Torrent files are being hosted on different torrent sites online which help users of uTorrent from world-wide web to download free movies, songs albums, TV series, etc.

Recently, we published the best alternatives of uTorrent desktop client as well as Android. Today, majority of computer users use uTorrent to download HD movies, high-quality music, dramas online and so on. But, we all face the same issue i.e., finding magnet download link for torrent which can be used to download what we want.

In this way, we have torrent downloading sites available online that helps us to download torrent files for any movies, dramas we want. I’m writing this list of 20+ best torrent downloading sites of 2017 because my blog readers suggested me to.

Since, the torrent downloading sites were getting banned world-wide, the torrent users were getting worried about torrent files, which are the best torrent downloading sites of 2017 and so on. More than enough torrent sites were banned recently, such as KickassTorrents and but for torrent users there are still a lot more torrent downloading sites in 2017. Why there are more torrent sites today because people always download the backups of sites like that and put the backup live on somewhere to make cloned sites to get fame

So, hold your breath and don’t be surprised because I’m going to list down the most popular torrent downloading sites of 2017. Start downloading torrent files and enjoy as you used to enjoy before with kickasstorrents.

Best Torrent Downloading sites of 2017

1. KickAssTorrents

Everyone knows that the biggest source to download torrent files online is KickassTorrents. KickassTorrents was banned recently for a few months because the U.S. government had arrested the alleged owner of KickassTorrents. In the web with no kickasstorrents site, torrent users once again found The Pirate Bay as the king of torrent files sharing website. However, after some time the kickasstorrents site was recovered and started working again.

Unfortunately, the have been deindexed from the index of Google which is so bad for the new torrent users because they will never get to know about kickasstorrents (the best torrent file downloading site).

Visit KickAssTorrents |

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is an oldest site for torrent files share and it has a bunch of torrent files already indexed in Google. The Pirate Bay has more than 2 million torrent files indexed in Google as of January 2017. If you wanna see the Google index, search this on Google. ” (Without quotes)

When KickAss was banned across the world, people were actually able to download torrent files from The Pirate Bay and once again the pirate bay became the king of torrents.

Go to The Pirate Bay

3. ExtraTorrent

Yet another fastest growing torrent downloading site which not only helps you to download torrent movie files but also gives you the detailed information about seeds leech similar to kickass. ExtraTorrent is also became very famous among its users over the past years.

The extratorrent’s main reason of success is that, it is an active community where the users upload torrent files everyday. Most importantly, the torrent files are being uploaded category-wise which gives 100% user-experience to the site and easy to navigate. You can download movies, TV series, video games, books, pictures and a lot more if you use ExtraTorrent.

Go to ExtraTorrent


What an amazing torrent sharing sites with the best names we have been hearing on the web. But please don’t misunderstand with the word YTS, because is not affiliated or linked with official YTS or YIFY group. YTS.AG became so much famous due to name however the site is really doing its best to provide high-quality results.

Go to YTS.AG


Torrentz2 is also one of the best torrent downloading website which gives you the best options for downloading any torrent file. If you use Torrentz2 then you don’t have to worry about file availability by sharing most popular sources with details about the torrent file i.e., when the file was uploaded, quality, etc.

As per as, it is the improved cloned version of the site yet it is copycat, successor and replacement of the original site Torrentz2 is very powerful multisearcher which search over other torrent sites for the file and give the best possible results to its users. But, it is not a torrent cache, torrent tracker nor a torrent directory. You might relate this to as Google, an improved search for torrent files.

Go to Torrentz2

6. 1337X

1337x is similar to Torrentz2 search engine which gives you the mirror torrent download links for what you search in the searcher of 1337x. A very bad news for 1337x new users because they won’t be able to find it via search engines due to index restrictions by major search engines like Google. But, don’t worry the site still growing among the best torrent downloading sites with the growing in traffic and with its unique user-friendly interface of course. Which is all that matters right. But if you use hate embedded ads on downloading sites then you might not wanna give this a try.

Go to 1337X

7. Torrent Project

Torrent Project is more than 5 years old, it was first released in 2010 and have become the best torrent search after the restrictions over the best torrent site i.e., KickAss. is search engine for torrent files similar to google search which helps us find almost 99.99% of the web from its index. More than 10 million torrents are available in the Torrent Project database and everyday new torrents are added and old torrents with 0 seeders for more than a week are removed from the index.

Go to Torrent Project


By the name of this torrent site, you might have a picture of what EZTV.AG’s main focus of distribution of torrent files, right. Of course, you damn right it is one of the best place to find torrent files of TV series i.e., Flash, The Green Arrow, The Walking Dead etc.

EZTV.AG is a torrent distribution group which was shutdown 2015, because of banding issue with someone else who claims to have the ownership of the brand. However, EZTV.AG provides you the detailed stuff about the torrent files i.e., file size, released date and seeds count. Best part which I liked about EZTV is that, they have a forum where torrent users can discuss about files and all that.


9. Torrent Downloads

With torrent downloads, you can download any torrent file you are looking for around the web. It is really great website which notifies you every file details. It has special sections where you can see Today’s and Yesterday’s files that gets uploaded with detailed information include health of the file. Fortunately, it is not been de-indexed by Google but there are chances that it is banned in other search engines. With torrent downloads, you can download TV shows, movies, music, games, software, anime and books too.

Go to Torrent Downloads


Why I am not recommending these sites because they offer the bad user experience to its users but still they are listed here for you if you don’t find the torrent files over the other sites. Just in case, call it as the SOS sites.


You know that first impression is the last one right? When I visited RARBG, I don’t really liked the UI design for RARBG site because it delivers the bad user-experience. However, I had to list it on the torrent downloading sites because they provide torrent files.


DESCRIPTION Best Torrent Downloading sites of 2017
11. Worldwide torrents. Download free movies, apps, tv series and music torrentz. Go to
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13. Verified Torrent Downloads Go to
14. The No Fakes Torrent Site. Go to
15. Share your Torrents Go to
16. Monova Torrent Search Go to
17. Baixar Torrents | Pirateiro Go to
18. TorrentFunk – Discover Your Funk Go to
19. The torrent search engine that doesn’t track you. Go to
20. Zooqle: Verified torrents Go to
21. Torrent.CD – New torrents Go to
22. Free Torrents Download Go to
23. Free movie Torrents Download Go to