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Lightroom Photo & Video Editor

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Lightroom Photo & Video Editor file details:

App Developer Adobe
App Updated May 08, 2023
APK Version 8.3.3
Category Photography
Android Version Required Android 8.0 and up
APK File Size 178.82 MBs
File Name com.adobe.lrmobile_8-3-3.apk

Lightroom is a database-driven image management software that automatically reads image metadata (such as camera make and model, date/time captured, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and more), known as EXIF and writes information about each photograph in a new database known as “catalog”.

Lightroom is a very powerful software as it helps you edit your photos plus it is lighter than the Adobe Photoshop because Photoshop houses many features that the graphic designers or photographers never actually use.

Another advantage of switching over to Lightroom is that not only it makes your pictures look brilliant but also your work flow doesn’t slow down and always speed up.

This software can said to be a complete package for people like graphic designers and photographers who have a lot of burden of completing tasks and that too within a limited time.

Lightroom not only grooms your pictures in a nice way but also helps you keep them organized no matter how much they are in number.

Features of Photoshop Lightroom

If you are a graphic designer or a dedicated photographer who is always running out of time when it comes down to editing your photos then no worries because all you need to do is switch to Lightroom.

If you are already using Lightroom just make sure that you are making the most of it and if not then we have something here for you.

Below we have the list of top features of Lightroom that you are going to love and will help you in taking full advantage of this software.

Here you go!

Make presets to save you time

Presets allow you to easily save configurations of the adjustment sliders in the Develop module. With just one click effects to the other photos can be applied after that. This feature will save you a lot of time with processing.

Just in case you have ever spent so much on giving your photos a perfect black and white effect. It can be saved as a preset so it can be used on another image later.

A wide variety of presents can be created to save you mega time. Presets also help in developing style. A more consistent look can be given to your photos by using presets which is a very crucial part of creating a recognizable editing style.

Quick Develop Panel

By making use of the quick Develop panel batches of photos can be processed and presets can be applied to more than a single image in real time.

If you come across a group of photos which are all over exposed then you can easily just select all of them and they can be corrected simultaneously.

Images can be batch processed by the Quick Develop panel so time can be saved when images are being fine tuned in the Develop module.

Intuitive user interface

Moving from picture to picture in the Develop has now become super easy and simple. Plus the contact sheets can also be viewed in the Library grid.

When you’re working on a photo in the Develop module all the adjustments are laid out logically, so you can efficiently move through a lot of adjustments on one image.

Transfer adjustment settings from one image to the other

If you are spending forever in adjusting one image and then you find out that the other image is similar to the first. No need to be exhausted because you can save time since with just one click the adjustment settings can be transferred from one image to the other one.

All you would need to do is tap on the “Previous” button in the Develop module and boom the adjustment settings are transferred just like that.

With this feature you can easily drift through a group of images without any trouble. Settings can also be copied to more than one image in real time to save you more time.

Effortless image cropping

With the awesome Lightroom crop tool your photos can be cropped without any trouble to almost any ratio you would like.

With the Straightening tool, you can straighten your photos with just a snap which will save you a lot of time as well.

You can click and drag along any vertical or horizontal line and your image will automatically be rotated and cropped.

Though these tools seem to be so simple but you will find that this straighten tool has a lot of importance and will be used time to time.

Non destructive editing

Are you worried that you might damage your original photos when making adjustments to an image? No need to worry because a set of instructions is created by Lightroom when adjustments are made to any image.

They’re stored in the catalog file, and show how the image should be saved on export. These instructions can be automatically embedded in DNG files. With RAW, JPEG and TIFF images an XMP sidecar file can be created that stores those instructions right beside the original image.

So this way your original files are always protected by Lightroom. They can be edited without any fear because this software always lets you go back to the perfect original quality.

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor APK 8.3.3:

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor APK v8.3.3 (479)File Size: 178.82 MBs

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