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Google Play Games file details:

App Developer Google LLC
App Updated October 12, 2023
APK Version 2023.08.46243 (567560229.567560229-000300)
Category Entertainment
Android Version Required Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 14.46 MBs
File Name (567560229-567560229-000300).apk

Are you someone you who has a die-hard passion for playing games online or someone who would kill for an awesome shooting game? Don’t worry we got you.

Level up your gaming experience with the Google Play Games app. We have all kinds of games packed in right here for you. Games just became more interesting with this app.

Whether you are looking for an awesome adventure where you kill your enemies and look for treasure or save some hostages or you are more of a crossword puzzle. We have all of the games stocked inside the app which will help you find your all time favorite games.

Google Play Games is basically an online gaming service which is of course owned by Google which is another part of the Google Play chain. This service is compatible for the Android operating system.

It has a tons of awesome features that every gamer would literally die for which includes the capability of multiplayer gaming, which is what every gamer would want.

You also get your gamer very own gamer profile, leader boards which could be both public and social and achievements as well.

The coolest feature of Google Play Games would be for the developers, as this service allows you to integrate the features that have been described above in their very own games.

This will help the developers save their precious time as they would no longer be required to develop all these features all by themselves right from the scratch.

With Google Play Games app you can play all the favorite games you want without the need of installing each and every game and filling up the space in your PC or smartphone.

If you have reached a higher level and now you just have some stuff to take care of and you don’t have the time to finish the game, there is no need to quit the game.

You can simply save your achievements and progress just like that. Moreover you can start the game wherever you left it and that too from any other device that has been synced of course.

Features of Google Play Games

Google Play Games have a ton of features that will be loved by you gamers and even game developers. Below is the list of those features that will help you know the service in a better way so you can make the most of this awesome online gaming service.

Here you go!

Instant play

Are you someone who has installed tons of games on its PC and smartphone and does not have enough space for a new awesome game you just found you loved?

Or you simply don’t have enough to go through the hassle of installing game but you need to pass your time anyway? There is absolutely no need to worry about it now.

Google Play Games app has come up with a solution for people just like you. Now you can play the games you want without the need of installing them on your device. Just find the “Instant Play” button and smash it and instantly play your games.

Play offline

Is your internet connection real slow or you are in a no network area? Did you just run out of your data package and now is bored and has nothing to do to kill time and not even a single game on your phone?

All you need is to have the Google Play Games app on your phone is you are saved from the boredom you were just about to face.

The service has games built inside the app such as Play Solitaire, Minesweeper, Snake, PAC-MAN, Cricket, and Whirlybird. All of these games can be played even when you have no internet connection.

Save your progress

Were you just playing a super cool game in which you were saving some hostages or probably on some higher level of the game and you are struck with an urgent work or have some stuff to take care of? Don’t worry because Google Play Games app has got your back.

You can now leave the game wherever you like no matter which high level you are on. Your progress and achievements will be saved to the cloud right before you leave the game.

You will even see “Progress saved by Play Games” to confirm that your progress actually has been secured and you can resume the game from wherever you left.

Gameplay recording

As we all know it very well how the live streams of games is becoming popular among the teenagers and simply gamers.

People enjoy watching these live streams of their favorite games which is accompanied by a running commentary of the person playing it, which sort of feels like the background sounds and makes it more entertaining and interesting.

If you own a channel in which you stream while playing games live then Google Play Games surely has some awesome news for people like you.

Google Play Games app allows you to record your gameplay and share these epic moments on your YouTube or other platforms with your friends or even fans if you have some.

Incorporate game features in your own games

This feature would definitely be loved by the game developers for sure. Google Play Games app lets developers incorporate the features present in the games in the app in their very own games.

This means that the developer would not have to go through the hassle of developing the features form nothing right from the scratch. They can just simply use the app to integrate such features in their games without losing much time.

Google Play Games APK 2023.08.46243 (567560229.567560229-000300):

Google Play Games APK v2023.08.46243 (567560229.567560229-000300)File Size: 14.46 MBs

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