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Temple Run file details:

App Developer Imangi Studios
App Updated November 25, 2021
APK Version 1.13.0
Category Arcade
Android Version Required Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 0.00 MBs
File Name com.imangi.templerun_1-13-0.apk

Temple Run game app is available as a free android app, though payment is needed for extra power-ups. Download through Play Store completed in a flash, and there were no log-ins required to play this gaming app. The startup graphics of game are created sophistically, as are those for the game itself.

The ultimate choice to start a new game is very easy to find and categorized efficiently. With respect to play, the game trails the major character from a third-party perspective. This character runs from fiends together with different tracks. The player should initiate the character to slide, jump, pick up coins and dodge.

A game tutorial does a perfect job of presenting the player to the game for the very first time. The approachability of the controls, video quality and sounds were all more than sufficient. Though, the basic game controller and the absence of complexity may not appeal to progressive gamers.

For those searching for an interactive android game, Temple Run's astonishing playing style and quality graphics make it a right choice for users.

With more than a zillion downloads, Temple Run app for android redefined smartphone gaming. Now get more than petrifying running, turning, jumping and gliding you like in Temple Run! Navigate death-defying zip lines, cliffs, forests and mines as you aspire to escape with terrifying beast. How quickly can you run?

Features Of Temple Run Game App

  • Interactive new graphics
  • Beautiful new living environments
  • Extra power-ups.
  • Extra achievements.
  • More obstacles.
  • Special powers for every single character.
  • Bigger Beast.

What’s New in Temple Run?

  • The exquisiteness of marigold is dispersion across the Bay. Start a celebration that will stir the dead in this brand new adventure.
  • Discover the appealing new spirits Bay map.
  • Explore new festive outfits.
  • Pull together the ornamental Spirits Cove Cranium Objects.
  • Arrival of Summit Spooky map.
  • Halloween outfits & characters have returned for a restricted time.

Key Facts of Temple Run Game App

  • Navigate insecure zip lines, cliffs, forests and mines as you endeavor hard to escape with dangerous beast.
  • Lastly updated on 05/21/19
  • There has been only a single update within past 6 months.
  • Also accessible on Windows and iOS.

What Is Temple Run Game App Specifically Based On?

Temple Run app is a 3D interminable running android game published and developed by Imangi Studio. The user controls the game as a voyager who has gained a prehistoric artifact and is running from wicked fiend monkeys who are pursuing him.

How To Play Temple Run?

  • Open Temple Run. This game app specifically based upon a golden statue's face. Running Temple Run will redirect you to its web page.
  • Click on OPTIONS. It is in the left-lower side of your phone screen.
  • Modify your preferences.
  • Click on BACK. It is at bottom side of the screen.
  • Click on PLAY. Your game will start.

Is Temple Run 100% Free?

Temple Run is 100% free gaming app, created by Keith Shepherd and Imangi Studio’s designer-duo Natalia Luckyanova, hit more than 36 million downloads for the month of February, as stated by the company.

Is Temple Run Game App Need Wi-Fi Connection?

No, there isn’t any requirement for internet connection to play Temple Run game. You will only require an internet at the time of installing and launching this game.

Levels In Temple Run

The iOS/Android Temple Run has more than 44 different missions which you can complete during the course of the game. Mentioned below is a list of all major levels: Pocket Change – Collected 100 coins, Novice Runner – Ran 500 meters.

Power Play in Temple Run Game App

You only need to collect coins until or unless your power meter beams up, tap on the screen to stimulate your preferred capacity, and repeat this four more times in a single run. You can make this somewhat easier through selecting a capacity that does not hinder you from filling up your power meter once it is activated.

How Does Temple Run Game App Make Money?

The genuine version of Temple Run game app has produced more than $1 million in terms of revenue, far of that from after Imangi swapped to a free model that only cashes after user purchases gameplay upgrades or characters.

Is Temple Run 3 App Coming In Near Future?

Indeed, there were stories that spread that version 3 of Temple Run will be released in near future. Though, rumors to have it released in the year 2016 did not come factual. There were no rumors verified, though, by the developers of this game. This makes Temple Run - Oz to be the brand new game of the series.

Temple Run APK 1.13.0:

Temple Run APK v1.13.0File Size: 0.00 MBs

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