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App Developer Google LLC
App Updated September 14, 2023
APK Version 3.0.046-5
Category Tools
Android Version Required Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 5.63 MBs
File Name

We all have lost our smart phones or tablets at one point in our lives and we know how annoying and stressful that could be. These days almost everything is inside our phones and it mean the world to some people.

Our phones contain every basic thing that we need to survive through the day. People save important figures inside their smart phones which include their credit card numbers or passwords or other important documents.

Besides the stuff that is related to our jobs, we also have some of our very private stuff inside of our phones which could include things that are related to our families like private photos and videos.

If you have lost your phone and someone with ethics has found it, he might report it to the police station. The problem would be when nobody can find your phone or it has been snatched by someone.

Your stolen phone can easily be unlocked and stuff will no longer be private. Though most people put passwords on their documents and other important files and photos, but once the phone is unlocked, your stuff could be misused.

Your social media accounts logged into your phone might also be used to share things that you might never share. By the time you will report them they might go viral and you cannot delete it from everywhere as some people download the pictures and videos that go viral.

All of this can now be prevented by the Google Find My Device. Other apps might lock up your files and images and won’t help you find your phone.

With Google Find My Device you can not only find your smart phone, table or even smart watch but this app can also help your erase all the data on your phone, in case of theft or you have lost any hope to find your phone.

Google Find My Device will help you find your phone by using the GPS. You would need to enable the GPS and mobile data connection on your phone if you need this app to work. FMD will track your location and it will sync the location data with Google’s servers automatically.

This app could come in handy if you are someone who easily forgets things because of your busy schedule or tiring office hours.

How to find your lost phone?

Setting up Find My Device

Here is a quick know how about how to set up your Google Find My Device and test it to find your phone. However there are a few things that you need to do to make sure that the app works accurately.

The things include your device is one and you are connected to a cellular data or Wi Fi. You need to be signed in to your Google account plus the GPS on your phone should also be enabled. In addition to all of the things mentioned above you are also required to be visible on Google Play.

After turning on your Wi FI or cellular data connection you can ensure that the rest of things are enabled by checking them one by one.

First you need to go to your settings where you will find your Google account after tapping on “Google”. If you are already logged in to your account then your email address will be showing on the top otherwise you will have to sign in.

You will see the Find My Device under the Security and Location menu. The Find My Device will have a toggle switch with on and off. If it’s off toggle the switch to turn on the app.

After doing this scroll down to the privacy section from the security and location menu. You will find the Location option which will say on and off. If it is turned off, you can toggle the switch to turn it on.

Next you need to make sure that you are visible on Google Play which you might be by default but it is possible that your visibility is concealed.

To check your device’s status on Google Play, go to On that page you'll see a list of your devices. Under Visibility, select Show in menus.

How to use Find My Device?

In order to find your lost smart phone you would first need to go to your browser and open a tab. After that you will need to go to and log into your Google account.

Now the Goggle Find My Device will try to locate your device when all of the required things mentioned above are enabled especially the GPS on your lost smart phone.

Find My Device app will let you know your phone’s location after it has been able to track it down successfully. If it is functioning accurately you will now see a map where the location of your phone will be shown with a pin.

Features of Find My Device

Once the Google Find My Device has tracked down the location of your phone accurately you can now do the things mentioned below which are also features of this app.

Play sound

If you have reached close to the location of your phone but you are still unable to find still unable to find it then there is nothing to be worried about.

Find My Device app help you ring your phone and play sound on your phone even when it is on vibration or has been turned down to silent. The app will help play the sound on your phone for about five minutes.

Secure device

Your device can also be locked down remotely in case of theft or you have lost it. If you would like to, there is also an option to add a message or a contact number on the lock screen of your phone in case someone has found it and would like to return it back to you.

Erase device

If you have lost every hope that you will ever get your phone back then you can easily remove all the data from it. Removing all the data means setting the phone to factory reset. You might not be able to do so if your phone is offline.

Google Find My Device APK 3.0.046-5:

Google Find My Device APK v3.0.046-5File Size: 5.63 MBs

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