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App Developer groupme
App Updated February 16, 2024
APK Version 6.111.1
Category Communication
Android Version Required Android 5.0 and up
APK File Size 123.00 MBs
File Name com.groupme.android_6-111-1.apk


GroupMe is an instant messaging app that focuses on providing a better experience of group conversations.

It is founded and owned by Microsoft and already has 10+ Million installs on the Google Play Store.

The app can be a good alternative to WhatsApp if your main priority is group texting and you enjoy having fun emojis.

What sets it apart?

You might be thinking that you can do group chats in WhatsApp or other popular social media apps then why would you choose this.

Yes, you are right, but other than texting, it offers you some extra features which you cannot get in WhatsApp group chats.

What sets it apart from others, is that anyone can join the group whether they have the app installed or not.

If they have the app, or install it, they can easily join the group. If not, they can join the group through SMS and they will get all the messages in the group through SMS.

Features of GroupMe

GroupMe offers plenty of features for having fun and enjoyable group conversations.

Let's jump to know the details of these features:

Closed or Public Groups

If you create a group, privacy of the group is in your control. You can choose it to be closed or public.

In the case of a closed group, only you, being the owner, can add members to the group and other members cannot add anyone else to the group.

Share Your Groups Easily

You don't have to add someone in your contact list to have them join the group.

You can easily enable other people to join your group by group sharing feature. There are two methods for group sharing:

QR Code: A QR code is generated for your group and you can share it with anyone through WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS or any other source. Anyone can join the group scanning your group's QR code.

URL: A URL will be assigned to your group and anyone who has the URL can join your group.

Share Media & Documents

Group conversations cannot be completed without sending images, videos or other files and documents.

GroupMe allows you to share all these types of media and you can share files upto 50 MB. This size limit is fairly adequate.

Create an Event

You can create and organize shared events for group members. You can add the starting and ending time in the events, location of the event, an image, and even a skype call link.

The skype call link is useful if you plan to have a meeting on Skype with your friends or fellows and you want to remind them about it.

Events are a great way to do things together and on time.

Create Polls to Take Opinions

Want to take the opinion of every member but doesn't want to clutter the conversation ?

Don't worry, GroupMe can help you here with its poll feature. You can create polls inside a group.

The polls can be used to take opinions and votings. You can set a time limit for the poll to end.

Search for Gifs, Images & Videos

Another cool feature of GroupMe is that you can search for Gifs, images & videos available on the internet.

The database is huge and you can find almost any related Gif or image which you want.

Heart a Message

You can Heart anyone's message in the group if you like it. Moreover, you can view the hearts for your messages.

The messages with the most number of hearts will be the popular messages and you can filter them by Day, Month or Year.

Have an Elegant Dark Mode

Modern apps seem incomplete without a dark mode as everyone loves it and it should be there in every app.

Thankfully, GroupMe features a dark mode that turns the app's background to a darker tune.

Although it's not pitch black, it looks elegant and attractive. You can set the dark mode to be auto i-e default mode for day and dark mode for night.

Create Skype Call Links

As the app is owned by Microsoft, it allows you to make Skype call links.

If you want to have a call with your group member, you will have to create a Skype link.

The app will redirect to Skype but anyone can join the call even if they don't have an account on Skype.

What about the Price?

GroupMe is absolutely free to install and use and it doesn't not charge you anything.


GroupMe is a great instant messaging app and you would love to use it if you like funny emojis and Gifs.

Moreover, it allows you to make groups with 500 members which is a huge number.

Overall, the app performs really good and you can manage and control your groups as you like.

GroupMe APK 6.111.1:

GroupMe APK v6.111.1File Size: 123.00 MBs

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