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App Developer Google Inc.
App Updated February 15, 2024
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Category Lifestyle
Android Version Required Android 6.0 and up
APK File Size 90.00 MBs
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Google Home is a small speaker that might seem to you as an air fresher, since it is supposed to go with he décor of your home.

It a range of speakers that have been developed by the Google which lets you perform activities virtually, does not matter if you are equipped with a smartphone, tablet or PC.

You are allowed to interact with the Google Home with the voice commands as it is voice activated and helps you interact with other services through the company’s very own Google Assistant.

Since Google Home is voice activated, you can simply give it commends and it will do whatever you ordered it to. Whether you want it to play music, or wake you up in the morning, or you have a query about anything.

With Google home you can also control the other smart gadgets inside your house and many other tricks can be done.

You might find Google Home surprisingly similar to the Amazon’s Echo as it is programmed to do everything which Echo does. But with Google Home you have the benefit because it has everything which is Google itself which the Echo doesn’t possess.

Google Home can be placed anywhere in your house, kitchen, living room, lounge etc. plus you don’t need to attach it to some compulsory piece of gadgetry.

Home a sensitive touch panel on its top which can be used to manage its volume. You can also play or pause your music and its listening mode can also be activated through it.

The lights on the panel also turn on when the device hears the wake word which could be “OK Google” or “Hey Google”.

Two far field microphones are also incorporated in the panel situated on the top, which helps the device to hear your voice commands from across the room or from a distance.

Features of Google Home

Below is a list of features that will help you get the most of this voice activated speaker named as Google Home and help you make use of it in a better and productive way.

Wake word

Google has restricted you to use to of the phrases which are “OK Google” and “Hey Google”. These are basically the wake words which are spoken to activate the Google Home device at your house.

You are required to say any of these two phrases whenever you want to give command to the Google Home device. After saying these words you can follow by the command or question.

Although you would not need to say the wake word after every sentence as Google Home supports Continued Conversation.

2. Find your phone

With the Home latest software update, you can now find you smart phone all because of the native compatibly introduced by Google.

This new update enables you to find your phone by ringing it when you have left it under or something or in some place. This will ring your phone even it’s been put on silent.

All you would need to do to ensure that you have the same Google account logged in, in both your smart phone and the Google Home. Google should be able to call your phone if it’s connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi.

3. Remembers where you put stuff

If you are someone who has a very busy schedule and has to do everything by yourself and easily forget where you put things because f too much work. Google Home is at your service to solve this issue for you.

As Google Home can find your phone just like that it can remember where you have put your things. All you need to do is tell the device, give it some reminders about all the things that are very important but can be forgotten very easily.

These could include anything like your car keys or your diaries or any of the documents like your passport.

You can simply tell the device something like “OK Google my car keys are on the table in the living room” and it will simply remember it. Next time all you need to do is ask it “Hey Google where are my keys?”

4. Play your favorite music

Google Home is more than just a gadget and hands free assistant. The built in speakers at the bottom of the device are quite powerful and bassy to make sure that the room is filled by your favorite music.

Whether it is for some party you threw at your house to play rocking party songs or to play soft music when you come home after a tiring day at work, Google Home is there at your service.

It supports all of your favorite which include Google Music, TuneIn and of course your all time favorite Spotify. Simply tell you Google Home to play your favorite playlist on Spotify and watch it doing so.

5. Manage your schedule

If you are someone who is always stuck behind t desk for work and barely gets a chance to have time for yourself, then looking manually through the calendar must be exhausting. But no need to worry since Google Home is here to save the day.

With Google Home you can add tasks to your calendar with the time. The device also reads you the planned day back to you when you ask it about what’s on the schedule.

You can simply command Google Home to add events to your calendar. For example “Add tea with the executive at pm tomorrow” or set an alarm for 7am in the morning”.

6. Guest Mode

A Guest Mode can be set up to let anyone at your house connect to the Google Home device. For this a four digit pin will be required for the guests to connect to Google Home devices that would be provide by the Google Home app.

By this they will not need to be on your Wi Fi network too. You can turn guest mode on or off for each Home device you have. Guests will need to have the Google Home app and enter the PIN shown when requested.

Google Home APK

Google Home APK v3.13.1.4File Size: 90.00 MBs

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