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Perfect Piano file details:

App Developer Revontulet Soft Inc
App Updated January 06, 2023
APK Version 7.6.9
Category Music & Audio
Android Version Required Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 51.72 MBs
File Name com.gamestar.perfectpiano_7-6-9.apk

Perfect Piano

Learning to play an instrument is a challenging task, especially when you don't have the instrument you want to learn.

As you cannot learn to play an instrument by just reading a guide or by watching a tutorial video. You need a lot of practice to play an instrument.

But to facilitate you and to make your learning easy, there exists an amazing app called Perfect Piano. As the name indicates, the app enables you to learn and play piano.

Piano is a wonderful and one of the most used instruments. People love to play piano and many people who do not know how to play it dream to learn and play it. For such people the app is perfect. In fact, it is a treat for every music lover.

Perfect Piano offers you incredible features. You will be surprised to know how useful and cool this little app is.

Let's discuss the features briefly.

Features ofPerfect Piano App

Multiple Modes & Difficulty Levels

The app has multiple modes to choose from. You can choose from 3 difficulty levels

  • Easy: The speed is slow in this mode and the song is simplified to help you learn.
  • Medium: Speed is slow in this mode but the song is kept original.
  • Hard: This mode has original song and the speed is also normal as the song originally has.

To guide you, notes will be displayed to you and you have to follow them. You can customize how notes will be displayed by choosing from 3 options:

  • Sheet Music
  • Waterfall
  • Fallen Notes

You can choose any one, it depends on your personal choice. However, the Sheet Music mode is hard and does not support easy and medium difficulty levels.

The app also features 3 different modes to play. These three are:

  • Note Wait: Notes will fall and wait for you to press and play. The notes will not move further until you play the current notes.
  • Listen: The notes will fall and even if you don’t press the key, the song will be played according to the notes. You can first listen to the full song and then practice it later.
  • Practice: This mode is the most advanced one, as the notes do not wait for you to press the key. After you have tried the other two modes, you can test your practice with this mode.

Full keyboard

Although there are some other good piano apps in the market, they do not support full keyboard. Only a few keys are displayed at a time on the screen which makes them limited.

But this app features full keyboard to display for you. Moreover, the keys on the piano are not tiny, they are wide enough to be easy to press for everyone.

Different sounds support

You can try other instruments sounds too with this app such as Guitar, Flute, Trumpet, Harp and many others. They are available as plugins. 5 plugins are already installed but you can install more plugins.

The installation of plugins is easy. You just have to click the plugins option and click your desired sound plugin. It will be downloaded for you.


You think you have become a pro piano player and have learnt it very well? Then what are you waiting for? Play a song and record it to show it off to your friends.

Yes, you can record your piano song in this app. You can later play it or share it with others.

View people's videos

The app has a feature called piano circle. This feature connects people and you can view people playing real piano nearby you or anywhere else.

You can also share your video, audio or your music sheet with this circle. Amazing? Isn’t it? You can record your song in the app and can share it here too.


When you sign in the app, you can connect and play with other people from all over the world in this app. The piano supports multiplayer, so you can compete with your friend, or other people using this app.

You can start a multiplayer game to test your piano skills against a real opponent.

How You will Learn & Play:

  • You will choose a difficulty mode, a guide mode and a play mode.
  • The notes will be displayed and fall in yellow and orange colors and you will have to press the keys according to the notes.
  • The yellow keys denote the white keys and orange one denotes the black keys in the piano.
  • The difficulty level and speed of notes will be dependent on your selection of modes.


Piano Perfect is a great piano learning app and it really helps you to learn it. The level of accuracy is amazing and the developers have tried to keep it as close as a real piano.

I have become a fan of this app and it’s fun to use it, it can be a good time killer too. As the name of the app, the app is nearly perfect and I have not noticed any con in this app.

Moreover, the app is free, but with some in app purchases and ads. The frequency of ads is less and they are not very annoying. However, if you want to get rid of the apps, you can pay for a paid subscription.

But I will not recommend it as the free version is almost complete and the ads are also less.

Perfect Piano APK 7.6.9:

Perfect Piano APK v7.6.9 (479)File Size: 51.72 MBs

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