pucks before your opponent.

Carrom Pool: Carrom Pool mode contains a red puck. After you have pot all your pucks, you will have to pot the red puck to win the game. If you pot the red puck before potting all the pucks, it will not be a foul but the red puck will come back to the table.

Freestyle: In freestyle mode, each puck will give you a different score and if you pot the red puck before potting all of your pucks, it will be a foul.

Play in your Desired Pool

The carrom pool has multiple pools and you can select your desired pool to play the match. Each pool has a different amount of coins to bet.

Pools are named after cities such as London Park, Lahore Lounge, Singapore Plaza, and etc. I was surprised to see the cities of Pakistan here.

There are two additional game modes: 6 pieces pool and 9 pieces pool. These game modes are according to the Pool you have chosen.

For instance, London Park has an entry fee of 2600 coins and the prize is 5000. The game mode is a 9 piece disc pool.

Win Prizes with Lucky Shot

Lucky Shot is offered to you daily and you can win rewards, coins, chests, and upgrades with this for free.

However, the Lucky Shot is unlocked after you have reached level 2 of the game.

Free Coins after 3 Hours

You will get 300 coins after each 3 hours. You have to collect the coins yourself otherwise they would not be added to your coins.


If you love and miss the traditional carrom board, then Carrom Pool can be your ideal game and you will enjoy it a lot.

It has many similarities with the 8 ball pool. Hence, if you have played it, you will find Carrom Pool more relevant and easier.

Carrom Pool APK 15.3.1:

Carrom Pool APK v15.3.1File Size: 112.19 MBs

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