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App Developer Google LLC
App Updated November 23, 2023
APK Version 2023.11.13.582117690
Category Communication
Android Version Required Android 5.0 and up
APK File Size 17.07 MBs
File Name

Google Voice app for android is an extremely superlative tool launched by Google that enables you to make universal phone calls under a simplest and cheapest manner than before.

By way of Google Voice app for android, you can not only make phone calls but also send text messages along with listening voice messages by your contacts. Unluckily, for the time being, Google Voice app specifically works in numerous American regions, whilst you can receive phone calls and messages from users reside within United States, you cannot initiate phone calls or messages from regions outside U.S.

Google Voice app, similar to all Google tools, has a friendly and vibrant interface and using it is extremely convenient. Moreover, it is also auto-synchronized with your Google contacts once you install it. Google Voice is an extremely superlative tool for making phone calls across the Internet, though the app is still not accessible outside United States.

Google Voice app provides you a phone number for text messaging, making phone calls or voicemail. The app functions both on computers and smartphones, and auto-syncs across your android devices hence you can make use of this app within your office or within the comfort of your home.

You need to bear in mind that Google Voice app only function for your personal Google Accounts all across the US or G Suite accounts in only a few specific markets. Voice or text messaging is not supported across all universal markets.

You Are In Complete Control

Get auto spam filter or block numbers you don’t need to hear from. Organize your time with customized settings for forwarding text messages, voicemail or calls.

Searchable & Backed Up

Phone Calls, voicemails or text messages are backed up and stored to make it convenient for you to explore your history.

Manage Text/Voice Messages across Your Devices

You can send/receive group or individual messages from all of your android devices.

Your Voicemail, Transliterated

The app offers sophisticated voicemail records that an individual can read or have sent in email.

Save Extensively On Universal Calling

Make universal phone calls at inexpensive rates without paying any additional charges for global minutes.

Points to Bear in Mind

  • At present, the app is only accessible across United States. Google Voice for G Suite users is accessible only in a few specific regions. You can simply check with your service administrator for access.
  • Phone calls made thru utilizing Google Voice app can be put thru a Google Voice access number. These access number based phone calls make use of standard minutes from your phone plan or possibly incur some costs.

Voice Mail, Phone Calls or Chat, All in a Single App

The app brings together on the similar app what utilized to be in numerous of them as it enables us to make phone calls, manage voice mail, or chat with your contacts from a similar UI. Alternatively, it is here to take possession of from Hangouts or Phone App.

Though, there are several features to this android app as it also provides us other functions to expand your control over phone communications or privacy:

  • Auto-filter spam or block numbers by which you don't wish to receive phone calls. Moreover, you can manage SMS, incoming calls, or voice mail by way of personalized settings.
  • Auto backups which are simplest to recover.
  • Chit-chat with phone contacts.
  • Manage text or voice messages amongst devices via simply signing into your account.
  • Copy your messages on voice mail.
  • Make Universal calls at cheapest rates.

Google Voice is unquestionably a fantastic app to manage your phone conversations though with only a single drawback: if you install this app, you can only utilize it via your G Suite account as it is only accessible in United States.

What’s New in Google Voice App For Android?

  • Constancy & performance enhancements

How To Download Google Voice App For Android?

On your smartphone, download/install Google Voice. After this, sign in to your official Google account. Once reviewing Privacy Policy or Terms of Services, tap on Continue, to select your voice number, click on Search.

Are Google Voice Numbers 100% Free Of Cost?

By way of Google Voice app, you will get a free number for phone calls, messages or voicemail. You can utilize the apps on computers and smartphones, or you can connect your phone number to any landline or mobile number.

Is Google Voice App Being Superseded?

Google Voice app is expected to be stopped with a mainstream of its functions to be trolled into Google Hangouts. Recently, Google is said to be developing its Hangout product thru assimilating VoIP calling into a compatible communicating app.

Google Voice APK 2023.11.13.582117690:

Google Voice APK v2023.11.13.582117690File Size: 17.07 MBs

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